From Pink to Natural: A Story of New Hair

I surprised my best friend Alesya with a hair makeover at Rob Peetoom Salon that just opened in Williamsburg. It was quite a hair transformation! Read up to see how Rob Peetoom stylist transformed her bleached and burned hair into a new trendy “do.”

The Story of Pink Hair

Testing as many beauty products as I do regularly, I always have lots of swag to treat my friends and family with. And sometimes they don’t use these products wisely… That’s precisely what happened when my friend Alesya came over a few weeks ago. I let her in my beauty closet, so she can pick whatever looks exciting for her. And she did! Skincare, makeup, haircare – she left my house with a bag full of goodies feeling very happy about her finds…

Next thing I know, Alesya is calling me in a panic, saying that her newly bleached hair turned… pink! We immediately went through the list of new products that we tried to learn that she applied my color-preserving treatment for red hair. I don’t even know where she found that bottle as I’ve been a natural brunette for a half a year now. But the result was obvious – her bleaches hair caught the red color and didn’t want to give up on it.

After exactly one-after-another five washes, Alesya’s hair switched the shade to cotton candy pink, and for a while, she enjoyed this look. She even used the same color-treatment a few more times to refresh her mermaid’s hair.

But with the New Year coming and a general desire to switch things up with her look, Alesya was thinking of going back to nature. And while she was waiting to pull the plug, I decided to surprise her and give her a New Year’s makeover. We were lucky that Williamsburg-based Rob Peetoom salon jumped on this project and kindly offered Alesya the opportunity to transform her look thoroughly.

The Rob Peetoom Salon Experience

Before we begin, a few words about the Rob Peetoom salon. If you follow celebrity beauty news, you probably heard that name many times. Rob is a world-renowned hairdresser who founded 18 salons across the globe. A receiver of multiple hairdresser awards, he’s been working and transforming the industry since 1969, when he opened the first store in North Holland.

To celebrate the brand’s 50th Anniversary, Peetoom’s family opened its first location in the US., located on 101 North 10th Street, around the corner from the Wythe Hotel, Hoxton Hotel, and Williamsburg Hotel. As you see in photos, space is enormous and designed to perfection. The salon feels more like an art gallery or a trendy lounge. With natural wood blocks and ceiling-high mirrors, the salon design reflects Rob Peetoom’s philosophy of combining modern haircare technology with natural beauty essentials.

A little side note to all the skincare junkies out there (I know you are reading!). Rob Peetoom is one of those rare NYC salons that offer cult-favorite Biologique Recherche! I can’t wait to experience one of the three facials (balancing, glow-enhancing, and lifting) myself. Who’s excited for the in-depth review on that?

The Hair Transformation Process

For Alesya’s hair transformation journey, we worked with a super talented master stylist Linda De Zeeuw. Not only is Linda lovely and knowledgeable, but she also has a bright hair color herself. So she has both personal and professional expertise on mermaid’s hair. Linda analyzed Alesya’s hair and recommended to cut a good chunk of it off.

Since Alesya has been bleaching her hair by herself at home, the process was not always ideal, and it showed. Split ends, fuzziness around the roots, extreme dryness, and inability to brush her hair through… These were all the reasons for a shorter cut, and Alesya gladly agreed on doing so.

It was not that easy when it comes to making Alesya’s hair look more natural color-wise. Since she’s been doing all that damage for her hair for so long, the pigment went deep into the follicles of her hair. So it required a 2-part process to go from pink to natural.

First, Linda used hair color, removing treatment to make the base color a bit less red. Then, she put on some low-lights (aka hair dye of a darker than Alesya’s base shade).

When it comes to a haircut, we decided on a trendy asymmetrical lob haircut. Not only it works complimentary to Alesya’s face shape, but it’s also an ideal cut for her wavy but not curly hair.

Even though Linda curled Alesya’s hair in these photos, as per Alesya’s feedback a few weeks later, she doesn’t need to style her hair at all as it naturally waves into a perfect “do.” Isn’t it the indication of an ideal haircut?!

The Results

I wish the screen could depict all the emotions that were in the air when Alesya saw her final look. After a half a year of hair struggles, she burst into tears in excitement for her new hair. Coco Chanel once said that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” That’s exactly how I felt looking at the results of Alesya’s transformation at the Rob Peetoom’s salon. I knew that with this new gorgeous hair, she is ready to conquer the world in 2019. And I’m so happy for her to do so!

I can’t thank Rob Peetoom’s salon enough for this beautiful hair transformation for my best friend, Alesya. It was the best holiday gift for both of us, and my gratitude is endless!


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