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Erin Fetherston Suzie Dress

dress // sandals // clutch // bracelet

You know how it goes: you’re getting all dressed up, your makeup is on point, you have a fresh manicure and your hair seems to look okay. You’re feeling like you’re ready to go out, and then… you stain your new dress. I can’t even start counting all the times when this situation happened to me. Previously, I’ve stained my clothes with liquid foundation, broken eyeshadow, agave syrup that I was about to add to my tea, a black ball pen, a highlighter, ice cream—you name it. This cute floral dress by Erin Fetherston is no exception. I put it on to take some photos before leaving for dinner and here you go… red wine spilled all over my skirt.

I won’t go into details on how exactly I spot treated this dress. What’s important is that I didn’t get upset about ruining my “perfect outfit.” Life happens and you should be always prepared with plan “B” in case something happens to your clothes or the weather dramatically changes. This is especially relevant if you’re in the Hamptons where it’s hot during the day, but chilly at night. Since you have to drive everywhere East anyway, I always grab an extra dress, a hoodie or sweater, and a pair of comfortable shoes in a canvas bag and leave it in the car in case I need to change my clothes.

While it’s not always the case in the City, I feel that I’ve really mastered the art of being ready for any weather-related situation in the Hamptons. The key here is to be okay with not always putting your best foot forward, and being willing to give yourself some room to make mistakes. Yes, clothes get things spilled on them, flip-flops break, and sometimes you get sunburned because you forgot to put sunscreen on certain parts of your body. No one is protected from all the little disasters that could happen to you, but what’s important is how you handle such situations. In my experience, it always helps to bring a backup set of clothes for keeping your sanity on those days when all the odds seem to be against you.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Erin Fetherston Suzie Dress (also comes in black)
Aldo Paules Sandals (on sale in pink and black) // Aldo Clutch (sold out; similar) // Kohl’s Bracelet
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  • Darcy from A Memory of Us

    Love the shoes you paired with this dress

  • Cattleya

    This dress looks so lovely on you. You always look so put together and polished. I love your posts!

    x. Cattleya

  • You look gorgeous in that dress and I love how you styled it. I am accident prone and I spill a lot of things, so I normally just wear black to cover it all up, lol. It’s important to be ready especially if it’s date night, so it’s good to bring extra clothes too.

  • Oh no! There’s always going to be the risk of staining. Back-up clothes are definitely a good idea. I love this dress!

  • Nikki

    Wow, I love your dress. You look so pretty! I also have some back up clothes in case my clumsiness attacks!

  • Maria Jose Abad

    Always so pretty, loving the flower dress on you!
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

  • Nicole Cochingco Escat

    I love your style! Your dress was elegant, you looks so pretty!

  • Gorgeous as always. I love the details of this dress.

  • Love the dress babe! So classic.


  • PinayAds

    Lovely dress for a lovely lady.

  • I really love that dress. It’s so summery and would go with almost any occasion. Those shoes are adorable as well.

  • I love the way the flowers add a unique touch to this classic dress. I think my favorite part of the outfit is the bag. The colors are spot on.

  • Katie Smith

    I love love love it all. It looks so good on you too.

  • Stunning as always! Lovely!

  • So cute! Love this look

  • Shannon Graham

    I hate when that happens! It’s always my luck that something disastrous would go wrong haha

  • Kristen

    Such a beautiful dress and look!

  • Ashley M

    Oh my gosh, that dress and those shoes! So beautiful, love your look!

  • You are looking elegant! I love your eyes the color itself.

  • mail4rosey

    Seriously, I know the dress stain scene scenario all too well. Especially true of you wear white. That dress is fab, btw.

  • Lisa Rios

    My goodness, you look super cute in that beautiful outfit. I love anything that has a floral theme and this one is just amazing for its color and the rich quality it has. And those shoes add the perfect finish too!

  • You look so stunning! Everything you picked is wonderful on you! THanks for sharing an inspirational style post! Love it!

  • That clutch is amazing! I can’t believe how well it matches with your outfit. Truly beautiful!

  • This dress is so beautiful and gorgeous, really do like your feminine sense of style. Great outfit and beautiful you.

    Laura xo