StyleSprinter Voodoo Vixen Polly V Tiki Shorts

I have a no-joke problem with adapting to the American lifestyle. My English is okay overall, but there are two words that I can’t pronounce correctly 99% of the time. They are ‘short’ and ‘shirt.’ I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I asked at the store for shorts and ended up with a bunch of t-shirts and vice versa. Ben and his mom gave me multiple pronunciation lessons on how to distinguish those two words, but somehow those lessons didn’t stick with me. Funny enough, if I try to explain what I am wearing in those photos, you will probably have no problem with understanding what I mean: shOrts and a shIrt. Haha!

Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter Russian Bloggervoodoovixen Polly V Highwaisted Tiki Shortsvoodoovixen Polly V Tiki ShortsPolly V Highwaisted Tiki Shorts

Voodoo Vixen Polly V Highwaisted Tiki Shorts (c/o) // Guess Off-the Shoulder Top (also love this one)
Gastone Lucioli Wedges (sold out; similar) // Urban Outfitters Round Readers
Photos by Vital Agibalow