I’m not sure if I ever shared this story, but before launching my blog I’ve been working in corporate for a few years. It was a very new environment for me as prior to that job I’ve always been working in creative fields – print media, TV, and radio. The moment I launched this new job I figured that my wardrobe was not even close to appropriate for the corporate job. I especially struggled when the holiday season arrived. Since it was my first time celebrating winter holidays with the team, I had absolutely no clue what to wear to the office holiday party. As it turned out, a few people from the firm also had just an approximate understanding of what’s appropriate and what’s not on that sort of occasions.

I was thinking that some of you might experience the same dilemma this holiday season. Either you just started working for a new company or just looking for outfit inspirations, I have you covered, girls! Today I’m collaborating with Misook to share with you four holiday outfit ideas that will stand out at the holiday office party.And who knows maybe this new office-friendly attire will motivate you to ask for a promotion or share a new idea with your boss. It’s a magical time of the year so all the great things are about to happen!

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Oftentimes we think of a mini skirt as of a quintessential festive piece, but you’ll be surprised how holiday-appropriate a maxi skirt could be. Take, for instance, this maxi skirt with elegant side slits. If you pair it with a turtleneck top and trendy this season sock booties, you will create a very sophisticated but still office-appropriate look. If you want to go even more festive, add a pair of your favorite earrings and you are all set!

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The Balancing Act

If you can’t imagine a holiday attire without classic shades of red and green, consider neutralizing this festive color mix with a neutral piece of clothing. Let’s say you opted in for a hot red dress – then pair it with a neutral black jacket. Or, if you picked an emerald green skirt, consider balancing it with a classic black top. That way, you will look professional and not too dressed up – which is always a great way to style office-appropriate clothes.

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Say It With Your Shoes

In many cases, all you need to create a festive look is by putting on a standout pair of shoes. Since we are talking about the winter holiday season, think about red, green, or gold shoes that will turn an otherwise neutral look into a holiday-friendy attire. My favorite way to showcase the shoes I’m wearing is by styling them with ankle crop pants and an elongated vest. Such combination of style will not only elongate your silhouette but also help to bring the emphasis on your shoes.

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Put A Sequin on It

Perhaps, the easiest way to transform any regular piece of clothing into a festive one is by pairing it with something sparkly. Since too much color might be a problem in a corporate environment, try sticking to classic, non-revealing silhouettes. For instance, consider wearing your typical black sneath dress with a gold sequin jacket. Or opt-in for all black pants and blouse set paired with a sequin jacket. Such attire will look very office appropriate but with a perfect amount of a festive vibe.

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* * * * *

There you have it: my mini-guide on how to dress for the office holiday party. Even though I’ve been out from the corporate world for a few years now I hope I was still able to provide you with some fresh tips on what to wear to your office holiday party. Please let me know in the comments if my advice resonated with you. Also feel free to share your recommendations on what to wear for a corporate party this holiday season.