My New Hair by Aveda

StyleSprinter - Aveda Hair Color Makeover

Over the last few months, I’ve been experimenting a lot with my hair. I got a haircut, added some highlights, switched to ombre… I was so desperate to come out with the new look that I jumped on each and every hair trend of the season. My new hair almost always received positive feedback from my friends and readers, but it still wasn’t satisfying my thirst for change, as the quality of my hair kept getting worse with every new big hair thing I put it through. I attempted to do hair masks; I used argan oil; and I took Vitamin E supplements… My hair was all good, but not good enough.

When the Aveda team reached out to me with the proposal of giving me a hair makeover and letting me test their botanical hair products, I was more than ready to agree. I remembered the quality time with Aveda backstage at New York Fashion Week and I was super excited about getting a celebrity-style makeover.

StyleSprinter - Aveda Hair Makeover - JourteenJay Salon

It wasn’t only about the hair color though. You’ve probably noticed that I’m a bit obsessed with all things organic and eco-friendly and I loved the fact that my Aveda makeover was done in the best traditions of sustainable practices.

Think about just a few facts that I learned about the company:

  • Aveda products are created in the botanical lab in Blaine, Minnesota, where products are manufactured using 100% certified wind power.
  • All the packaging is made of recyclable materials and never tested on animals.
  • The brand takes pride in using certified botanical oils that you’ll almost never find in other hair coloring products.
  • What you won’t find there is any petrochemicals, nitro dyes, or parabens.

In other words, here comes your ultra-eco-and-animals-friendly brand that not only does good for the environment, but also stays on top of some of the hippest and choicest hair trends in the industry.

FourteenJay Aveda Salon in Tribeca NYC

Looking at my makeover photos, you’ll never guess what my original idea was when I came to the Fourteen Jay salon in the heart of Tribeca. After a conversation with Victor de Souza, I was thinking that perhaps I could rock pastel lavender hair or perhaps turn into a platinum blonde. However, when Frank and David precisely examined my hair, they both agreed that I’d be better off getting back to dark shades as the damage done by all my recent hair experiments was ruining my overall look. I quickly agreed, as I knew that my current shade wasn’t flattering my complexion.

Aveda FourteenJay Hair Salon Tribeca

Having a very pale and cool skin tone, I felt that the yellowish hair tone that I had before made me look tired. As a result, I ended up wearing much more makeup on a daily basis than I ever normally would. I also found it difficult adjusting my wardrobe to my sunny ombre hair shade as not all things that work for brunettes also work for blondes. Finally, I just didn’t feel like being blonde, even though it’s widely accepted as a “summery” hair color.

Hair Stylist Frank Rizzieri - FourteenJay Salon Tribeca

A few hours into coloring, nourishing, and cutting my hair by the crew at FourteenJay where I was surrounded with top-notch service, I ended up with an amazingly stylish bob in a perfect dark brown shade. The shape of the haircut created by FourteenJay’s co-owner Frank Rizzieri benefited my naturally straight hair, while the dark color, mixed by the salon’s co-owner David Adams, brought out a long-forgotten shine.

FourteenJay Aveda Salon - Haircut

My new hair didn’t look “overdone,” but I noticed the difference in its structure and quality right away. I also loved the fact that my new look worked with my eyebrow color, so now I can forget about religiously filling in my brows every single day. In other words, I ended up being highly satisfied with the results of my Aveda makeover: My hair look much healthier and more natural!

My friends and family happily accepted my new look. Ben immediately noticed that I look “just like when I met you.” Considering that we’ve been together for almost four years, I definitely take it as a compliment and as recognition that my new hair makes me look younger (score!). My mom, who just started studying English, texted me “very nice” accompanied with a thumbs-up emoji—which made me think that she’s pretty iPhone-savvy, after all. My friends commented that I look “cool.” My dad, in his typical Russian parents manner, said that he “always told me” that blonde isn’t my thing.

StyleSprinter - My New Hair

In other words, everybody (especially me!) ended up super happy about my new brunette look. A few days into rocking my new haircut, I figured that I don’t really miss my long or ombre hair. Somehow, my Aveda transformation managed to bring me to my very authentic self. So here comes the news, dear readers: I’m thinking that it’ll be a little while before I decide to switch from my new favorite look.

Fourteenjay Salon - David Adams and Frank Rizzieri - StyleSprinter

In a company of Fourteenjay co-founders, David Adams and Frank Rizzieri

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Aveda sent me home with a set of cool products that help me to take care of my new brunette hair. Those days, I wash my hair every other day using Color Conserve Shampoo and Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner, followed by Color Conserve Daily Color Protect Leave-in-Treatment. At nights and before morning workouts, I put a few drops of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil drops on dry hair to deeply hydrate and restore my hair. The latest product contains lavender oil, among other ingredients, so it not only improves my hair, but also helps me sleep better.

Blogger Katya Bychkova - Aveda Hair Transformation

As you see, I am a 100% Aveda-girl now and I couldn’t be happier. With my new look and regimen, I do feel like a new version of myself, just better.