Skincare That Replaces Botox

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask Review

I am always a little skeptical when it comes to skincare products. Every time I receive a sample of a new product, I make sure to allergy-test it and use it for at least a few weeks. For many brands, such a slow journalism approach might not be acceptable, but that’s what I do and that’s why my readers are loyal to my opinions. Speaking of skincare products, I am especially careful with all sorts of masks and peels: I’ve had previous experiences of my skin reacting poorly to a product. Needless to say, when VII Beauty LLC reached out to me with a proposal to collaborate and review their latest eye mask, I was curious, but careful about accepting the offer. As it turned out, the product is so good that I immediately included it into my all-time favorites list.

I’ve already complained excessively about how exhausting New York Fashion Week could be. But not that many of you know that physical tiredness during this fashion marathon is nothing compared to how traumatic NYFW is for your skin. You never sleep enough, don’t drink enough water, don’t exercise, spend days in cold air and nights at the computer… A few years ago I wrote a post saying that a concealer is the number one product that helps me survive NYFW. Well, I guess I was still young then and not covering that many shows, because these days I need some heavyweight skincare solutions.

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask 2

My first introduction to VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask happened a long time before Fashion Week. I applied it during our trip to the Hamptons. I loved the idea that the area under the eye becomes smoother and more wrinkle-free while you are sleeping, but I didn’t have the time to try the product at full strength. I applied the eye mask for a few hours before going out to a restaurant, received some compliments on ‘looking fresh,’ and that was it.

To be honest, I was afraid using the product overnight as the packaging said I shouldn’t leave the masks on my skin for more than 8 hours and I was planning to sleep much longer during my long weekend in the Hamptons. I was thinking of the product as another version of Korean eye masks and enjoyed the refreshing feel that it left on my skin.

My opinion of the product dramatically changed when I started using it over New York Fashion Week. I had a few photo shoots scheduled between shows, which required me to look more or less presentable. However, I didn’t have time to sleep or for juicing (major skin tone booster!) so I decided to give the product another chance…

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask bfore after

After just five hours of sleep, my last-minute experiment with VIIcode eye masks left me looking surprisingly fresh and with no bags under my eyes. In fact, I looked exactly like a few weeks after Botox. My skin seemed to obtain more elasticity and moisture overnight, while my body still desperately needed coffee. To make a long story short, I ended up using eye masks every other night during New York Fashion Week as they provided me with the freshest look I’ve ever had. In fact, I called this product “at-home Botox” when I recommended it to my friends.

One pack of the products later, I’m planning on researching the rest of the VII Beauty LLC product line. Who knows? Maybe with the help of these high-tech beauty products I’ll save money on injection procedures.

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask Blogger Review

I’d like you to try out this amazing under eye mask too and invite you to participate in my giveaway. All you have to do in order to participate is to subscribe to VII Beauty newsletter by entering your name and email address in the below form. The giveaway is open from 6:01 am April 4th to 11:59 pm EST of April 18th, 2016. U.S. entries only. The winner will be selected at random. The winner will be announced in the comment area of this post on April 20th and will receive a box of VIIcode O2M Oxygen eye masks.

  • This sounds lovely! These sound like they really deliver!

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  • Angelica Cassandra Dimeo

    Thanks for the chance

  • lisa

    I would like to enter, but don’t want to have to sign up for a newsletter in order to win.

    • Sorry about that, Lisa, but a newsletter sign up is the only requirement to participate in this giveaway…

      • lisa

        That’s cool! I just wasn’t expecting it because I got the link through a contest site. Thanks for the reply, have a nice day!

  • Tenley Erickson

    Would love to try these! Tired eyes are no fun 🙁

    • Yes, I totally agree! With our busy lifestyles, we need to use some extra tools to always look fresh. I definitely recommend this magic product for any tired eyes situations! Good luck with a giveaway, Tenley!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    My eyes could really use this!

    • I feel your pain, Dana! I didn’t sleep well tonight so I had to use those patches again. It’s my go-to quick fix for any sleep related beauty problems :))

      • Dana Rodriguez

        Sounds like a great product! I had to use tea bags on mine this morning.Between lack of sleep and pollen..ugh! 🙂

        • Sometimes I use tea bags too. However, you really need to lay down while using those… The good thing about eye patches is that you can take care of your under eye problems while walking around the apartment!

          So sorry to hear about your allergies!

          I didn’t sleep much and had too much coffee today too… Well, I guess that’s just life :))

          I hope you have time to relax a little bit this weekend! I’m planning on treating myself with a massage…

          • Dana Rodriguez

            That sounds nice!

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  • Jolene Johnson

    Ohh I so want to try these! They look awesome! Sleep? What’s that? Lol.

    • Hahaha that’s exactly how I feel! My coffee-driven life requires tons of beauty products to camouflage the lack of sleep problem! :))

  • Wow- these are so simple! Def going to try

  • Alexandra Oller (iamthealexxx)

    I’ve been looking for something like this!! These look amazing!

  • Hollie Jahnke

    My eyes need these!

  • Sandy Pincombe

    Wow, these look fantastic. I. Need. These. Now.

  • Andrea Darst

    Did you select a winner? Thanks for the chance!

    • Dear Andrea, the winner of this giveaway is Heather S. Thank you for participating! Please stay tuned for another giveaway on Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Update: Congratulations to Heather S. for winning the contest! Thanks everyone for participating!