shoe trends fall 2017

TOP: Ankle Boot // Pumps // Lace Boots // Mules
MIDDLE: Black // Gray // Nude // Black OTK Boots
BOTTOM: Black Lace Boot // White Boot // Floral Boot

I can’t believe that it’s almost time to put my summery sandals and mules away and start cleaning up space at the front of my shoe closet for boots and booties. Don’t take me wrong: I love high-quality designer shoes for any weather, it’s just a bit sad that the summer is officially over. Well, there is one thing that helps to improve my mood at any season is shopping for shoes and the end of summer seems like a perfect occasion to do so. Today I rounded up for your attention 5 shoe trends that would be popular this fall—as well as my recommendation on which exact shoes to upgrade your collection with.

#1: Sparkle and Shine

If you are a glitter obsessed kind of person, you’ll love this season’s sparkly shoe and boot options. Think about sequins, crystal embellishments, holographic prints — the more color reflecting details is in your shoe, the better! I personally dig the silver shoe option because this shade is so versatile that you could style it with virtually anything!

#2: Military Chic

The army-inspired clothes don’t seem to go anywhere as this season designers offer all sorts of military-inspired shoe options too. Whether we are talking about combat shoes or khaki-colored designs, the more camouflage-style elements you could introduce into your wardrobe, the better. Okay, I get it—you might not be into the 50 shades of green kind of person, but you cannot deny that military-style shoes are typically super comfy which is a major benefit.

#3: Well Above the Knee

Last fall’s over-the-knee boots trend is coming back but the fall 2017 boots are sky high! We are talking about the length well above the knee, sometimes reaching the trouser’s pockets. While the convenience of wearing such over-the-top OTK boots is doubtful, there is nothing wrong with testing how the mid-thigh boots work for you. I have a few options like that in my collection and I think this is the best type of boot to style with comfy and stylish liquid leggings.

#4: Red Is Hot

Talking in fashion stereotypes language, red is the new black this season! The same goes for shoes: if you want to follow just one trend this season, go for all shades of red for your shoe wear. Personally, I’m loving the burgundy shade suede and pattern leather as this shade is a bit more muted than your typical crimson red aka you have more options for styling such boot or pump with all sorts of clothes.

#5: The Weird Heel Alert

This season, designers are really taking the experiments with the heel design to the next level. Looking at all of the trendy shoe creations, I can’t stop thinking that shoe making has much more to do with architecture that one might think. Being an artist in heart, I really love where the shoe industry is heading with this trend. Because in my book the more cool shoe designs are out there, the better!

* * * * *

There you have it: five shoe trends for fall 2017 that really stand out to me. While I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing items from every of the categories mentioned (to be honest, I already have a few shoes that match the upcoming trends!) I’m really inspired to reorganize my shoe collection and upgrade it with a few new designs for the upcoming season. I wonder which trends are you planning on following this season? Let’s discuss in the comments!