What to Pack to the Hamptons This Summer

Is it just me or packing for a summer in the Hamptons is always a dilemma for you too? There is an easy way to bring all of your vacation stuff and figure out the rest later. But such approach does not guarantee that you’ll be ready for all the different activities the Hamptons offers. From pool parties and charity galas to wine tastings and everything is between, you need an actual Hamptons capsule wardrobe which will get through an entire season. Today I’m collaborating with three shoe brands, Rocket Dog, Kelsi Dagger, and Pour La Victoire, to share my favorite looks to pack and wear in the Hamptons this summer.

Please keep in mind that while the majority of the looks that I pulled for this look might look luxurious and “bouji” these are actually affordable. Moreover, the quality of each and every piece I picked is simply amazing as I wanted to make sure that these items will get you through more than one season.


Personally, I prefer to start on creating a look by picking which shoe I feel like wearing that day. I will consider the occasion, weather, and the comfort level I’m looking into. From there, I’ll go into selecting an attire and then move towards accessories. When it comes to the ultimate Hamptons wardrobe, picking the right shoe is one of the most important decisions to make as you want to look chic while not dying in your heels at the 100 degrees weather. It’s also important that your summer shoe collection is truly versatile so you can pack the minimum number of shoes that will allow you to create a maximum amount of looks.

This season, I’m planning on packing the following shoe options to wear in the Hamptons:

Rocket Dog Clarita Peach Slip-On: This cute bow slip-on is your ultimate everyday shoe. Hamptons is known for its bluestone driveways, so this shoe will feel comfortable throughout your adventures. Also, I love any shoe that has a bow on it as it looks particularly cute and girly!

Color Options: Peach (as pictured), White, Stripe, Boho Blue, Light Grey Denim, Asphalt Grey Denim.

Where to Buy: $44.95 at RocketDog.com. Use the code RDMEMORIAL30 to receive 30% off so these slip-on shoes will cost just $31.46 (offer valid until May 29, 2017).

Pour La Victoire Elisa Sandal: My major obsession with pastel colors constitutes in this incredibly feminine and stylish stiletto sandal by PLV. This neutral shade soft suede sandal is everything you need to elevate your cocktail attire. Pair it with a matching clutch, and you are all set for an evening of entertainment and fun in the Hamptons! While the four-inch heel might look a bit high, it’s actually super comfortable to wear—even if you have such high arch in your feet as I do. I wore this sandal on a few occasions, and I never ended up feeling uncomfortable. In opposite, I truly enjoyed that the neutral shade of these heels made my legs look so much longer.

Color Options: Light Peach (as pictured), Light Grey, and Snake Beige.

Where to Buy: $129.90 at PourLaVictoire.com. Use the code PLVMEMORIAL2017 to receive 30% off these sandals so the discounted price is $90.93 (offer is valid until May 31, 2017).

Kelsi Dagger BK Harbor Sandal: Mules and slip-on shoes occupied the streets of New York this season, and now it’s time to transition this trend into your Hamptons wardrobe. This gorgeous silver leather sandal is neutral enough to match any outfit you could wear during your vacation, while still having a Parisian chic vibe to it. Wear it with denim in the City or with white shorts in the Hamptons—in truly versatile manner, this sandal brings a hint of chic to any look!

Color Options: Silver (as pictured) and Slate Denim.

Where to Buy: $100 at KelsiDagger.com. Use the code KDBMEMORIAL2017 to receive 30% off Kelsi Dagger BK shoes (offer expires on May 31, 2017).

Pour La Victoire Lava Sandals: If gladiator sandals are your favorite shoe option for all sorts of occasions, consider picking this pair of elegant red suede flats. These stylish shoes are incredibly soft and comfortable while being much more than your typical flat sandal. I would say, this shoe is a statement in itself so you don’t need much how to style it—the shoe speaks for itself!

Color Options: Flame Red (as pictured), Black Leather, Camel Suede, and Ocean Blue Suede.

Where to Buy: $175 at Pour La Victoire.com. Use the code PLVMEMORIAL2017 to receive 30% off these sandals so the discounted price is $122.50 (offer is valid until May 31, 2017).

