My Mono-Brand Skincare Routine

Cosmedicine Skin Care Line Review

Being a beauty blogger, I change my skin care regimen all the time. It’s very rare that I love the entire line of products and have use exclusively that line for a long period of time. However, within the last few months since I received the samples from Cosmedicine, I’ve become a mono-brand user and emptied every single product from the line. I can’t emphasize enough how rarely it happens! I’d like to tell you more about my experience with the line, as some of the below-mentioned products are responsible for dramatically improving my skin in just a few weeks.

Before I start with my review, let’s stop for a second, as I don’t want you to get scared by the price for those products. Yes, Cosmedicine is a luxury brand and the price point comes in accordance with the quality of the products. All of the products in the line are formulated in collaboration with Mark Potter and Atlantis Laboratories and clinically tested on real people (you can find the results of each test underneath each product description as the company promotes complete transparency about the ingredients and effectiveness of the products). Also, if you compare Cosmedicine product prices to other brands available at dermatologist’s office or even at Sephora, those are not that expensive. With Cosmedicine, you need fewer products that you would usually use. My entire routine consists of five products! I actually really enjoyed this minimalist approach to skin care—instead of layering dozens of product formulas layered one on top of another, those days I’d rather pick just one line and use every single product from it as I know those would not contradict each other.

Okay, without further due let me introduce to the products I’m currently using.

Morning Routine

There are a few requirements that I have for products I’m putting on my skin first thing in the morning. For starters, I like them to make my skin brighter and smoother so my makeup looks better. I also put an emphasis on SPF-based moisturizers, as I believe it’s not enough to simply use an SPF-based foundation. Guess what? With Cosmedicine, you could have it all with just three products!

Step #1: Cleanser

Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse Face Wash

For a long period of time, I’ve been a “no facial cleanser in the morning” kind of girl. I was thinking that washing my face twice makes my skin even drier than it is now. I also usually skipped the toner and just applied my serum and a moisturizer with SPF. Well, the times have changed and now I’m washing my face twice a day with Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse.

The best thing about Healthy Cleanse is that it’s two-in-one kind of product that combines a cleanser and a toner in one non-drying product. The cleanser comes in a mousse form that has pleasant foam to it; it smells delicious and I love how my skin feels after using it. In fact, it’s one of those rare cleansers that allow me to take my time before applying a moisturizer. The product leaves my skin so smooth and moist that I don’t need to apply a nourishing product the second after I wash my face.

Let’s talk science: “In clinical tests, subjects showed a 94% reduction in excess oiliness, 85% reduction in surface sebum and zero irritation to skin and eyes after use” (note: here and later in this post I quote the results listed on Cosmedicine website).

Ingredients breakdown: witch hazel water (all-natural plant that tightens pores).

Price point: $45 for 150 ml/ 5 fl oz; available at Cosmedicine.

Step #2: Serum

Cosmedicine Triple-P Perfected Brightening Serum

Ever since I turned 25, I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of facial serums. Vitamin C, antioxidant, peptides, retinol—I’ve tried them all! Some of them worked, some of them didn’t—but it’s not the point. I noticed that all of the serums I used have similar consistencies that remind me either a gel or oil. When I first tried Cosmedicine Triple-P Perfected Brightening Serum, I expected similar consistency. Surprisingly, the product felt just like…a makeup primer! It quickly melted into my skin, making my skin visually smoother and more illuminated—just like a makeup primer. The product also significantly helped with gradually improving the blackheads situation on my nose and a regular morning puffiness. After using Triple-P serum for a few weeks, I started calling it a “magic eraser” as it brightened my skin and improved its overall quality. I ran out of this product about a week ago and I already feel the difference. Compared to Triple-P Serum, my regular $14 Vitamin C serum by 14 Carrots just doesn’t do. I need to get back to my best skincare discovery of the year!

Let’s talk science: “In clinical testing, following an eight-week study, Triple-P resulted in noticeable improvement to the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles (94% of participants), skin tone (88%), radiance (81.3%), under-eye bags and puffiness (53%), dark under-eye circles (63%) and neck firmness (66%).”

Ingredients breakdown: resveratrol (powerful antioxidant), bamboo extract (anti-inflammatory), chamomile (healing and soothing), comfrey root extract (stimulates healthy tissue formation), and evening primrose extract (improves skin’s elasticity).

Price point: $210.00 for 30 ml/ 1 fl oz; available at Cosmedicine.

Step #3: Moisturizer

Cosmedicine Primary Care Daily Moisturizer SPF 20

Let’s start by saying that I never ever leave the house without having my SPF on. Whether it’s a sunny or a rainy day, early morning or a midday heat, I always have some sort of sunscreen on. Whether it’s a daily moisturizer that I’d reapply during the lunchtime (if I’m not wearing a foundation that day) or a mineral powder with SPF (I wrote about my favorite product in the post The New Rules of Sunscreen).

Picking a perfect SPF-based daily moisturizer was always a bit difficult for me though. I got a bit bored with my all-times favorite drugstore find, Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 30, as I felt that my skin needs something more than just pure sun protection. Saying so, I was excited about the mix of anti-aging ingredients in the Cosmedicine Primary Care moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamin C was exactly what my skin needed! In addition to protecting my skin from sun and improving skin’s elasticity through the powerful mix of ingredients, it also helped to balance my skin by decreasing skin dryness and taming the oily T-zone.

