October Beauty Favorites

StyleSprinter - October Beauty Favorites

It’s seems like you really enjoy reading my monthly favorites posts and here comes another portion of beauty reviews for you guys. You probably noticed that I skipped September favorites, but it’s all because I was busy at New York Fashion Week and didn’t really have time to experiment with lots of beauty goodies. Luckily, October was a bit less hectic and I tried (and loved!) lots of new products that I can’t wait to share with you. Also, please keep in mind that most of those items will be 20% off during Sephora VIB sale (find out more about this sale as well as my wishlist in this post) so I recommend bookmarking this post and coming back to it when the sale goes live on Friday.


ABH Master Palette by Mario Swatches and Review

#1: Anastasia Beverly Hills Masters Palette by Mario ($45 at Macy’s; sold out at Sephora)

This is one of the new palettes in my collection, but I’m already obsessed with it! The palette features some of the most pigmented and versatile shades and luxurious textures that remind me the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.


While the Modern Renaissance palette is all about pink and burgundy shades, the Masters Palette works with the orange and brown color palette. If you ask me, I would say that you definitely need just those two palettes in your life to fulfill any of your eye makeup needs!

Smith and Cult Book of Eyes Interlewd Palette

#2: Smith and Cult Book of Eyes Interlewd Palette* ($44 at SmithandCult.com)

This palette is on the smaller size which made it my perfect travel companion. I love the buttery, unique shades presented in this mini palette as well as the packaging (in fact, I stopped carrying any other mirrors with me ever since this gorgeous beauty item appeared in my life). The four colors of you see in the palette really compliment each other and allow creating so many beautiful looks, from everyday neutral to the night time expressive—especially if you have green eyes as mine.

Becca Blushed with Light Blush Trio Palette swatches and review

#3: Becca Blushed with Light Blush Trio Palette ($34 at Sephora; $34 at Ulta Beauty)

Ever since I explored the magic of Champagne Pop highlighter by Becca Cosmetics, I’ve been on a mission to try as many of their products as possible as I was truly impressed with the quality. This new launch by the brand has not disappointed too. The trio of blushes that contains every shade you might possibly need this fall: from orangy ‘Songbird’ and pink ‘Snapdragon’ to neutral ‘Wisteria.’ I’ve been using an loving this palette for a few weeks now and will definitely recommend it if you are looking for a perfect everyday blush palette. By the way, it’s a limited edition palette so if you really love it, you’ll better hurry up before it gets sold out at Sephora VIB sale!


OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Mocha

#1: OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Mocha ($19.90 at Ofra Cosmetics)

This liquid lipstick has been my absolute favorite lip product this month. I got a bit tired of my typical red lipstick look and wanted to pick something more neutral for everyday usage. I loved the formula of this long lasting product as well as the shade that is so easy to “style” with eye shadows of different shades.

Smith & Cult The Tainted Lip Stain in Mad Heat

#2: Smith & Cult The Tainted Lip Stain in Mad Heat* ($24 at Net-a-Porter)

This newly launched lip product is one of the most comfortable items I tested last month. In opposition to other liquid lipsticks, it doesn’t make my lips dry and provides a beautiful, long lasting coverage. In addition, it seems to add a bit volume (either its color or formula!) to my lips which is always a plus! Also, aren’t you in love with this gorgeous packaging?

MAKE Beauty Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Review and Swatches

#3: MAKE Beauty Matte Lipstick in Scarlet ($25 at MAKE Beauty)

I received this product in one of my beauty boxes and I fell for this product right away. For starters, the shade of this matte lipstick is so gorgeous and so me. In addition, the lipstick feels very good on my lips and didn’t feel overly dry how it often happens with matte lipsticks. Perhaps, the only problem with this product is the shape of the lipstick which makes it a bit difficult to apply the product, but I can deal with it since the color is so amazing!


