What I’m Packing for My Trip to Aruba

What I’m Packing for My Trip to Aruba

As you already know, with launching Bow Tie Pet Club it was a very busy summer for me and I barely had a chance to relax. I couldn’t find the time in early fall either… But finally, we are packing our suitcases with my bestie Mariann as we are heading to Aruba! I always have the best time with her while on vacation. Not only we are always on the same vibe, but also I love that Mariann is a planner. And she seems to enjoy that I might not be a planner but I’m always ready for any adventure she is thinking of.

It’s been a while since my last vacation and I can’t wait to wear all of my summer outfits that I didn’t have a chance to pull out while in the Hamptons. I’ve also been eyeing some recent sales and was able to pick up a few new additions to my wardrobe. In this post, I share some of the items that I’m packing for my trip to Aruba. I hope these recommendations are handy when you are planning your next vacay!

Jack Rogers Lauren Sandal

I’ve been eyeing those sandals for the longest time as I needed a perfect nude shade summer shoe in my wardrobe. The classic Jack Rogers design happened to be not only super high-quality but also a very versatile piece. Who knew that light brown matches absolutely every summer dress I’m bringing with me on vacation?

James Perse Vintage Boy T-Shirt

Looking for a perfect simple white tee, I watched what it seems a dozen different videos on YouTube and this particular style happens to be everyone’s favorite. While I’m writing this post, I haven’t received my package yet but I am excited to test this cutie out and decide whether it’s a perfect white tee for me too. 

Michael Kors Floral Eyelet Tie-Detail Midi Dress

This style of summer dress is my absolute favorite! And this particular model is so comfy and stylish that I purchased it in two colors, white and red. This summer, I’ve been wearing both of these dresses literally non-stop and I’m taking them on vacay too!

La Vie Rebecca Taylor Adelle Floral Tie Detail Dress

Who knew a casual summer dress could be so stylish! Usually, I’m avoiding prints for summer clothes but this one is a lucky exception. The floral print on this dress is not as eye-catching as many others which makes it a lovely neutral dress. And the bow-tie details in the front are so adorable — this dress is so “me”!

Re: Named Amy Cropped Jumpsuit

Very comfy and so versatile, this stylish jumpsuit is made out of cotton but looks like denim. Meaning, it’s much more warm weather appropriate than you think. And it looks very chic with both espadrilles and heeled sandals.

Checka Kiss Ass Female Sweatshirt

Traveling in style is not an easy thing to do. Baggy clothes that are so comfortable rarely look chic. But this new for me brand of sweatshirts seems to be an exception. First of all, it’s cropped which already gives it a more stylish vibe. And the slogans they have are just so inspiring. I’m all about women supporting women and achieving their goals – thus yay to Checka!

Zadig & Voltaire Real Life T-Shirt

Talking about t-shirts, I purchased a few by Zadig and so far I’ve been impressed with the quality. Not only the slogans are super cute (my other one says, I Like You Very Much) but also they wash very well. I’ve been trying to find more when they go on sale — those t-shirts are totally worth the splurge.

Tabitha Simmons Women’s Rose Embellished Slide Sandals

Those slides (even after a sale) was the most expensive slide sandal I’ve ever purchased – and didn’t regret it at all. First, the floral design is just so adorable I couldn’t resist it. And then, the level of comfort is just on another level – I’m totally head over heels with this shoe.

Jill Jill Stuart Eyelet Lace Maxi Dress

If that’s not the most gorgeous white dress for summer I don’t know what is. The fabric of this stunning piece is so decadently luxurious and the fit is just so perfect, I’m totally obsessed with this dress and I can’t wait to reconnect with it on vacation.

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What is the number one summer piece that you can’t wait to wear on vacation or next summer?