Rocket Dog Magic Crush Velvet Sneaker: Velvet shoes and accessories are one of the major trends this winter, but who said you can’t wear velvet during summer? Especially if it’s a velvet sneaker that is very comfortable and so chic. I mean, how can you not loving this light pink shade (fun fact: did you know that this shade of pink is officially called “Millennial Pink”?) and these adorable silk laces?

Color Options: Pink (as pictured) and Black.

Where to Buy: $49.95 at RocketDog.com. Use the code RDMEMORIAL30 to receive 30% off so these sneakers and pay just $34.96 (offer valid until May 29, 2017).

ESxRD Copa Pink & White Platform Sandal: Being a petite girl, I’m not a big fan of flip-flops as these make me look even smaller. What I recently discovered is that platform flip-flops are as comfortable as flat ones—with the only exception that these make your legs look super long. I love that this beautiful ombre pink sandal comes in all shades of pink you can imagine which makes it easy to style with so many different swimsuit and casual clothes options.

Color Options: Ombre Pink (as pictured), Rainbow Black, Silver Black and White Stripes.

Where to Buy: $85 at RocketDog.com.


While it might be tempting to wear only swimsuits and shorts while on vacation, such approach will not work if you are planning to spend summer in the Hamptons. There is something incredibly stylish and chic about how people are dressing here, and it takes some effort to achieve a stereotypically effortless Hamptonite look. After making some major fashion faux pas myself, I finally mastered the art of dressing in a semi-casual way. Below, I provide the exact clothes that I’ll be bringing with me to the Hamptons this season.

Off-the-Shoulder Plaid Dress: This easy to style and comfortable to wear dress is the ultimate everyday Hamptons-style piece that you’ll be wearing non-stop this summer. The fabric this dress is made of is very lightweight but wrinkle-free, and the ruffle details on the skirt and sleeves are so super adorable!

Other Options: Plaid Dresses for Summer.

Pink and Peach Mini Dress: Pink is the color of the season, and there is no surprise that I love this feminine shade too! In my humble opinion, pink looks even cuter if combined with the lace fabric so this peach and pink color block dress is my absolute favorite choice for the season!

Other Options: Mini, Midi, and Maxi.

Pleated Maxi Dress: Ruffles are still in style this season, and this dress is a perfect example of how to make this trend your own. While there is just one ruffle detail on the neckline of this dress, the entire piece looks like a combination of different shades of ruffles thanks to a smartly designed stripe patchwork.

Other Options: Cute Maxi Dresses.

Royal Blue Lace Midi Dress: I don’t have that many blue dresses in my collection, but this season I’ll be changing it as this shade of clothes is so perfect for the Hamptons. I love the open back detail of this dress and smart double lining that ensures that the skirt always looks fluffy.

Other Options: Mini, Midi, and Maxi.

Bull Skull Shirt and White Star Shorts: This combo is a trendy twist to typical white shorts and a relaxed shirt combination as each of the pieces features a unique print. The stars on these shorts look somewhat muted that allows to combine them with all sorts of tops, like this cute bull skull super soft shirt.

Other Options: Rails Shirts and White Shorts.

Light Pink Overall Dress and White Choker T-Shirt: If you don’t have a onesie in your wardrobe, now it’s the time to get one. For starters, the 90s trend is in full swing, and this piece is an easy way to introduce a piece of nostalgic clothes into your wardrobe. Then, it’s a truly versatile piece that you can style with so many different T-Shirts and always look like you have a bunch of new clothes.


You might assume that one straw bag is all you need while vacationing in the Hamptons, but it’s actually not true. While it might feel excessive for some people, you will need at least five bags that will match your shoe options while carrying all the essentials: sunscreen, sunnies, wallet, and makeup, etc. Yes, part of the Hamptons lifestyle involves driving so you can simply dump your stuff in the car, but why doing so if you could add extra “wow” to your attire by accessorizing your look with a perfectly matching bag? Also, don’t forget about picking a few pairs of cute sunnies—because who needs crows feet wrinkles after having a perfect summer in the Hamptons?

