Best Podcasts For Beauty and Fashion Influencers

Best Podcasts For Beauty and Fashion InfluencersYUMI KIM DRESS // BRAHMIN BAG // WHITE SANDALS

Ever since I started thinking about launching my blogs, I’ve been searching for answers to my potential blogging questions… on iTunes. I know, it might not be as straightforward a way to go as just googling things, but for me, podcasts proved to be the best way to gain organized knowledge. Now, podcasts have become an essential part of my daily routine as I listen to my favorite shows every single day. Today, I share with you the list of my favorite podcasts—ones that help me grow as a blogger.

Industry Insight Podcasts for Influencers

When I started this blog in 2015, “blogging” was a buzzword. Everyone wanted to be the next Emily Schuman or Garance Dore. These days, every social media platform, whether it’s YouTube or Instagram has its own social media celebs. The influencer industry grows so quickly that it’s challenging to constantly be on top of the latest trends. Industry insight podcasts are one of the first to report on the “latest and greatest” so these are crucial to keep on your radar if you are taking your social media job seriously.

The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

If you are struggling with pitching your blogging or social media platform, there is no better expert to seek advice from than Julie Solomon. This Boss Babe and PR superstar provides in-depth information on how to survive and thrive as an influencer. From weekly industry updates to interviews with top influencers and online marketers, you will find everything you need to get inspired and succeed in this fast-changing field.

Fohr Casts

This podcast is an audio version of Fohr’s YouTube show where agency’s Co-Founder James Nord shares his insider tips on the influencer industry. Fohr is one of the leading influencer agencies that work with major social media names, as well as with micro-influencers. James’ personality shines through each and every episode, where he answers influencer’s questions and provides his opinion on popular social media trends and social media tactics.

The YouTube Power Hour with Erika Vieira

If you are trying to make it on YouTube, definitely sign up for this uber inspiring podcast. From hands-on tips on how to improve your channel to detailed interviews with beauty gurus and YouTube creators, Erika shares her knowledge and wisdom in the video blogging world. Hey, online marketers predict 2018 to be the year of video content, so why not learn about all things YouTube from the best?

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Inspirational and How-To Podcasts for Bloggers

If you are just starting in blogging and social media, it might seem that the industry is very new. In some respect, that’s right: social media trends and technology changes weekly if not daily. But some of the most established bloggers have been in this industry for more than 10 years. Those people know the blogging industry from its genesis and continue killing it in until this day. The three podcasts I list below are my absolute favorite because they continue staying relevant and inspiring up-and-coming blogger to go bigger and do better in the industry.

Smart Passive Income

Even though it does not directly relate to fashion, there’s no better podcast you can find for social media, marketing, and blogging tips. The format of the podcast is an interview, where Pat consults the industry experts or shares his readers’ success stories. All the stories are very helpful and super inspirational. For real, it’s a must!

ProBlogger Podcast with Darren Rowse

I was super excited when Darren launched his podcast earlier this year, as I’ve followed his work for many years. In fact, his book was the main reason I started my blog. I love listening to Darren’s voice as he always provides real-life advice that you can actually use.

Social Media Examiner with Michael Stelzner

If you’re a blogger, you need to stay up to date on what’s happening in social media and this one’s the best podcast to listen to for those purposes. I especially enjoy a series featuring the best free app of the week – I found a few good ones through listening to the podcast!

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And there you have it: the best podcasts that bloggers and influencers need in their lives. As a beauty influencer myself, I do listen to multiple podcasts per week, especially when I’m on the go, taking a quick bite on my own, or walking with my puppy in Central Park. These not only provide timeless information but also are super entertaining. Do you like listening to any podcasts that deserve to be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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