orange and turquoise beach cover-up

In case you don’t know, earlier this month Ben, Lilusik, and I went to Florida where we had the most relaxing vacation ever! No makeup, no cooking, no tours, no dinner plans—all we did is just sitting near the pool and rejuvenating. I don’t like complaining, but with college and blog on my agenda I feel that I over worked myself this winter. Same goes for Ben who is also a workaholic so we really needed this vacation to just do nothing and enjoy a great Florida weather.

The outfit style you see in these photos is pretty much what I’ve been wearing for the two weeks of vacation (with exception of evenings and traveling to/from the airport). Swimsuits, a couple of summer dresses, and different variations of sandals—that’s all I’ve packed for this trip. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier! Usually, I start planning my vacation outfits weeks and even months in advance, making sure that every detail in my look perfectly matches.

This season I didn’t really know if we are going on vacation at all as Lilusik just had a dental surgery and I was not sure she’ll be feeling good enough to travel with us. At the end of the college semester, she finally felt better so we literally booked our trip overnight and I didn’t have time to update my vacation wardrobe at all. I was thinking, “I can always pick a few pieces missing when I’m in Florida.” But when we got here I was just too exhausted (dealing with the cold didn’t help either) so I decided to stick to what I already have in my collection. And I actually felt great about this decision!

I feel that this notion of always having something new to wear is so deeply rooted in our consumerist society that we don’t even notice how our closets are growing bigger and bigger and we still have “nothing to wear” situations again and again. Every exciting occasion in our life seems to require a new outfit, most of which will be staying in our closets for years without having a second chance of appearing in public. Same goes for accessories: I feel that every new designer dress I have requires a perfectly matching clutch…and shoes…and maybe earrings too. But, why? When wearing the same piece of clothing became such a taboo?

I talked to Ben about how much I’m enjoying my minimalistic vacation wardrobe, but he doesn’t seem to understand my point because this essentialism principle in clothing is he one he usually follows anyways. More doesn’t mean better for him. Better quality and uniqueness is what he appreciates. And I’m glad that I’m finally getting a better understanding of what it’s like to have a male approach to clothes.

I wrote a post not that while ago about how I’m treating fashion as art and thus never purchase too much clothes, but even with my not that extensive collection I’m feeling that I need to take a fashion break. Stop wearing heels and makeup for a while. Forget that you can’t wear the same pair of shorts two days in a row. Disregard jewelry and watches. Just go through a fashion detox and enjoy the simplicity of minimalistic wardrobe. That’s what I’ve been through on my vacation and I have to confess that I feel much more relaxed now as compared to my regular Insta-friendly types of vacation.

Have you ever feel overwhelmed with clothes and wanted to take a fashion break? If so, how did it go and what are the lessons that you’ve learned from this experience?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Scarf Dress // Beaded Sandals

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