NYFW Day 2: Monique Lhuillier’s Magnificent Creations


I bet some critics called Monique Lhuillier’s spring 2015 collection “timeless.” The models’ outfits presented over New York Fashion Week were breathtakingly beautiful and at the same time wearable. But for me as for the industry insider, the fashion show was rather remarkable and memorable: I truly enjoyed my backstage and celebrity mingling experience and was impressed how well organized and spectacular the show was. 

Backstage VIP pass to Monique Lhuillier SS2015 MBFW Fashion Show

Backstage pass to Monique Lhuillier SS15 fashion show // Photo by Vital Agibalow (Fashion TV)

If you read my blog regularly (please do!), you are probably aware of my passion for beautiful and well organized things. There is nothing better for me when everything is in its place and looks pretty and neat. From this perspective, Monique Lhuillier’s show is simply heaven for fashionistas struggling with OCD. Every accent, every little detail of the fashion show was perfectly structured and timed.

StyleSprinter Blogger Katya Bychkova at Monique Lhuillier SS15 Fashion Show

Style Sprinter blogger Katya Bychkova at Monique Lhuillier SS15 fashion show // Photo by Vital Agibalow (Fashion TV)

In fact, it was so smooth and spectacular that I can’t even recall any transitions from one part of the show to another: As one of my celebrity event planner friends says, “Smooth is the most difficult thing to accomplish when everything seems to fall apart around you.” Monique Lhuillier’s show went so mellow that I couldn’t even recall what the order of the things happening was — it was just perfect as it was.

Designer Monique Lhuillier prior to SS15 Fashion Show

Designer Monique Lhuillier prior to SS15 fashion show photographed by Vital Agibalow (Fashion TV)

Thanks to my Style Sprinter blog colleague, a celebrity and fashion photographer Vital Agibalow, I got the best treat you could possibly imagine at the fashion show. I didn’t have to wait in a long line to enter. I had an individual seat and unlimited access to all of the fun things happening backstage. In other words, while attending Monique Lhuillier’s show I was treated as a queen… or at least as a princess from the world of fashion blogging.

Models Working at Monique Lhuillier SS15 Fashion Show

Vital and I came to the venue ahead of time in order to take some pictures and to mingle with the models, stylists, and media people who were backstage. Unfortunately, our early arrival was not early enough: The models already had their makeup on so I didn’t have a chance to learn any beauty tricks and share them with you guys.

Makeup Val Garland Monique Lhuillier SS15 NYFW

Lead makeup artist Val Garland at Monique Lhuillier backstage SS15

But I caught one very cool trick that the hair stylists were using to keep the models’ hair catwalk-ready. Basically, they fastened a piece of napkin with a salon-style hair clip on both sides of where the models’ hair was parted and then covered the entire area with a hair net. Take a look at the photo below — it is much easier to visualize the idea than to read about it. Also, if you are interested in reading more about how to incorporate napkins into your beauty routine, check out my post “Midweek Beauty: My Favorite Beauty Tips and Tricks.”

Celebrity stylist Bob Recine for Maroccanoil Monique Lhuillier

What impressed me the most over the backstage tour was how many people were working at ironing stations. I was aware that Monique Lhuillier was working with traditional fabrics that require some maintenance, but somehow I lost sight of the fact that her evening dresses might require that much ironing. As a typical New Yorker, I have a very specific approach to ironing my clothes: Most of the time I purposely buy clothing that stays wrinkle-free without any effort on my part.

Monique Lhuillier Backstage SS15 - Dresses for ironing

To be honest, I never owned an iron over the six years that I lived in New York! My breakthrough moment with ironing happened only this summer when I finally figured out that Ben’s shirts and t-shirts could be washed and ironed at home with similar results to that provided by the city’s dry cleaners. Our dry cleaning bill is still ridiculously high though because most of our evening clothes are made from materials that state: dry clean only.

Makeup, hair, and nail art trends at Monique Lhuillier SS15 backstage. Photo by Vital Agibalow (Fashion TV)

As you might have concluded from the photos, Vital and I had a lot of fun backstage at Monique Lhuillier’s show. Vital Agibalow introduced me to some of his friends and co-workers from Fashion TV (a channel that he is affiliated with over the NYFW), and we took an enormous amount of pictures. It was a chilly day, and I was wearing H&M pants and a blazer by Rebecca Minkoff. In order to make my look a bit more fashionable, I picked a provocative top that showed deep cleavage, but that was only observable if I turned in a certain angle. I was also wearing the most comfortable high heels that I currently own. These floral print pumps are designed by Ivanka Trump but feel like orthopedic shoes — I can literally wear them the whole day long and my feet never get tired.

