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Nice France promenade

An airport in Nice was our transfer destination before driving to Saint-Tropez. But I couldn’t resist to explore the city for a few hours. We had lunch at what it seems the only vegan café in the city and enjoyed coconut cappuccinos while walking down the boardwalk. From a few hours we had to explore Nice, France, I have to say that Nice was very nice. It’s a beautiful port city with “Paris meets Amsterdam” architecture vibe.

Our mini-tour happened during FIFA World Cup season and it became obvious that people in Nice love soccer. When we went up the hill to take marina view shots, an entire city shouted at once. Wow, I thought, France might be winning the game that night!

For our Nice adventure, I picked a two-pattern dress by Cooper and Ella that I bought a few weeks before our trip. I ordered size Small hoping for a looser, more casual fit (usually I go for XS), but the dress ended up being a bit too big for me. The dress was sold out in my size so I decided to keep a bigger version anyways. I figured, my tailor can help me to make it fit better in the waist and chest area.

Other than sizing issue, I haven’t stopped wearing this ruffle decorated colorful dress. Like Nice, it’s also very-very nice!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Cooper & Ella Ruffle Dress
Brahmin Bag // Ted Baker Sandals // Salt Sunglasses

Nice France promenadeNice France promenadeNice France promenadeNice France promenade


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