Why People Call Me a Fake Russian

Why People Call Me a Fake Russian

Many of my American friends know me as a “fake Russian”—I call myself that way because I can’t stand two stereotypically Russian things: snow and vodka. While it’s easy to understand why drinking is not for me, many people don’t get it when I say that I’m not that into winter. Let me explain here: we are not talking only about New York style winter where the weather rarely goes below minus 5 degrees Celsius (oh yes, as a true Russian girl I’m still not into Fahrenheit) but any reminders of a cold season in general. Meaning, I start complaining that it’s too cold at the end of October. How not Russian style is that?

Jokes aside, I feel like I finally mastered the art of layering during my recent trip to Hudson, NY. Not only I looked ahead of the time on the weather report (that I basically never-ever do and thus forced to deal with the consequences), but also packed a faux fur vest, UGGs, and a somewhat warm jacket. As it turned out, such multi-layer attire felt pretty comfy—and warm, when I added a cute colorful beanie.

While we didn’t spend much time outside—the only time I was out it to walk Lilusik—I felt cozier and comfier than ever. Who knows, maybe I’m finally getting into the casual dressing thing?

If you wonder what we did in Hudson, you might be missing out as I shared so many fun videos from the trip on my Insta Stories. A long story short, we were invited by friends who have a summer house there. Together with a few other couples, we warmed up near the fireplace, participated in an ugly sweater contest (boo to me, as I forgot to bring mine!), and exchange Secret Santa gifts.

Even though it was not a family gathering, I felt that it was one of the coolest and funniest holiday celebrations in a while. While I’m still not convinced on dressing casually on a daily basis, I will definitely try spending more time with friends over the holidays.

How about you? What are some of the fun celebrations and activities you love to share with your friends?

OUTFIT DETAILS: BB Dakota Fur Vest // Gap Pink Jacket // Aqua Sweater
Burberry Jeans // UGG Boots // Eddie Bauer Hat // Eddie Bauer Backpack