NYFW Day 3: The Fur of Attraction

Katya Bychkova at NYFW

When Valentine’s Day coincides with a fashion week, some people might experience the conflict of interests. What to choose, attend important fashion shows or spend time with the beloved ones? In order to resolve this scheduling dilemma, I consulted with Ben, and we came out with a solution that proved to be great. I’ve attended morning and day shows only and saved my evening for a romantic dinner. What a perfect and eventful Valentine’s Day!

#1: The Fur of Attraction

Sportmax Fur Collar

You know those days, when you wear your old favorite piece of clothing that you already got used to and people can’t stop giving you compliments? That’s what happened to me on the third day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I pulled out my favorite crystal decorated fur shawl by SportMax, combined it with a lace shirt dress by Karen Millen (also seen here) and Zara boots, and people (not only street style photographers, but even guests sitting next to me) kept taking photos of it. The shawl is relatively old (we’ve just celebrated our fifth anniversary) and I am so used to it that I started taking it for granted. However, sometimes in fashion everything new is a well-forgotten old, and my old new shawl gained a well-deserved amount of love by NYFW fashion crowd. It is hard to believe but I received as a gift this wonderful Chloe & Isabel Palm Royal Bracelet right there, at the Tents, simply because my new friend Geraldine loved that fur collar so much! My fur attraction situation is a great reminded for everyone (myself included) that sometimes we need to look back at pieces that we already have as opposed to buying new things over and over again (click here to read about my denial of non-repeatable clothing rule).

#2: Sport Nostalgia

How to Style Karen Millen Dress

Continuing topic about the past, I have to mention a wonderful collection by Lacoste. Felipe Oliveira Baptista, creative director of the brand, decided to dedicate fall/winter 2015 collection to the brand’s inventor, Rene Lacoste. Such tribute manifested in a beautiful green-white-red clothing decorated with the slogan “Rene Did It First.” I really loved the models presented at the runway, but the saying kind of confused me. I am not a big fan of clothing with any kind of words in it, and I know exactly when this anti-text feeling comes from. I grew up in the USSR where the term ‘fashion’ was non-existed until 1990s when tons of fake designer clothes flooded the market. In order to prove unsophisticated public that the piece is really “designer clothing,” many fake clothing producers made sure that the brand names was visible (hello, large font) and recognizable (I believe Armani, Versace, and Moschino are still suing some of those con-artists). In other words, “Rene Did It First” reminded me non the most legal period in Russian history, and it has nothing to do with the designer skills of Baptista. The collection was great and I enjoyed a very-well organized show.

#3: Orange Is The New Black

Perfect white lace dress

Son Jung Wan presented a very interesting collection of purple, green, and grey furs and evening dresses, but what really caught my attention were all kind of orange coats and outfits. Even though I do not own much orange pieces of clothing now, I love that color since early years. You probably never heard this story before, but I even painted kitchen at one of my previous apartments in bright orange. In my opinion, tangerine color is perfect for winter and fall, since it fits well with pieces of black, purple, green, and grey colors that seemed to be popular next season. Many people are scared of very bright colors (and orange is one of them), and if you one of them, I recommend adding just bits of orange to the outfit. A nice scarf, bag, or even earrings in tangerine will bright up your look and add some positive vibes to your cold weather wardrobe.

TRESemme nyfw

After spending a half day at the Tents, I was happy to take a little break from fashion and spend a romantic evening with Ben. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant next to our house and enjoyed the company of each other. Since Ben is the biggest supporter of my career in fashion, fashion week was among topics discussed that day. How did you celebrate the most romantic day of the year?

Black and White Fur OOTD


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  • Love this chic look! ♥

  • I love every look you come up with! The pairing of that shawl and the dress is just incredible. Plus it’s always good when you can get some use out of an old favourite!

    Glad to hear that you still got some quality, romantic time with Ben. My partner and I had a quiet, low key evening and made dinner together which is a perfect night in my books!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  • Simply perfect! I love this look and the way you styled it. It’s very elegant and chic.


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    Your eyes and lips are beautidul