Sea of Colors, Ocean of Celebs

Natalya Rudakova (Transporter 3) and Katya Bychkova (Style Sprinter) at Pink Magnolia NYFW Launch

Sisters Paola and Pamela Wong started their design career five years ago, but during this time they achieved more than many creators could have expected. They collaborated with Disney and Swarovsky, received a decent review by Bryan Boy and other prominent bloggers, and have sold their outfits all over the world. During New York Fashion Week, these creative ladies who stand behind the brand PinkMagnolia presented their colorful SS15 “Nichim” collection at Hotel Americano. 

Katya Bychkova (Style Sprinter) Attends PinkMagnolia NYFW PinkMagnoliaParty

I was quite surprised that the first person I saw at the event was Transporter-3 lead actress Natalya Rudakova who I met a couple of weeks ago at Vital Agibalow’s exhibition. As always, Natalya looked spectacular: She wore a military style top and jacket and matching pants. During our conversation, Natalya mentioned that recently she has been working on a comedy which was “very different” compared to the action movie Transporter-3 where she co-starred with Jason Statham and Robert Knepper.

Actress Sammi Hanratty, TV-host Courtney Nejedly, and actress Ryan Newman

At the red carpet part of the event, I also spotted A Christmas Carol star Sammi Hanratty and See Dad Run lead actress Ryan Newman. It was adorable to see how these beauties grew up from teenage princesses to beautiful women.

PinkMagnolia SS15 Nachim Collection - NYFW

Talking about PinkMagnolia’s collection, I would like to mention that the brand took its own name literally while working on the spring collection outfits: the pink color was dominant. Famous for its unique prints and bright colors, PinkMagnolia dresses radiated positivity and good taste.

Paola Wong Designer of PinkMagnolia at NYFW Launch Party

I was also impressed by how masterly Paola and Pamela worked with the shapes: Thanks to their talent, bright-colored dresses looked wearable and not childish.

Artist Jeremy Penn and DJ David Katz at Pink Magnolia NYFW Presentation

The crowd attending PinkMagnolia’s after party was dressed as bright and stylish as the collection presented to the brand: I’ve seen at least three versions of my recent shoe obsession, Valentino Rockstud pumps.

Sammi Hanratty (A Christmas Carol actress) and Ryan Newman (See Dad Run actress)

In contrast to the rest of the guests, I was wearing a classic black and white dress. But I didn’t worry too much about it: Sometimes in the sea of color it is nice to stay monochrome.

Natalya Rudakova (Transporter 3) and Katya Bychkova (Style Sprinter) at Pink Magnolia NYFW Launch