On Turning 30…

StyleSprinter Belize

Okay, I never wrote about it before, but I was have been sort of freaking out about turning 30.

For a Russian girl, growing up under the pressure of a patriarchal society, I always knew that ‘the right way’ for me to live my life is to have a career, get married, and have kids by the age 25 (the younger–the better!) and then run through your life trying to balance it all. For many girls I grew up with such scenario is a reality. They have loving families and children they are proud of. They received their degrees and either work for a company or are staying at home while taking care of their kids. My Russian friends seem to be happy, but it’s a different type of happy compared to me.

Today I am turning 30 and I have finally figured out that having a life different from that ‘perfect route’ is totally okay. In fact, there are so many things that I would have never be able to see and achieve if I followed the standard scenario. I found the love of my life, I traveled the world, I found the job of my dreams (yes, it is my blog and I really appreciate that you, my dear readers, gave me the opportunity to pursue it!), I met so many outstanding people… For real, I do feel very confident and happy about turning 30 and being where I am now. I might not be the youngest person in the room or have the same life some of my peers have and my mirror has started reflecting some signs of aging, but I have to say–30 is pretty cool! I am just trying to be the best version of myself and embrace gratitude with things as they are. (Hmm, I guess I even started talking as a wiser version of myself. Oh, boy!)

What does make you happy about your age? What are some of the life lessons that you learned?