Reflections on Fashion Detox

orange and turquoise beach cover-up

In case you don’t know, earlier this month Ben, Lilusik, and I went to Florida where we had the most relaxing vacation ever! No makeup, no cooking, no tours, no dinner plans—all we did is just sitting near the pool and rejuvenating. I don’t like complaining, but with college and blog on my agenda I feel that I over worked myself this winter. Same goes for Ben who is also a workaholic so we really needed this vacation to just do nothing and enjoy a great Florida weather.

The outfit style you see in these photos is pretty much what I’ve been wearing for the two weeks of vacation (with exception of evenings and traveling to/from the airport). Swimsuits, a couple of summer dresses, and different variations of sandals—that’s all I’ve packed for this trip. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier! Usually, I start planning my vacation outfits weeks and even months in advance, making sure that every detail in my look perfectly matches.

This season I didn’t really know if we are going on vacation at all as Lilusik just had a dental surgery and I was not sure she’ll be feeling good enough to travel with us. At the end of the college semester, she finally felt better so we literally booked our trip overnight and I didn’t have time to update my vacation wardrobe at all. I was thinking, “I can always pick a few pieces missing when I’m in Florida.” But when we got here I was just too exhausted (dealing with the cold didn’t help either) so I decided to stick to what I already have in my collection. And I actually felt great about this decision!

I feel that this notion of always having something new to wear is so deeply rooted in our consumerist society that we don’t even notice how our closets are growing bigger and bigger and we still have “nothing to wear” situations again and again. Every exciting occasion in our life seems to require a new outfit, most of which will be staying in our closets for years without having a second chance of appearing in public. Same goes for accessories: I feel that every new designer dress I have requires a perfectly matching clutch…and shoes…and maybe earrings too. But, why? When wearing the same piece of clothing became such a taboo?

I talked to Ben about how much I’m enjoying my minimalistic vacation wardrobe, but he doesn’t seem to understand my point because this essentialism principle in clothing is he one he usually follows anyways. More doesn’t mean better for him. Better quality and uniqueness is what he appreciates. And I’m glad that I’m finally getting a better understanding of what it’s like to have a male approach to clothes.

I wrote a post not that while ago about how I’m treating fashion as art and thus never purchase too much clothes, but even with my not that extensive collection I’m feeling that I need to take a fashion break. Stop wearing heels and makeup for a while. Forget that you can’t wear the same pair of shorts two days in a row. Disregard jewelry and watches. Just go through a fashion detox and enjoy the simplicity of minimalistic wardrobe. That’s what I’ve been through on my vacation and I have to confess that I feel much more relaxed now as compared to my regular Insta-friendly types of vacation.

Have you ever feel overwhelmed with clothes and wanted to take a fashion break? If so, how did it go and what are the lessons that you’ve learned from this experience?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Scarf Dress // Beaded Sandals

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  • Well first off, you are stunning! Second, vacations where you do absolutely nothing are the best!! Love that dress too, Xx

    Nikki |

  • Karen Yannacio Morse

    I can totally see why you wore this dress so often – its gorgeous and you look stunning in it! I’m much better at being minimal with fashion in the summer. In the winter I tend to overshop and still have nothing to wear! haha…

    • Me too! I think it happens because it’s too cold to leave the house and you have all that time for online shopping!

  • Rebecca Bryant

    I have the opposite problem of not knowing what to wear. I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirt and need a major fashion makeover.

    • I never wear jeans so it’s indeed the opposite situation here! Perhaps, start by switching to cute leggings and work from there? Have you heard about liquid leggings that so many people are loving right now? There are happened to be even more comfy than jeans and many people swear by them! You can style them with tshirts, sweaters, cardigans — and it’s an easy upgrade for a casual look!

      Here are some of the options available at Nordstrom:

      • Rebecca Bryant

        Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I will definitely look into getting some leggings. I will also check out this liquid leggings you mentioned.

  • I love this outfit. The beaded sandals are gorgeous. I love that you went all minimalist for your vacation. I usually overpack, and what I do pack, I don’t like.

    • Same story here! I always overpack and then it doesn’t feel like vacation as I continue thinking about what to wear!

      My mom once lost her suitcase at the airport (well, the airport lost it for her LOL) and she went to Vietnam where she couldn’t find clothes of her size. And she said that it turned out to be a super fun vacation as she concentrated on her experiences rather than clothes!

  • Sometimes yes which is why in the summer I like to throw on a cute dress and go or a jumpsuit. They are sumper comfy and you look fab. Glad you had a good time!

