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Review: Makeup Palettes by Pixi

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with lots of affordable makeup and found some awesome new items I can’t wait to tell you about. Perhaps, the most exciting finds were those by Pixi by Petra, an affordable and high-quality brand that you can find at Target. The best thing about new hot items by Pixi is that these are not dupes to more expensive products, but rather unique and exciting products on their own. Spoiler alert: one of the items from this list will make it into my favorites of the year post which is coming up soon on the blog.

Pixi Beauty Palette Rosette Rosy Radiance review

Palette Rosette Rosy Radiance

Ladies, I do not make such bold statements without a good reason: the blush from this palette is my absolute favorite blush of all times! It comes in a unique shade (on my skin it looks like something in between peachy and pinkish brown) and a stunning finish (it feels like a highlighter combined with a blush). The best part is that this product is very durable and stays on your skin all day long. Honestly, ever since I started using this blush, I’ve been a bit lazy about using a highlighter as this product provides just enough glow to elevate my complexion.

When it comes to the highlighter, I’m also finding it to be amazing. It’s so pigmented and provides such a gorgeous shine when it catches the light! It also looks great on photos—perhaps that’s the reason why I’ve been using it in so many makeup tutorials!

I also adore the consistency of the eyeshadows that come in this kit. While the shade range is pretty common for other palettes, these come in really good quality—especially if you prefer neutral shades in makeup. I especially love the light shades as these have a bit of shine to them that look so pretty on the eyes. The brow powders are very good too, even though the color range will work only for those with dark hair.

Perhaps, the only product that I don’t use from this palette is a contouring shade as it’s a bit too dark for my skin tone. Also, I’m kind of done with the contouring trend in general—it takes too much effort to contour every day so I’m sticking to this technique only for photo shoots.

Overall, Palette Rosette my absolute favorite new launch by Pixi by Petra and I highly recommend it to anyone—especially considering how affordable it is. You are getting a full eyeshadow, brow, and contouring set for just $28.

Buy now: Pixi by Petra Palette Rosette ($28) at Target.

Pixi Beauty Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition review

Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition

This enormous makeup kit is the best investment for those who are just starting with makeup. You will find everything you need in this palette: 40 eye and brow shades, 3 highlighters, 2 bronzers, 2 blushes, and 1 contour powder. I’ve done a few Snapchat makeup tutorials using the palette and created so many everyday makeup looks using it and I have to say that your options are almost unlimited with this palette. You have mattes and metals in pretty much every shade of brown, ivory, orange, gray, burgundy, and pink—it’s such a great value considering the price of the kit (just $34)!

Even though this makeup kit doesn’t have a mirror, I love having all of the items I need to create a look in one place. It’s especially convenient when you are traveling, but I found it handy while using on everyday basis too. Basically, I open the palette and lay it down on the table like an open book which provides a full view of the available shades—it’s so easy and convenient to use!

When it comes to the quality of the products in the palette, I believe it’s a kit that will be most suitable for girls with pale skin. While some of the brown and burgundy shades provide great pigmentation, the lighter shades could be a bit more difficult to detect on darker skin tones. In general, I would compare the quality of the eyeshadows in this palette with those in Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. The eyeshadows might seem a bit sheer at the first swatch, but these are buildable and long-lasting.

When it comes to the blushes and highlighters, I felt that the formula is different to these in the Palette Rosette (see full review above). The quality of the shades is great, but the highlighter is not as glowy as the one in the Palette Rosette palette. I did enjoy the blushes though, especially the apricot and pink shades—these were easy to work with.

Overall, it’s a great palette for beginners or those who are looking to invest in a neutral shades palette. I also believe that this kit is a great holiday gift as it comes in such adorable packaging!

Buy now: Pixi by Petra Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition—Pixi Perfect Edit ($34) at Target.

Fairy Dust Favourites in Metallic Warmth review

Fairy Dust Favourites and Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit

While I’m rarely using loose pigments on a daily basis, I’m going all the way in this holiday season! Winter holidays is a great time to experiment with shimmer shades in makeup and these adorable eyeshadows are so easy to work with. I wore nude shades a few times during the day and these were fantastic, but I didn’t have the time to experiment with the burgundy and eggplant shades yet—so these shades are on my short list for the next makeup tutorial. By the way, how cute is the packaging of these pigments? It really helps to save space in your makeup draw and looks so pretty on the shelf.

I’ve been all about winged eye look and used predominantly gel eyeliners lately so it was great to get back to a good old eye pencil. Especially because these products are so incredibly soft and come in such stunning shades. Every product in this kit is extremely creamy and provides a bit of a sparkle. I loved playing with these shades to create everyday looks that are less dramatic than my regular winged eyeliner makeup. I especially enjoyed the brown pencil that works so great in combination with brown eyeshadows from the Ultimate Beauty Kit and the white gold shade that is so perfect for emphasizing the inner corners of the eyes. Overall, I feel that this is a great kit if you are planning on coming back to the basics or need a new interesting shades of pen liner for the lower lid.

Buy now: Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust Fauvorites ($12) at Target and Pixi by Petra Endless Eye Pen Kit ($22) at PixiBeauty.com.

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I hope you enjoyed my review on these new hot launches by Pixi Beauty. Please let me know in the comments area below if you tried any of these products. Also, feel free to request any reviews on the products that you’d like me to try. I’ll try my best to accommodate any requests that you might have!

Disclosure: I received these products by Pixi by Petra for review purposes. All opinions are my own.