My New Denim Strategy

Topshop MOTO Embroidered Jamie Jeans 1

A few years ago, I wrote a post explaining why I’m not wearing jeans. For the longest time ever, it was exactly the case. I had a full closet of dresses and skirts and just one pair of pearl decorated jeans. And then a strange thing happened. I decided to declutter my life as much as possible which also included my closet. While doing so, I figured that having too many dresses doesn’t really make sense. You could wear the same dress every so often, but when you have jeans, pants, and tops circulating in your closet, it’s easier to put together outfits. These days, I’m working on creating my capsule jeans collection so I could utilize pieces that I already have in my collection in a much smarter way.

While my jeans collection is growing slowly, these are some of the denim styles that I added recently and can’t stop wearing.

Style #1: White Ruffle Jeans

I picked these jeans by Blank NYC prior to my trip to Florida. Considering the light shade and playful design, you could imagine that I literally lived in those pants while traveling. They made out of super soft and flexible material which is ideal for a hot weather. I love styling these pants both with casual sneakers and heels—in any way, you just can’t miss this standout piece of denim.

Knee Hole Black Jeans

Style #2: Black Skinny Jeans

I purchased these black Frame jeans while in Florida but it’s only here in New York where I got a full advantage of wearing super comfortable and figure flattering jeans. Funny thing is that this pair of jeans received the biggest amount of comments ever! The other day we went out to a movie theater where the older lady asked me, how come there was not enough fabric to cover your knees? Jokes aside, after picking this pair I finally realized why people are so obsessed with designer denim∞these are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn!

Style #3: Classic Gray Jeans

This season, I concentrated on updating my collection with a few neutral statement pieces. It all started with the camel coat that you see in these photos—I loved how versatile it is so I ended up searching for neutral jeans too. These affordable and super soft jeans happened to become my favorite, especially when attending classes or running errands. Also, who knew that gray is such an easy to style shade?

Topshop MOTO Embroidered Jamie Jeans

Style #4: Embroidered Jeans

I wrote about these jeans a year ago, but it’s only been lately that I took a full advantage of wearing them daily. Despite the standout print, these are super easy to style. I have a few black, white, pink, and red blouses in my collection and these seem to be a perfect match for these TopShop embroidered jeans. I also purchased an embroidered hat—in case I want to create a complete matchy-matchy look.

* * * * *

I know this is a much smaller collection that you probably expected, but as a former denim avoider having a few perfect pairs of jeans over the course of a month is a pretty good accomplishment. I wonder if you have any additional denim recommendations for me? If so, please leave your links and suggestions in the comments area below. I really appreciate your comments as I’m really looking forward to expanding my collection!


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