On Turning 30…

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Okay, I never wrote about it before, but I was have been sort of freaking out about turning 30.

For a Russian girl, growing up under the pressure of a patriarchal society, I always knew that ‘the right way’ for me to live my life is to have a career, get married, and have kids by the age 25 (the younger–the better!) and then run through your life trying to balance it all. For many girls I grew up with such scenario is a reality. They have loving families and children they are proud of. They received their degrees and either work for a company or are staying at home while taking care of their kids. My Russian friends seem to be happy, but it’s a different type of happy compared to me.

Today I am turning 30 and I have finally figured out that having a life different from that ‘perfect route’ is totally okay. In fact, there are so many things that I would have never be able to see and achieve if I followed the standard scenario. I found the love of my life, I traveled the world, I found the job of my dreams (yes, it is my blog and I really appreciate that you, my dear readers, gave me the opportunity to pursue it!), I met so many outstanding people… For real, I do feel very confident and happy about turning 30 and being where I am now. I might not be the youngest person in the room or have the same life some of my peers have and my mirror has started reflecting some signs of aging, but I have to say–30 is pretty cool! I am just trying to be the best version of myself and embrace gratitude with things as they are. (Hmm, I guess I even started talking as a wiser version of myself. Oh, boy!)

What does make you happy about your age? What are some of the life lessons that you learned?

  • 30 is such a scary age but honestly, I’ve loved it so far! I’m definitely a lot more confident and comfortable with myself then I ever have been in my life and it’s a great thing! Embrace it! XO -Kim

    • That’s such a great suggestion, Kim! I do love the idea of embracing your age, no matter which decade you are at. Life is short so let’s enjoy every second of it!!! xoxox

  • I would have never guessed that you were turning 30! You look so young and have such a youthful vibe. I’m also turning 30 this year (OMG trying not to freak out) and I’m coming to terms with it. Most of my friends are younger than me so that’s where most of the anxiety is haha.


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    • First, have a deep breath :))) It’s gonna be alright! Trust me, my birthday was just another day on my calendar and some extra love from my friends and family. The number does not change anything! Moreover, I bet you feel younger if you surround yourself with younger people!

  • Hollie

    what a lovely post and Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I am so proud of you for what you have achieved and you are also such a lovely young lady! I will be 30 myself in March so i am only a little behind you! Enjoy your special day xx

  • Awesome post!! Happy Birthday!!

    xx, Elise

  • This was a great post! Happy Birthday!

    xo, Liz


  • Christy Llewellyn

    Can’t believe your 30, you look so young! Happy Birthday and good for you on taking a different route. There’s is more to live than following the rules
    Christy x

  • Happy birthday, Katya and trust me, you look no where near 30! I thought you’re in your very early 20s! And honestly turning 30 was the best time in my life because I finally found my footing in life and no longer lost and confused.

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  • Happy Birthday!!!! I would have never thought you were 30! 30 Looks good on you!!!! Going the “perfect route” is boring that’s what I’ve learned in my 24 years of living so I definitely agree with you on that! Sometimes I worry that I’m not where I should be at this age but then I read post like this and it just reassures me that I’m on the right track! Hope you have a great birthday and many more lessons to learn!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your warm wishes, Jasmine!! Yes, boring way is for boring people, and we are not among them for sure!

      I do feel down about my age and what I achieved every once in a while too… I guess we as human beings are just so into comparing ourselves to others… Well, I might never be able to get in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, but there is also a light at the end of the tunnel, right? Let’s try to make it into 40 Under 40 list within the next decade. Deal?

  • Happy Birthday! Congrats on this exciting milestone!


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