Let’s talk science: “In clinical tests, subjects experienced a 21% increase in skin hydration, 65% decrease in skin dryness and 30% increase in skin elasticity after use.”

Ingredients breakdown: SPF 20 (it’s totally enough for a daily usage; read this post where I explain how to choose your sunscreen), 5% hyaluronic acid (helps skin to retain moisture), and glucosamine HCL (skin-repairing ingredient).

Price point: $56.00 for 40 ml/ 1.35 fl oz.; available at Cosmedicine.

Night Routine

When I turned 30, I made some changes to my night routine. For starters, I introduced retinol that helps to smooth my skin, eliminate breakouts, and improve the overall quality of my skin. Then, I started using thicker moisturizers and overnight masks that help to seal the moisture and hydrate my dry skin. I also noticed that the older I become, the less amount of products I like to apply on my skin at night. Perhaps, it should be the other way around, but when you are wearing makeup daily, the last thing you want to do at night is to feel heavy skin care products on your face. Saying so, I was super excited that my night Cosmedicine routine consisted of just three products, with elective makeup removing product for super heavy makeup days.

Extra Step: Makeup Remover

If my lipstick is particularly pigmented or I’m wearing waterproof makeup, I use an oil-based makeup remover or micellar water to pre-clean my skin before the wash. It doesn’t happen often as I’m all about picking mascaras that I can remove with water while taking a shower. (My all-times favorite is Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes as it never fades for the entire day, but easily dissolves with water without irritating my eyes.) I’m also not a fan of waterproof eyeliner and lip formulas so usually I just follow three of those steps…

Step #1: Cleanser

Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse Face Wash

At night, I use the exact same Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse cleanser I reviewed in my morning routine. The only difference is that I apply it with my Clarisonic ‘Mia Fit’ at night. Moderately foamy and soft, the product goes even deeper into my skin if combined with the power of this cute looking cleansing device. On days when I’m wearing natural makeup, I’d use a tiny amount of cleanser to remove my eye makeup. Then, I’d put a pump of cleanser onto my Clarisonic brush and work through the entire face. While there is no need for combining Healthy Cleanse with a cleaning device, I like the idea of massaging my skin at least every other day to improve its elasticity.

Step #2: Serum

Cosmedicine Night Duty Serum Review

At night, I use Cosmedicine Night Duty serum that has the same unique consistency as Triple-P but packed with even more impressive ingredient list. For starters, it contains retinol that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and tames my breakouts. It’s also full of vitamin C, a well-known component for reducing the appearance of brown spots and sun damage (yes, my skin has signs of photo damage, even though I’m that pale!). Add into the mix yeast extract (another anti-hyperpigmentation hero), salicylic acid (goodbye, breakouts!), peptides (help skin repair itself) and a handful of other powerful ingredients—here come your perfect solution for making your skin brighter and younger.

The best thing about this serum is that it doesn’t irritate my skin even though it contains retinol. Usually, dermatologists advise starting your retinol treatment by applying the product twice a week and then, depending on how your skin reacts, slowly moving towards every other day application schedule. Since my skin demonstrated no signs of irritation or discomfort while I was wearing this serum, I quickly moved from using it three times per week to daily. I tested a few retinol-based serums on my blog, but I have to admit that this one is my absolute favorite. I can’t say that after using this product all of the sunspots on my forehead are gone, but my skin definitely looks brighter and smoother.

Let’s talk science: “In clinical tests, during use, the appearance of sunspots was dramatically improved and in some cases rendered invisible.”

Ingredients breakdown: retinol (improves the condition of sun-damaged and breakout-prone skin), resveratrol (minimizes appearance of wrinkles), peptides (help skin repair itself), linoleic acid (reduces inflammation), resveratrol (protects against sun damage), salicylic acid (antimicrobial ingredient), vitamin C (increases collagen production), and yeast extract (antioxidant).

Price point: $220.00 for 30 ml/ 1 fl oz; available at Cosmedicine.

Step #3: Night Cream

Cosmedicine Private Nurse Perfected Night Cream

This one is another absolute favorite! Made with unparalleled 10% concentration of hyaluronic acid, Cosmedicine Private Nurse cream melts into my skin, instantaneously making it smoother and softer. I would compare the consistency of this cream with an overnight mask: it quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it moist, but not greasy. The cream smells delicious, but not overpowering—one of the features I’m always looking for in nighttime products. My favorite part about Private Nurse is how my skin looks in the morning after using it overnight. A powerful mix of hyaluronic acid is so effective that I’m always waking up looking like a better version of myself. I swear by this product, as it’s a lifesaver for my extremely dry skin that is constantly getting irritated from the amount of makeup I’m testing and wearing daily.

Let’s talk science: “In clinical tests, subjects showed a 70% reduction in skin dryness and 32% increase in skin elasticity four hours after application.”

Ingredients breakdown: 10% hyaluronic acid (helps skin to retain moisture), dromiceius oil (aka emu oil, keeps the skin moist), yeast extract antioxidant).

Price point: $105.00 for 20 ml/ 0.67 fl oz; available at Cosmedicine.

* * * * *

In addition to everyday staples, I also exfoliate bi-weekly and use facial masks as often as I possibly can. This post is already too long, so if you guys are interested I’ll write a separate article about peels, masks, and treatments that I use. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on which products you are currently using on your skin. Please leave a comment below mentioning one skincare product you are swearing by. I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!