One Scarf, Two Looks

The Scarf Shop - Silk Scarf

When you look at this scarf by The Scarf Shop, it screams “Spring!” I am so incredibly happy that the warm weather is finally here. This weekend seemingly all New York went out to  Central Park, and I was among those sun lovers. It was a blast! Talking about style, I believe that with the arrival of Spring/Summer, the scarf season does not end. In opposite, warm weather provides us with more opportunities to experiment with accessories. Check out those two ways of wearing a scarf that I came out with while shooting at Bene Rialto boutique in Midtown Manhattan.

#1: Necklace

If you follow the rule of three  (i.e. don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry at a time), try wearing a pretty scarf as your necklace. In that way, you will refresh your look a little bit while still sticking to your fashion principles.

The Scarf Shop - Jane Gold JewelryRomwe Floral Crochet Backless Lace DressThe Scarf Shop Silk - Katya Bychkova

#2: Headband

Headbands are not for bad hair days only. Instead, wear a beautiful scarf when you want your curls to stand out. Guaranteed: your new look will get tons of attention!

The Scarf ShopSilk Pink-Orange Scarf
The Scarf Shop - Multicolor Silk ScarfRomwe Backless Lace Dress

Romwe Floral Crochet Backless Lace Dress (c/o; on sale now!) | Nursace Sandals (similar)
The Scarf Shop 100% silk scarf (c/o; follow on Instagram @thescarfshop)
Jane Gold Rainbow Tree of Life Bracelet | Jane Gold Rainbow Dangle Earrings
Photos by Vital Agibalow