NYFW Look: Pink Coat

Blogger Katya Bychkova NYFW 1

For many bloggers, New York Fashion Week is a great opportunity to showcase their favorite looks through the lenses of street style photographers. Most of the time, those hard working people are standing next to the entrance to the shows and looking for the most interesting dressed people. As it often happens, it’s very hard for bloggers to figure who and when published their photos. If you are not Kristina Bazan or Jamie Chung, your style photos most likely will be filed somewhere on the Internet without you even knowing about it.

Saying so, I was pleasantly surprised with a new, very cool initiative of BFA called Spring Studios Street Style with Lacour Studio where each street styler who got photographed on a studio-style white background received his/her well deserved name credit. Created by ‘souls stealing’ photographer Eric LaCour (for real, that’s what his bio says!), the series of black and white and color portraits is one of the most artistic street style projects I’ve seen so far.

I am happy to be among those lucky ones who got photographed for the series. That day, I was wearing the most casual look you’ve even seen on my blog. The reason is simple: it was the day before NYFW was over and I was exhausted. Shows, notes taking, writing, meetings, Periscoping… My body desperately needed coffee and resisted wearing my matching pink blush pumps. You can’t really see on those photos my new beaded kicks that I brought from my recent trip to Belarus, but wearing comfy shoes really helped me to stay alive. In fact, this look inspired me to develop a new fashion week strategy: next season, I am planning on wearing flats more often.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this new for me look. Feel free to check out the rest of the photos here and follow Eric on Instagram.

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Photo credit: Eric LaCour/BFA.com