Hat Attack Tassel Straw Bag with Round Handle: This colorful straw bag is an essential Hamptons accessory. It’s big enough to hold all of your beach and pool day essentials, while it’s super stylish which allows to wear it throughout the day too. Personally, I prefer straw bags that you can hold in your hand as opposed to wearing them on your shoulder as these do not scratch your clothes and arms. Also, I’m experiencing a major addiction to tassels—how cute is that this bag decorated with red and pink tassels?

Color Options: Red and Pink (as pictured) and Navy and Light Blue

Where to Buy: $110 at ShopBop.com or $112 at Amazon.com. Find more straw bags here.

Forever 21 Pink Iridescent Metallic Backpack: Despite the fact that I love all holographic and glittery things, this backpack is great for traveling to/from the Hamptons. It fits all the essentials that you need on the go, from a book that you are currently reading to your makeup bag and headphones while looking incredibly chic and trendy. While this backpack is a bit smaller than your typical school-style bag, I prefer it as it looks more feminine and makes it easier to store while you are on the bus to the Hamptons.

Color Options: Metallic Pink (as pictured) and Metallic Silver.

Where to Buy: $24.90 at Forever21.com.

Bagerly Red Studded Shoulder Bag: There are a lot of occasions where you’ll need to wear something more formal than a typical straw bag in the Hamptons, and this colorful bag is a perfect fit for that kind of moments. While this bag does have a boho vibe to it thanks to the beautifully decorated handle, it will actually work in combination with less bohemian looks too—especially if you style it with less colorful shoe options.

Color Options: Red (as pictured), Black, Grey, and Pink.

Where to Buy: $23.99 at Amazon.com.

Aldo Daromara Light Pink Embellished Clutch: Similar to my approach to going out accessories to wear in the City, I believe that statement clutch is something that you need in the Hamptons too. For this season I picked this floral embellished one as it matches so perfectly my summery dresses and elevates every, even the most simple look.

Color Options: Light Pink (as pictured).

Where to Buy: $65 at Amazon.com.

Aldo Scilva Shoulder Bag: Last season, everyone seems to be obsessed with neck scarves and this summer this trend moved to handbags. While you can totally use the same thin scarf to decorate your bag, I decided to pick this patriotic-colored bag that already comes with a scarf. While this structured shoulder bag is super affordable (I bought it for about $65), it does have a luxurious vibe to it—probably because of the chic scarf detail!

Color Options: Red-White-Blue (as pictured) and Black and White.

Where to Buy: This bag is currently sold out online, but I saw it in a few Aldo stores in New York. Other under $60 models are still in stock at AldoShoes.com.

Aldo Haynna Black and White Stripe Sunnies: I never thought that stripe sunnies would work for me, but I was genuinely surprised how much I adore these affordable round sunglasses. While it might seem easier to style your standard black sunglasses option, this navy and white stripe combination allow a few different styling options. Not to mention that you can skip matching the sunnies to your outfit at all and allow your sunnies be a major statement accessory.

Where to Buy: $50 at AldoShoes.com.

Catwalk Mirror Copper Lens Sunnies: While these sunnies have a bit of Coachella vibe to them, these are super easy to style with all sorts of looks. Match these sunglasses with copper shade accessories, and you can wear them with a dress; add a pair of cool festival-inspired shoes and here comes your ultimate Hamptons party look.

Where to Buy: $7.99 at Amazon.com.

Aldo Griesel White Black Cat Eye Sunglasses: These sunnies look like your typical cat eye ones until you turn your head just a little bit to demonstrate the stripe edges. In my opinion, the shape of these sunnies is ultimately flattering for so many people, and I’m somewhat obsessed with how these sunnies brighten up any outfit that I wear.

Where to Buy: $50 at AldoShoes.com.

Ankit Boss Babe Fuel Tumbler (c/o)  // Independence T-Shirt // Stripe Suitcase

That was a roundup of all the things that I pack to the Hamptons this season. Granted: my summer wardrobe will continue expanding throughout the next few weeks, but these pieces are essentials that I’m planning on styling all season long.

I’d love to hear about some of the summer essentials in your collection. Is there one piece of clothes or shoes or an accessory you can’t live without this season? Please share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to leave the links to your outfits so we can all get some summer outfit inspirations!