My Travel Essentials

BCBG Blue Willa Tiered Lace Dress

Do you have a piece of clothing that travels with you no matter where you go? Check out my post about three pieces of clothing that I always take on the trip.

#1: BCBG Lace Dress

Travel Essentials 1

For me such a piece of clothing is this BCBG lace dress. I wore it during the NYFW, but where it really belongs is in my suitcase. I love that the dress looks feminine and festive, while it requires almost no maintenance. Believe it or not, this dress has never seen an iron and can be cleaned in a washing machine. Another fun fact is that it takes literally no space in the suitcase. Sometimes, I just roll it and put in between the hair curler and cosmetic bag, and it is just fine. Needles to say, this dress was my number one choice while packing for our trip to Art Basel.

#2: Kate Spade Keds


I am getting older and wiser and thus opt for comfortable shoes. Item number two that I packed for the trip is my favorite apple print sneakers that I am planning to wear during our long walks. I love these shoes because they are a bit out of my comfort zone. Believe it or not, I’m so used to high heels that any sort of flats seem weird to me, especially when it comes to sneakers. However, it was love at first sight when I found these cuties by Kate Spade. Now, after a couple of months together, I proudly announce that apple sneakers are not just a fun shoe option for me but a real traveling must-have.

#3: Botkier Bag


Finally, my third favorite piece that I always take with me on trips is my Botkier bag. The bag is black with golden decorations, and thus matches seemingly everything. Also, it has an adjustable handle that helps to transform the bag from a day to night accessory in a matter of seconds.

* * * * *

Even though I adore these three travel essentials, I still packed the entire suitcase with clothing. Hopefully, I will have tons of opportunities to wear all the dresses and high heels that I packed for our trip to Miami.