Russian Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Russian Doll Makeup Halloween 1

This Halloween started for me early. On Wednesday, Ben and I attended a party where he was a Bull and I was a Matador, and yesterday night we hit the streets of New York as a pair of post-appocaliptic sailor zombies (check out the end of this post for photos and a giveaway!). Today, I am planning to wear a Halloween costume based on stereotypes about Russian people. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to buy any extra props to recreate it. All you need is a floral crown, a scarf, fake lashes, and a set of your regular makeup. I am happy to announce that I collaborated with Make Up For Ever to teach you how to create this easy, but super fun Russian Doll (aka Matryoshka) Halloween makeup.

Make Up For Ever Creative Impact Lashes Tutorial

To create this look, you will need the following beauty products:

Primer: Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer Primer #4 Nourishing

Foundation: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Concealer: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation

Eye Shadows: Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Satiny Finish in #102 Onyx, #832 Ash Plum, and #818 Pinky Tile organized in Artist Palette Empty Trio Palette Container

Eye Liner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow

False Eye Lashes: Make Up For Ever Creative Impact Lash Show #C-807

Lipstick: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #43 Moulin Rouge

I used the following brushes to apply my makeup:

Make Up For Ever Foundation Brush – Large #108

Make Up For Ever Calligraphy Brush #400

Make Up For Ever Russian Doll Halloween Tutorial

Step #1: Start with a primer. Apply Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer Primer #4 that instantly hydrates skin and improves durability of your Halloween look.

Makeup For Ever HD Foundation

Step #2: Using a large foundation brush, apply your favorite foundation. I used Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation as make you look better on photos (that’s why people often call this product a ‘selfie foundation‘), but you can also go for a more dramatic look and apply one of white face paints available at any Halloween pop-up store.

Makeup For Ever HD Stick Foundation

Step #3: Camouflage the under eye circles and any other imperfections with Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation. It’s actually a foundation, not a concealer, but I found its creamy consistency to work very well on my extremely dry under the eye area.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye ShadowRussian Doll Makeup How To

Step #4: Using angle or a calligraphy brush, apply Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow all over your eyebrows to create a pointy ‘surprised brow’ look. You can also use a regular black eye liner or the darkest shade of eyebrow powder; just make sure you apply a lot of product and then brush them so your eyebrows are well defined and create a dramatic contrast to your skin tone. Use a cotton swab to correct any imperfections of your statement brows.

Russian Doll Makeup Tutorial How ToRussian Doll Makeup Eyeliner

Step #5: Using your regular eyeshadow brush, apply the brightest eyeshadow you have in your collection all over the lid and crease (I used Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Satiny Finish in #832 Ash Plum). Blend your eyeshadow just a little on the edges. Then, apply the same eye liner we used in the step #4 to emphasize the lower lash line; extend the line towards the outer corners of the eye.

Make Up For Ever Lash Show Creative ImpactMake Up For Ever Fake Lashes

Step #6: The best thing about Halloween is that you can be super creative with fake eye lashes. This year Make Up For Ever came out with a new line of 50 handmade false lash styles that are so perfect for Halloween. I especially love their 23 Creative Impact lash series that feature pointy, super long, crystal, crown, asymmetricgradient, and many more lash options. For this specific look, I used Make Up For Ever Creative Impact Lash Show #C-807 that I applied on the lower lash line (see step #5). The good thing about those lashes is that you can reuse them many times so I would highly recommend purchasing at least a few of those creative lash styles so you can be Halloween-ready for many years to come.

Make Up For Ever EyeShadow PaletteRussian Doll Makeup Tutorial 2Matryoshka Makeup Tutorial

Step #7: Using a round brush, apply a bright colored eyeshadow (I used #818 Pinky Tileon the apples of your cheeks. Hold your brush as shown on the above image so you create perfect circles (correct with a cotton swab, if needed).

Russian Doll Makeup Tutorial Halloween 2015

Step #8: Apply a bright red lipstick (I used Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #43 Moulin Rouge). You can also use a lip liner of the same shade, but don’t apply any lip gloss on top as we are opting for a matte look. We are all set with the makeup and now it’s time for a few props.

Russian Doll Halloween Costume and Makeup

Step #9: Russian Dolls are all about flowers and vivid colors so I recommend picking the brightest floral crown you have in your collection. When it comes to a hairstyle, part your hair in the middle and create one side braid (you can also use a floral clip to secure the end of the braid).

Russian Doll Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Step #10: Finally, pick up a bright scarf (mine is a real Russian scarf from From Russia store) and wrap it on top of your floral crown. Secure the ends under your chin in a knot (not in a bow!) and you are all set! When it comes to the outfit, I would recommend picking a red or any floral dress and style it with floral pumps. Happy Halloween!

Russian Doll Makeup Halloween 1