My Morning Beauty Hacks

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Sometimes it just happens. You snooze your alarm clock a couple of times…and then you have only 10 minutes to get ready. We’ve all been there, and it is definitely not the end of the world. Of course, if you know some beauty hacks that help you to put yourself together super fast.

Hair: When you are in a rush, last thing you think about is your hair. However, an untidy hairstyle is the first thing people notice when they see you. Dry shampoo is a life-saving product in such situations, but don’t skip that tip just yet. The trick is to apply dry shampoo before you take shower. By doing so you allow your hair to absorb the product and save time on styling.

Skin tone fix: I call this trick a ‘foundation wash.’ When I have no time at all, I mix my liquid foundation with a facial serum and apply it as you were washing your face. Stay away from your eyebrow area though or remove excess foundation with a cotton swab. My personal favorite serum for such ‘shower’ is 40 Carrots Carrot + C Vitamin Serum that you can find in most pharmacies.

Oily skin prevention: If you are on the run and have absolutely no time for makeup, grab a couple of napkins while waiting for your coffee at Starbucks. There is something miracle about the consistency of those napkins that turns them into a perfect oil absorbing tool. Wipe your face and you will look much more fresh (at least for the first part of the day).

Nails: I always notice when ladies don’t have their nails done and thus recommend having your mani-pedi in check at all times. Didn’t have time? No worries, I have a quick beauty fix for you. Take care of your nails a minute before you are leaving the house by removing your old nail polish and applying just a topcoat instead of a polish. Such fast manicure doesn’t look very fancy, but it’s way better than a chipped nail polish.

Makeup: Finally, I prefer doing my makeup up while taking public transportation. For such situations I have a mini cosmetic bag waiting for me. In that emergency makeup kit I have my favorite eyeliner that I also use for defining my eye brows, an angle brush, a must-have concealer by Maybelline, a mini mascara that I usually receive from Sephora for my bonus points, and a red lipstick that I also use as a blush.

What is your favorite morning beauty hack?