Fashion Blogger Katya Bychkova at Monique Lhuillier SS15 Backstage

As I mentioned before, I felt super important while attending the show because I had a real seat as opposed to standing in the area behind the last row of seats. New York Fashion Week attracts so many reporters and style critics from all over the world that such prestigious fashion shows as Monique Lhuillier’s could not possibly fit all of the people who are interested in covering the event. Thus, seating at the fashion show is a privilege that is not available even for well-known fashion writers: Usually, seats are reserved only for celebrities and fashion editors. So I guess my blog is heading in the right direction.

Jennifer Morrison, Sophia Bush, Hannah Simone, and Jamie Chung

Jennifer Morrison, Sophia Bush, Hannah Simone, and Jamie Chung
Monique Lhuillier // Backstage SS15// Photographed by Vital Agibalow (Fashion TV)

As it usually happens, people were mingling prior to the show trying to find celebrities in the crowd of fashionistas. I am not very good with remembering faces, but I was able to recognize some of the talented actresses attending the show:

  • Jamie Chung: An actress and former The Real World: San Diego star was wearing a long sleeved sheer lace dress in a purple color combined with a black under dress and stylish open toe shoes.
  • Sophia Bush: An actress, director, spokesperson, and activist also picked a sheer floral dress but in a black color. Her dress was way more provocative than Chung’s. Sophia also picked an interesting pair of turquoise pumps paired with a black and white clutch.
  • Hannah Simone: The New Girl (I love that show!) star and Canadian television hostess chose a lace jumpsuit over an evening dress. The outfit was so unusual and fun that it did not require any additional accessories and looked great on Hannah.
  • Jennifer Morrison: An actress and film producer was shining in her nude lace dress combined with peep toe Louboutins and a brown envelope clutch. I liked her seemingly casual hairstyle that effectively set off Jennifer’s evening dress.
Jamie Chung, Sophia Bush, Hannah Simone, Jennifer Morrison, and other celebs at Monique Lhuillier MBFW show

Celebrities attending Monique Lhuillier NYFW fashion show
Monique Lhuillier // Backstage SS15// Photographed by Vital Agibalow (Fashion TV)

Judging on what celebrities were wearing to Monique Lhuillier’s show, I came to the conclusion that lace and nudes are still hot. Moreover, they will remain popular in the spring season too. Pink, mint, pale peach, turquoise, and blue were dominant colors in Monique Lhuillier’s collection, as well as lace and silver and gold decorative elements.

Monique Lhuillier Backstage SS15 Trends

Monique Lhuillier // Backstage SS15// Photographed by Vital Agibalow (Fashion TV)

I especially liked how the designer incorporated various floral accents in her collection. Elegant flowers were used to decorate the collars of tops or the hemline of dresses and skirts; sometimes the “orchard house” occupied the entire top or a major part of the dress design. I was also inspired with how masterly Monique introduced some masculine elements into her feminine ensembles. Made from such gentle materials as silk and chiffon, the cropped pants and collar shirts introduced a new era of style for the famous wedding and evening dresses designer.

Magnificent SS15 Collection by Monique LhuillierMonique-Lhuillier-SS15-Catwalk-Spring-2015-Long-Evening-DressesMonique-Lhuillier-SS15-Catwalk-Spring-2015-Nude-Evening-Dresses

I would like to make an emphasis on the playlist used for the show. It was an incredible mix of electronic music that successfully set the atmosphere for the show and helped to emphasize the transitions from one part of the show to the next. DJ Javier Peral’s mix sounded especially successful closer to the last third of the show when hundreds of pieces of sparkling holographic confetti started falling on the catwalk. It was a magnificent moment! Fascinated by Peral’s amazing set, I googled him extensively and found out that the music director and DJ Javier Peral has been producing the playlists for some major designers’ fashion shows for the last 15 years. This season he was responsible for Carolina Herrera, Bibhu Mohapatra, and Jason Wu’s shows, and each playlist was very unique and interesting. For your enjoyment, I provide below Monique Lhuillier’s SS15 mix. You can find the rest of the music sets at Javier Peral’s SoundCloud page.

When the show was over and the stylish guests started to leave the room, another wonderful thing happened. I met simultaneously two of my favorite bloggers, Helena Glazer from Brooklyn Blonde and Keiko Lynn from the eponymous blog. Apparently, these fashionistas and style experts came to the show together and I caught them discussing Monique Lhuillier’s fabulous collection. Without any hesitation — who would miss such a moment? — I asked the fashion ladies if they would agree to be photographed for my blog, and they were kind enough to agree.

Fashion Bloggers Helena Glazer (Brooklyn Blonde) and Keiko Lynn at Monique Lhuillier fashion show

Helena Glazer (Brooklyn Blonde) and Keiko Lynn at Monique Lhuillier fashion show // Photo by Vital Agibalow

Concluding my experience at the Monique Lhuillier show, I would like to say that it was a magnificent show. Nicely organized, well timed, and breathtakingly beautiful! I totally see myself in some of the outfits presented in the collection and look forward to attending another fairy-tale-like show over the New York Fashion Week in February.

Katya Bychkova at Monique Lhuillier Catwalk