My Modeling Gig Revealed

Katya Bychkova stars at Victor de Souza Beauty campaign

I’ve been writing about it for a while, and it finally happened: The launch of the Victor dE Souza Beauty line I modeled for. Some of my best friends and readers, together with other event attendees, got together at the Soho-based Osswald NYC luxury perfumery to celebrate this exciting occasion. We had a blast, to say the least! From getting ready with a celebrity makeup artist and chatting with wonderful people who came to support Victor and Dustin’s collaboration to simply enjoying the elegant atmosphere of the event. Okay, without further delay, here comes my report from this memorable event.

A few weeks prior to the event, Victor reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in wearing his clothes for the launch party. Being a long-term fan of VdES creations, I was delighted to accept this generous offer. A few days before the party, I stopped by at Victor’s studio to try on a few outfits. Victor puts so much thought into every single piece he is working on that sometimes it’s really hard to make up your mind about which one you love best. That’s why I asked Victor to dress me in the way he sees me as a designer.

For the launch night, Victor picked a gorgeous lace top for me decorated with a crystal bulldog sticker and metal studs, and paired it with a pinkish white skirt that I immediately called a “Mermaid Skirt.” I loved the look, as it was a very fresh approach to a classic pencil skirt and a lace top combo that really suited my complexion and brought attention to my face. The latest was a requirement as I decided to wear the same VdES collection lipstick that I wore for the commercial.

On the day of the event, I had another exciting appointment to attend. Dustin Lujan, a celebrity makeup artist who developed the VdES lipstick collection formula, invited me for a private makeup application session. I was honored to accept this offer and to learn a few makeup tricks from Dustin.

The moment I walked into Osswald, I was shocked: there was a huuugggge floor-to-ceiling poster of me in the middle of the room. Heading to the event location, I expected anything but that—especially because my poster was featured in the most visible part of the store. This statement was proved later in the day as 90% of the photographs from the event were taken with my eyes in the background! I felt so incredibly honored to be a part of this exciting project!

Knowing a few NYFW backstage tricks, I decided to bring with me a sheet mask by SK-II so my skin looks fresher in photos. Needless to say, everyone backstage was a bit surprised to see me with my weird-looking mask, but I knew the result would be amazing so I made fun of myself too!

For makeup, Dustin decided to pick a neutral color palette that emphasizes my eyes just a bit—so my eye makeup doesn’t overpower my lipstick. He did a bit of contouring, powdered my nose a little bit (as it has a tendency to be shiny at the end of the day), and let me apply the lipstick myself. Girls, it was my second encounter with the VdES lipstick line, and it was such a luxurious experiment. The vivid, juicy color of this burgundy lipstick received tons of compliments from my friends and readers!

During the party, Victor and Dustin gave a speech where they told everyone a bit about the background of this collaboration and the idea behind it. The owner of Osswald NYC, Tanya Dreiding Wallace, who was among the first people who knew about the project and supported it, also joined the team on the stage. (Tanya was wearing a magnificent corset by Victor dE Souza and looked spectacular!) It was a very lovely moment when the team invited all the models on the improvised stage.

After the presentation, people from the audience asked me which of the ads I modeled for. I don’t blame them at all: my own mom wasn’t able to recognize me in the VdES photo wearing a wig with white bangs! I was also captured by many of the photographers working at the event: with Victor, with Dustin, with Ben, with guests, with lipsticks… I almost got tired of so much attention! (Just joking, give me more of that!)

In other words, I had a wonderful time during the presentation. I can’t emphasize enough how thankful I am to everyone who was able to find the time to attend the presentation! Thanks to all of you too, dear readers, for your continuous support of my blog and all my projects! Thank you!

P.S.—Many people asked when they would be able to purchase lipsticks from Victor dE Souza’s limited edition of lipsticks. As of now, these are available on the VdES website and at Osswald NYC.

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