Review: Shiseido Bio-Performance Eye Cream

Bio-Performance by Shiseido

Just a couple of years ago I was thinking that purchasing an eye cream is a waste of money. I used just a regular moisturizer and serum and didn’t pay any particular attention to the area around eyes. If I could turn time back, I would not repeat that mistake. Eye creams are so important! Especially if you are using ‘Bio-Performance’ Super Corrective Eye Cream by Shiseido.

The cream is thick but not heavy and its smell reminds me my all awards nominee Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream by Clarins. In addition to a pleasant texture and aroma, Bio-Performance eye cream is also an important tool in my anti-aging game. I am a believer in natural aging but I will never say ‘no’ to non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Moisturizer, vitamin C serum, and eye cream are my top priorities in skincare since I turned 25. This fancy-looking product has everything you could dream about in eye cream. A rosemary extract is a great antioxidant that enhances the effectiveness of your sunscreen during the day and promotes cellular repair at night. Vitamin A Acetate (also known as Retinyl Acetate) is one of the best-proven anti-aging ingredients due to its ability to increase collagen production.

Bio-Performance Eye Cream Review

I received this eye cream as a Birthday present from Ben’s old friend and my new friend Dennis (among other presents! I felt spoiled rotten) and didn’t stop using it since then. This eye cream lasts forever (my Birthday is at the beginning of January) and it is incredibly convenient. The applicator properly measures the amount of cream needed for one application so there is no waste of the product. Also, the bottle itself is very fancy and makes my entire medicine cabinet look better. In other words, I am totally in love with Bio-Performance’ Super Corrective Eye Cream by Shiseido and would definitely recommend it for everyone who is willing to pay $60 per bottle of this anti-aging miracle.