Ordinary Things That Make Me Happy

kate spade Black Scalloped Bow Dress

Last week, I went out to pick some flowers for the house and was somewhat surprised when a person selling flowers asked me, “Are you having a party?” I don’t know why exactly he said that, but I assume it had something to do with me heading to some sort of celebration. What this sweet gentleman didn’t know is that I was celebrating my very ordinary day—because in my book, every single day deserves to be celebrated!

I guess  people might think that I’m spending my time and money on presumably pointless things like getting flowers that will die in less than a week. But for me it’s not “just flowers.”

Lately, I started spending more time on identifying what makes me happy and bringing those things into my life. While I do have some long-term goals, I try enjoying bits and pieces of happiness every single day.

A bouquet of fresh flowers that means such different things for me and for the flower guy is one of such examples. For me, even a few days of looking at a beautiful set of flowers and being in the room full of floral scents is one of the ordinary things that really make me happy.

It’s not just flowers, of course. I equally enjoy lighting a candle, warming up near fireplace, petting and kissing my puppy when she is getting excited about me coming back home, getting a hand massage, listening to opera while in the subway, getting that only gluten free vegan sandwich in that only café within 10 blocks from my college, waking up and stretching in bed for 30 minutes when it’s a weekend and I have no alarms on…

I’m sure if each and every of you stop for a second and think about the things that make you truly happy, you will immediately feel a bit less stressed out and more happy about your life too!

I remember as one of my psychology teachers in college asked the class to stop for a second to close our eyes and try to think about the most relaxing moment that we can envision. My classmates were talking about putting their feet in the ocean, getting on the top of the mountain and biking around the world. It all felt cool and adventurous and… so random! Why do they need to travel the world or be somewhere else to feel their best?

What I was imagining while working on this test is a brightly lighted window with white curtains blowing from the wind. I prepare myself a cup of coffee and take a newspaper. I sit and just read while my imaginary cat is petting herself on my legs and doing those “miurrr” sounds that you can only hear when you pet them near the ears.

Maybe it all depends on your personality type–whether you are adventurous or you like to sit at home and read, but I do think that as a society in general we all will benefit from trying to find little pleasures and invite more positivity into our lives. I know, with all the political scandals and TV drama that we observe every single day it’s hard to disregard what’s around you and just to think about things that make you happy. But if you let this external drama get too deep into you, how do you know that you’ll be able not to loose yourself?

What are some of the ordinary everyday things that make you happy?

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kate spade Black Scalloped Bow Dress


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  1. Love everything about this post Katya! I couldn’t agree with the sentiment more. I’ve always resonated with the idea of being mindful and giving attention to the small details of everyday life. From a pretty mug for my morning cup of coffee, to the coziness of your favorite blanket, to when a favorite song comes on the radio, there are always happy things worth noticing!

    Posted 2.4.17 Reply
  2. HonestlyHaley wrote:

    I love this post! Let’s always celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, everyday.

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  3. This is such a beautiful post, the bag and the shoes are the cutest.


    Posted 1.30.17 Reply