My Official Starbucks Name + Giveaway!

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My friend Chris (aka The Sultan of Sag Harbor™) came up with the idea that all immigrants and people with difficult to spell names should create their official Starbucks names. As a person with a name that is awkward for American ears, I totally feel his pain, and I am so tired of being called “Tall Vanilla Latte” every time I place the order in Starbucks. My name is Katya (pronounced as ‘Ka-ti-yah’), but for the indifferent Starbucks baristas I will go as ‘Kat.’ 

Style Sprinter Blogger Katya Bychkova: My Official Starbucks NameMy decision to create an official Starbucks name was not sudden. I have had so many versions of my name written on these white paper cups that I could probably publish a photo book containing all the spelling games Starbucks employees have been playing with me over the years of my coffee addiction. But I don’t want to be one of these people that post every misspelled cup on their Facebook or at such blogs as Starbucks Spelling and The Starbucks Name Game. I am just a positive person that needs to come up with a solution. A solution which preferably would be just three letters long.

Starbucks Cup With the Name Kat, Faux Pearl Bauble Ring and Sally Hansen Mellow YellowPrior to my Starbucks name change, I was surprised that many Russian models and socialites would change their names to the inauthentic ‘Kat.’ After six years of living in New York, I understand that this easy and playful nickname is not the worst solution. Especially if you take into consideration how much coffee models drink in order to suppress their appetite.

East Hampton Starbucks: My Official Starbucks NameMy Official Starbucks Name debut went quite well, and I immediately announced on my Instagram that the problem with spelling seems to be solved. But this prediction was premature. Last week me and Vital Agibalow, who also has a difficult name to pronounce (‘Vee-tal’) went to the East Hampton’s Starbucks, and here is what we got:

Starbucks Misspelled My Name

Compared to my previous unsuccessful experiences with strange names written on my cups, this one was acceptable. Thankfully, they did not call me ‘Brat,’ ‘Katiyakh’ or ‘Katcha.’ Considering that the barista that was passing coffees to people actually called me “Kat,” I guess it was progress … or at least the closest version of my official name that I ever received in Starbucks.

I can’t say that I regret my decision to pick an Official Starbucks Name. At the end of the day, the spelling mistake that the baristas have left is to write my name like I am a cute four-legged pet.  Of course there is room for ‘Cad,’ ‘Kad’ and ‘Cut.’ But you know what? I will take Cat! The least letters your name has, the closer its spelling is to reality.

Katya Bychkova Wears Swoop Top, White Skirt, and Croc Envelope Clutch

Top: J. Crew Swoop Top in Punk Floral (sold out, similar here) | Skirt: Incity Silver (similar here; also seen here)
Shoes: Ivanka Trump Carra 2 (also seen here) | Clutch: (similar here) | Sunglasses: Coach (similar here)
Ring: Faux Pearl Bauble Ring | Lips: L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour in Raspberry Rush
Nails: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color, Mellow Yellow
Photos by Vital Agibalow

What is your Official Starbucks Name? Are you getting annoyed when Starbucks baristas misspell your name? Share your stories about the funniest name Starbucks employees called you and receive a $20 Starbucks E-Gift card from me. The rules are simple: 1. Follow me on Twitter at @StyleSprinter or Instagram @StyleSprinter or like Style Sprinter’s Facebook Page. 2. Leave one comment below telling me about the funniest name Starbucks baristas wrote on your cup (do not forget to provide your real name so we can compare) OR email me a picture of your Starbucks cup with a funny spelled name on it at 3. Submissions are open until 11:59 pm on September 15, 2014. I will announce the winner on September 17, 2014. Good luck!


  • Theo

    The most random Starbucks name mishap I’ve ever experienced is when, for about three consecutive weeks, the new barista working at the cafe I visited every morning kept writing my name down as Dale. I thought at first I was taking someone else’s ice coffee by mistake but — nope! — he couldn’t comprehend the last part of my name so the poor guy came up with Dale to make life easier. I corrected him, but by then it was kind of amusing to have such an unexpected (if not bland) alter ego!

    Oh, and I follow you on Instagram! Can’t wait to read everyone else’s stories.

  • Rosa Grigsby

    My last name is Grigsby, somehow they confuse it as grizzly, everyone was looking around with a smile .I politely corrected her….and that’s how my morning started.

  • Natalie

    My real name is Natalie, which should not be hard to spell. However one barista put : Notilly. I follow on twitter with id @yarbr012

  • Michelle Castagne

    Sometimes its the spelling that they get wrong like Mitchell instead of Michelle.

  • Lynda Tsay

    my name is Linda so i haven’t had any problems. however, my husband’s name is Hsien and he always gets Shen or Shien… so his starbucks name is sometimes Mike and most recently, Juan (he is Asian…) lol

  • A. Thompson

    Let’s just say my name is Arena and there’s not been a barista yet who can correctly write it down. I get Nina, Marina, Alina. But as someone with a unique name I’m so totally used to it by now. 😛 I follow you on instagram, I am Orcoastmama there. arena.thompson [at]

  • Tonya Atkinson

    My name is Tonya but for some reasons I always get variations Tonja Tanya And then they person reading it backs always says something strange. It’s like playing the kids game where the first person whispers in the next person ear and by the time you get to the end it’s never what it started out to be.

  • Bonnie Erika

    My name is Bonnie and sometimes I will get Bunny, boni, bonny, etc…

  • Jeanine

    My name is Jeanine, I have gotten Geaneen, Geanie, Jeany, Janeane and various other spellings


    well i know starbucks asks for names, because i have seen them on peoples cups in pictures, but the couples of starbucks near me- they have never asked for my name. they just call out the drink order. 🙁

  • Jeannie Fratoni

    My name is Jeannie and I’ve been documenting all of the #StarbucksFail cups I have received on @Pinterest for a few years now… it all started when I got “Tinny”! I mean really? That’s when I knew this would be fun and deserved a board. Check it out here:

  • Krystina

    My name is Krystina, so I’m used to gettting “Christina” or “Cristina” and I get excited when I get “Kristina” (only one letter off!), but the strangest one I ever got was “Tim.” I think the cashier only heard “Tina” (le sigh) and tried to scribbble it on. While waiting for my drink, I kept hearing “Tim! …Tim! …Tim? Grande skim cappuccino!” When no one else stepped up to claim it, I turned the cup around and saw what could’ve been “Tina” and went with it.

    Sometimes, I wish they’d just look at my Gold Card to see my name. Perhaps, one day, I’ll just start going in with a name badge…

  • Gezina Baehr

    hahaha my name is Gezina (the g sounds like a j) and once a barista wrote Jizz….. I’m not sure if he was trying to mess with me, but honestly, who would have a name like that????

  • Tina W

    Somehow even with a simple name like Tina I get weird offshoots like Tiny or Neena or even Bean. (I still wonder about that one). Now I like to give them a “fancier” name for them to attempt, like Persephone, Francesca or Euphagenia. Those are fun!