  • Mardene Carr

    That is a really lovely dress…talk about looking comfortable. I could get used to wearing that, it really looks comfortable

    • It is super comfy indeed! Honestly I’ve been wearing heels non-stop for so long that I totally forgot what “comfortable” really means until I tried wearing these sandals! 😉

  • I am currently on a fashion and makeup break haha! I’m trying to letting my skin breathe and my body relax.
    I love that dress. Very eye catching.

    • So you are going not only thought a fashion, but also a makeup detox? That’s such a great idea! My approach is to let my skin go bare at least once a week — but it’s tough to accomplish considering all of the social obligations that I have…

      • I tend to wear minimal makeup (only when I need to) when I’m on a makeup break. 🙂

  • This dress looks fabulous on you! I’m currently taking a break from shopping as the holidays were enough! I did buy a dress after though but that’s all! I’m saving for a vacation so that’s where all my money is going to!

    • Thank you! Yep, I’ve seen it on your blog and I don’t know how you are gonna make it! It sounds too difficult to accomplish for me! But I believe in you girl! You can do it!!

  • I totally get this. Almost two years ago we had to move and I downsized my wardrobe to a quarter of what it was. Now I am slowly building it back up. But with choice pieces and quality. It makes me so much happier. I think it’s good to take breaks from everything now and again.

    • I totally agree! When I moved to NYC about 8 years ago, I brought with me just 3 pairs of shoes and 3 dresses so I can rebuilt my wardrobe. And look at me now: I have way too many clothes, even though I’m constantly donating it!

      This fashion break was a great experience for me to re-think my approach to clothes!

  • MarineCorpsNomads

    That dress looks really cute on you. I don’t have an extensive wardrobe, but I still feel the need to pair it down more.

  • Michelle mink

    That dress looks like the most perfect relaxation & vacation dress that I could imagine. I’d love to wear that on a cruise.

    • Thank you! Yes, I think it would be great for a cruise too! Even though I’ve never been to a cruise before so I don’t really know what people wear 😉

  • TheMummyToolbox

    I love this dress and and shoes combo! Really pretty and perfect for going on holiday. This makes me want to shop and get a new wardrobe

  • Jeanine @

    That dress is gorgeous. I LOVE all the colours and the design of the whole dress. Those shoes are gorgeous too, it all fits so well together!

  • This is the most adorable dress and you have the most captivating smirk! Seriously you’re stunning!

  • Rachel Catherine

    This dress is beautiful! I love how it looks on you and the pattern is exquisite.

  • Rachel @ Kitchen Cents

    That dress is so pretty and I love the beaded sandals with it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Christina Nesbitt Shoemaker

    That dress is amazing and you look beautiful! I love the idea of a fashion detox with no makeup! My life is currently one big fashion detox! 😉

  • Brittany Muddamalle

    I love this so much! My husband and I are about to make a big move and one of the first things I said is how fun its going to be to get some new clothes to celebrate! Then I really had to sit down and ask myself why.

  • Krystel Seijo

    This outfit is superb! I love summer dresses so much. They’re so easy and even better to pack.

  • How chic are you?! I definitely take a break every now and again – and it usually falls around the summer. There’s something about being outside, with the sun and the wind in my hair, that makes me just feel like all I need is a sundress and sandals!

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  • Becca Wilson

    This dress and the sandals are so adorable! I could never pull it off but you look gorgeous.

  • Jean Standley

    Wow, I must say that is such a beautiful dress, and you wear it so well! I do feel a but overwhelmed with all the clothes I wear, and bored a lot of the time, so feel I could probably get rid of a lot of it and just start again!

  • Frosted Events

    What a beautiful dress! So adorable It really looks gorgeous on you and such a great combination of Sandals.

  • Taylor

    Love this post, and I totally agree with this! My husband is similar and already appreciates this mindset. He is definitely a believer in higher quality, lower quantity, and recently I have come to appreciate it more! Also, this dress looks so comfortable but so cute on you! Love it!

  • That dress not only looks comfy, but tit would be super awesome for a beach vacation. Love it. Amber N

  • I am so in love with this dress! You look incredible! Glad you could enjoy your vaca 🙂

  • Such a beautiful dress! I have become much more minimalistic recently…especially since I purged most of my clothes in order to have some sort of capsule wardrobe. It makes getting ready with three little ones so much easier.

  • Stephanie Lee

    That’s a gorgeous dress! I love having a detox every once in a while. Fashion detox, sugar detox, phone detox, it helps with feeling refreshed!