Putting Flat Irons to the Test

Putting Flat Irons to the Test

My hair is naturally straight but fuzzy so I still need to use a flat iron if I am trying to achieve a smooth look. Also, I believe that it’s essential to prep your hair with a straightener before you are using a curling iron (this trick makes your curls more bouncy and smooth). I wanted to test out a few different ones from my collection to figure out which one I love the most. It’s a spring-cleaning time and I need to decide which of my flat irons deserves its place in my bathroom’s cabinet.

TEISpa Sonic Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

TEISpa Sonic Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener review

Pro: I received this hair styling tool for testing purposes and was very excited about trying on a new steaming technology. At first, it felt a bit weird to use a tool that reminded me a hair steamer, but eventually, I got used to it. The iron features perfectly sized plates that are heating a proper temperature in a matter of seconds. I also enjoyed the

Con: The tool is pricey and requires some extra effort of putting water in it.

Price: $149 at teispa.com.

My Take: Great for beauty junkies that want to be on the trend.

Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-Inch Straightener

Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-Inch Straightener

Pro: This flat iron features spacious ceramic floating plates that heat up pretty quickly. In other words, it’s your go-to device if you are in a hurry and need to tame your hair quickly. The straightener allows regulating the power via an inbuilt control plug, which makes it suitable for people with different hair structures.

Con: The plastic it’s made of immediately gets dirty and sticky.

Price: $19.99 at amazon.com

My Take: It’s just okay, but works if you are on a budget.

Sephora Collection Tame: Mini Flat Iron

Sephora Collection Tame Mini Flat Iron review

Pro: This flat iron traveled with me all over the world, as it’s compact solution to many traveller hair problems. It helps to tame sticking out hair and to add smoothness in situations when I used a hotel’s conditioner instead of my own. The good thing about this device is it heats up super fast and feels useable in your hand.

Con: Since this flat iron is a mini version, it takes forever to go through each and every hair.

Price: $21 at sephora.com

My Take: Use for travels, not daily.

DryBar Smooth Operator Flatiron

DryBar Smooth Operator Flatiron Review

Pro: This tool seems overpriced only until you start using it. After that, you become addicted to this flat iron. It’s perfectly sized and not heavy to carry, doesn’t create a crease on your hair, and colored in such a positive color! Honestly, after I purchased this tool a few weeks ago, I stopped using any other hair styling tools that I have in my possession.

Con: Pricey and requires some knowledge on which temperatures are best for your hair type.

Price: $125 at sephora.com

My Take: It’s simply perfect!

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I wonder which flat iron are you using on a regular basis? Any recommendations?