Braided Low Bun Tutorial

Low Heart Shaped Bun Tutorial

I love experimenting with low bun hairstyles because you can wear these for so many occasions, from outdoor wedding to office and a fun Sunday brunch party. In fact, you can do all three in one day without fixing your hair even once. The good thing about low buns is that once created those stay in place for as long as you wish. Today we will learn how to create your not so basic braided low bun that might easily become your go-to hairstyle.

Step #1: You can create this hairstyle no matter when was the last time you washed your hair. If you are working with second day hair, spritz a bit dry shampoo on the roots so your scalp looks crisp. If your hair is fresh, you will receive an additional bonus of tight curls that you can style in a more voluminous updo the next day.

Low Bun Hair Tutorial Step by Step 5

Step #2: To create this look, I used CAVIAR 10-in-1 Complete Correction CC Cream for Hair. It is not your typical curl definition product, but rather a leave-in conditioner, but I found that it works miracles for my straight hair when I need to keep them in place. My hair is very sleek and this CC Cream adds much needed weight and extra shine to my hair.

Low Bun Hair Tutorial Step by Step 4

Step #3: Divide hair into two equal parts by using a hair comb. Braid both sides of your hair into low very tight braids and secure each braid with a hair elastic that matches your hair color (I picked black ones).

Low Bun Hair Tutorial Step by Step 3

Step #4: Pick up the left braid and secure its thickest part on the right side of your head with pins that match your hair color (again, I picked black ones). Then turn your braid around and secure the rest of the braid behind the top part. Hide the end of your top braid underneath the low braid (secure with a pin).

Low Bun Hair Tutorial Step by Step

Step #5: Pick the right braid and start moving left while securing your braid with pins. When you reach the curve of the first braid, start moving toward the top of the first braid. Hide the end of the braid #2 inside the thickest part of the braid #1 (i.e. where you already hid the end of the braid #1) and secure it with a pin. As a result, you shall receive a heart-looking braided low bun.

Low Bun Hair Tutorial Step by Step 2

Depending on your preference, you can secure your updo with a hair spray (I am currently using Tresemme TRES Two Hair Spray) or leave as is for a more natural look. If you would like to achieve a bit more casual look, pull out a couple of tiny strands of hair on the front and a back.

Photo credit: Vital Agibalow