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Our Skin Cares Serum Review

It’s official, guys: I’m announcing September as Charity Month here at Style Sprinter! Ever since my last post about the work Kate Winslet is doing for families whose children struggle with Autism, I’ve been researching and learning about many other good causes that require our support. With this in mind, in this episode of the Charities I Support series I’d like to introduce the OUR Skin Cares whose mission is to create the most powerful skincare products and help poor, malnourished children across the globe.

You know how sensitive I am when it comes to the topic of food. Growing up in Russia, I was a difficult child who resisted eating carrots, cooked onions, anything related to corn—the list goes on and on. My parents didn’t realize that my condition was something that people in America call being a “picky eater” (enjoying just a few things that I continued eating all the time), and they lectured me every single day on the subject of how so many people in the world would be happy to have anything to eat while I was being so difficult to please. This early childhood lesson has followed me through life and as a result, I’ve always been sensitive about food that gets spoiled or thrown away.

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My understanding of the world’s nutrition problem deepened even further after I watched a documentary “A Place at the Table” demonstrating how many children, even here in America, do not have the opportunity to eat what they want and when they want. I remember watching this movie at home and crying. My heart broke when I saw how some people struggle, unable to feed their children… The problem of starving children in developing countries is a topic of continuing conversations between my friend Nina and me. As I mentioned on my blog before, Nina works for one of the largest charitable organizations in the world that is responsible for providing food and clean water for children in the most underprivileged areas of the world, and she sees with her own eyes how sad and heartbreaking the poverty can be…

Living here in the United States—and in other similarly wealthy countries—we tend to forget about situations that have to do with fulfilling people’s most basic needs. A place to call home, abundant food, and the feeling of safety is something that we all take for granted, simply because we were born “lucky”—our families might not be able to afford luxury products, but we always have enough to eat. Recall all the family gatherings you’ve been to over the last year or so, all the Thanksgiving turkeys roasted and Christmas cookies eaten—can you imagine that some of the world’s people can’t even afford a plate of rice for dinner? Not to mention that they’ve never been to a restaurant or tasted your favorite Starbucks drink?

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I’ll be honest with you: while I deeply care about these poverty-related issues, I only take action when this topic comes out in media, in a conversation with friends, or in a TV report. What I spend the rest of my time on mainly concerns selfish consumerist issues: what should I wear today? when does this bag go on sale? how powdery are the shades in my new makeup palette…? Let’s be honest: who in the U.S. doesn’t think about their own needs first before worrying about hungry children? While I don’t plan on living the life of a minimalist traveler, I feel like it’s time everyone could make some minor life changes—not dramatic ones—that could make the world a better place.

With these values in mind, I really love the concept proposed by OUR Skin Cares whose mission is to allow us makeup and skincare junkies to enjoy our favorite beauty products while also supporting a good cause. The concept the brand proposes is very easy to understand and pretty genius in its nature. Basically, the brand collaborates with the Food for the Poor organization and shares its profits from selling skincare products to support hungry children across the world. The idea here is that you’re helping your skin to look better while helping someone else—and since you need to repurchase your skincare products every once in awhile, it actually means continuous support for children in struggle!

While researching the wonderful work conducted by OUR Skin Cares and Food for The Poor (check out, for instance, this report about the collaboration), I learned that by purchasing just one anti-aging serum you’re able to feed two hungry children for a whole month! Isn’t that wonderful?

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Reading my rant about charitable skincare, you were probably thinking, “How good can charitable skincare be?” Let me answer: it’s actually really good! The OUR Skin Cares serum is one of the most effective, pleasant-to-use products I’ve tried recently (and I test a lot of skincare products). It’s one of those all-in-one products that allow you to take care of so many aging-related issues, and that actually work! The serum contains Vitamin C, responsible for skin brightness, peptides that are well-known anti-aging heroes, and retinol (a must for mature and/or acne-prone skin). It smells delicious, doesn’t clog pores, and makes skin so much smoother.

I’ve been using this serum for the last few weeks and I’ve been truly impressed with the results: my skin is getting brighter and silkier, and at the same time, my life feels a bit more fulfilling… because I know I’m not only caring about myself and my somewhat superficial needs, but actually helping someone. It might sound trivial, but I’m a strong believer that if you’re doing good things for other people, you’re actually the one who will benefit the most from your actions. True beauty comes from within, and opening your heart to those around you actually makes you look more beautiful… on the inside!

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I hope that reading this post inspires you to test this wonderful facial product and support a good cause at the same time! If so, please be sure to spread the word among your friends and family about OUR Skin Cares and its mission. For a limited time only, OUR Skin Cares offers a 20% discount for Style Sprinter readers with the code stylesprinter. Hurry up and order your serum today! It takes a village to raise a child, and our goal here in the blogging community is to help feed an entire world of children in need. When children thrive, we all thrive. Please support this good cause, ladies!

Disclosure: Thank you to OUR Skin Cares for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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