AmorePacific 'Time Response' Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque

#1: AmorePacific Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque* ($200 at AmorePacific)

I’ve been experimenting with so many sleeping masks lately, but none of them could be compared to this miracle product. By saying so, I mean that this mask transforms your skin literally overnight. Packed with powerful ingredients such as Green Tea Saponin, this luxurious mask provides an overnight improvement for aging skin and introduces you to the best skin of your life. I love the fact that the mask comes in a set with a miniature brush that allows you to evenly apply the product and make your night time skincare routine even more SPA-like.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Anti-Aging Face and Eye Treatment

#2: Perricone MD Cold Plasma Anti-Aging Face* and Eye Treatment* ($162 for face and $110 for eyes at Perricone MD)

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I stopped taking Botox injections as my premature wrinkling situation has dramatically improved within the last few months. I feel that last year I’ve been using the wrong items that made my skin overly dry and thus I felt like I needed an extra help. This year, especially after I discovered this anti-aging cold plasma duo by Perricone MD, I’m no longer planning on investing in injectables—at least not for the next five years. The formula of this face and eye cream is so amazing that it not only addresses the issues with wrinkles, but also helps with skin discoloration and redness (especially around the nose area). In other words, if you are planning on switching to a new skincare routine, there is no other anti-aging line I would recommend more!

Aveda Tulasara Calm Concentrate

#3: Aveda Tulasara Calm Concentrate* ($59 at Aveda)

As I mentioned before, my skin has been experiencing the best moments ever, but I do get irritation every now and then from makeup products that I tested. On such days, my number one product to reach out to is this new soothing serum by Aveda. Formulated with chamomile and clary sage, this gentle moisturizer instantly calms the skin down and helps with eliminating the redness on a long run. It also smells luxurious and made out of all natural ingredients which earned this product a title of my favorite overnight treatment for irritated skin.


Fizz & Bubble Shea Coconut Scrub review

#1: Fizz & Bubble Shea Coconut Scrub* ($15 at Ulta Beauty)

It’s only October, but my skin is already as dry as it’s always happens in winter time. I do moisturize my skin every time I’m taking a shower, but somehow it’s not enough. One of the products I introduced to my skincare routine that helps me to deal with dry patches is this all-natural body scrub that makes my skin so smooth and silky as if I’d go on a SPA treatment. The only difference is that this product costs just $15 and is always on hand when your skin needs an emergency moisturizing treatment.

PACIFICA Indian Coconut Nectar Hand Cream

#2: Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Hand Cream ($9.00 at Ulta Beauty)

Guys, I’m totally obsessed with the smell of this hand lotion and with what it does for my skin. Usually, I carry a tube of a drugstore hand lotion in my bag as my hands are getting very dry during the cold season, but I’ve never tried an affordable product that smells so good. I feel that this scent motivates me to reach out to this cream more often so my hands are always well hydrated and never dry.


e.l.f. cosmetics Makeup Remover Pen

#1: e.l.f. cosmetics Makeup Remover Pen* ($3 at e.l.f. cosmetics)

Even if you are a master of the winged eyeliner, every once in a while even master’s hands get shaky. For those situation when you need to correct just a tiny line in your eye, brow, or lip makeup, consider this affordable and truly impressive tool by e.l.f. cosmetics. Basically, the concept here is the same as with a nail polish corrective pen, but the makeup remover deals with all natural ingredients (such as Vitamin E and chamomile) to help you fixing the makeup mistakes without the need of redoing the entire look all over. I believe this tool is one of the musts for every makeup lover!

MelodySusie Apple Shape Makeup Brush Cleaner

#2: MelodySusie Apple Shape Makeup Brush Cleaner ($8.99 at Amazon)

I purchased this affordable brush cleanser in preparation to Halloween as I knew that my brush cleansing mat by Sigma Beauty would be destroyed after all of the special effects products that I’ll be using to create my Halloween looks (as expected, that’s exactly what happened!). To replace the mat, I opted in for this cute and affordable brush cleansing mitt that I loved ever since. In my opinion, it’s much more convenient to use than your typical adhesive mat as it provides more control during the brush cleansing process. Also, it comes in such cute shade of light pink—how could I possibly resist?

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Those were my favorites for the months of September and October. I look forward to hearing in the comments area below about your favorite makeup and skincare items this past month. Please also send along any product review requests for the next posts. Thank you for your support!