Open-Toe Careerist

Blogger Katya Bychkova wears Express Portfolino Snakeskin Skirt, Incity White Zip Skirt, HM Silver Straw Clutch, Coach Black Sunglasses,I’ve tried to wear open-toe shoes to work once and decided not to repeat it again. Even though I was wearing a pair of elegant black pumps (something like these) and it was a casual Friday, I felt absolutely inappropriate. Since then I carry a pair of back up black flats in my office: not for comfort, just in case I pick shoes that are not corporate enough. Needles to say that many ladies in our office wear open-toe shoes daily without even doubting that it fits corporate environment. I am a strong believer that all our fashion complexes are rooted the childhood. And here the confession about mine.

Express Portfolino Skirt, Incity White Skirt, Vince Camuto Silver Wedge, and Silver Straw ClutchI’ve attended middle and high school in Belarus. Our dean was totally into the idea that students should wear corporate attire to school and parent advisory committee supported him. In order to check that the kids are wearing appropriate clothes, the dean was standing in front of the building every morning and monitoring who were not following the dress-code. Those students that were not wearing corporate enough attire were sent home to change.

Express Portfolino Snakeskin Skirt, Ladybug Necklace, Coach Black Sunglasses, and Rouge Allure Lipstick by ChanelI was a great student and really burn the midnight oil, but dean’s fashion restrictions were a real burden for me. I’ve been sent home to change my outfits countless times and finally my parents started to collaborate with the dean. During my sophomore year in school, I gave up my fashion fight because I didn’t want  to waste my valuable exam preparation time on changing my outfits. Instead, I started to play with my style within the framework of the accepted dress-code. And you know what? I kind of liked it!

Style Sprinter blogger wears Express Portfolino Skirt in Snakeskin, Incity White Zip Skirt, Silver Straw Clutch by HM, and Rouge Allure Chanel LipstickObviously, I do not see my dean anymore, but the shadow of his fashion policy still follows me while I am picking my office attire. As I mentioned before, I do not wear open-toe shoes to work. I also avoid short skirts, tight pants, sleeveless tops, and never wear jeans on Fridays (one of my coworkers once asked me if I actually own a pair).

If I am planning to go out after work, I take the entire outfit with me and change after work. If I need to put my red lipstick on, I do it when I am out of the office. I never fix my makeup in public and, of course, never spray perfume in the office’s bathroom (some people are allergic to perfume and I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable).

These were my office wear no-nos. I wonder what are yours?

Style Sprinter blogger wears Express Portfolino Skirt in Snakeskin, Silver Straw Clutch by HM, and Rouge Allure Chanel Lipstick

Skirt: Incity Silver (similar here) |Top: Express Snakeskin Portfolino Skirt | Shoes: Vince Camuto Women’s Inslo2 Wedge Sandal | Bag: H&M (similar here) | Sunglasses: Coach (similar here) | Necklace: (similar here) | Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure #104 | Photos by Vital Agibalow