Spring Accessories to Transform Your Look

Until recently, I always concentrated on building my dresses collection. That’s my absolute favorite piece of clothing to wear so there is no surprise that I have quite a few of them. But in reality, what really makes or breaks the look is accessories. Since spring has officially sprung on us, let’s round up some of the most exciting accessories for this season.

Straw Handbags

Truth to be told, straw bags never went out of style, especially for the warm season. But this season, straw accessories bolder than ever. Designers are playing with different fabrics in combination with straws, experiment with handbag shapes, and overall make sure that your bag is the center of attention. Truth to be told, I don’t mind that scenario at all!

Take a look, for instance, on the Loeffler Randall bag that I carry in these photos. Not only it features a unique bucket bag shape, but it also combines straw, wooden, and fabric – all in one bag. While such combo might sound bad on paper, in reality, it’s one of the most versatile bags I’ve ever styled. I wore it on a shopping trip on Worth Avenue, went with it for a beach walk at The Breakers, and spend a whole day of shopping at The Royal Poinciana Plaza. In case you are curious, this bag also comes in black and red options.

Beaded Jewelry

This season I see a lot of beaded handbag options, but for some reason, I’m more excited about beaded accessories. While my statement earrings collection needs a spring cleaning action more than just another pair of earrings, I couldn’t resist these beaded bow earrings. What attracted me to this accessory is not only its color (we all know that I’m in awe of Millennial pink) but its shape. Did you notice how bows are started overpowering my wardrobe? It’s my new favorite symbol for sure!

Beads plus bows, of course, is not the only possible version of this spring trend. I also love beaded hairpins, beaded bracelets, and even heart-shaped beaded earrings. The best part about beaded jewelry is that it allows introducing just a little pop of color into your otherwise neutral look – how convenient is that!

White Sandals

Last year, it was all about lace-up sandals for me. But I quickly learned that having too many moving parts in your summer shoes is a recipe for blisters. Yes, lace-up flats look super stylish and cute, but the lace-up part of them hurt me more than anything in my shoe collection. Another shoe trend for spring 2019 – PVC sandals and pumps – also didn’t inspire me. First, I’m not sure how eco-friendly PVC shoes are, not to mention that I don’t feel like marinating my toes in plastic at 100 degrees NYC-style summer.

This season, the only shoe style that truly inspired me was this Rockstud Sandal by Valentino. First of all, it features a very stable heel that I could wear both in the City and in the Hamptons. Then, the ankle strap model is my personal favorite as it doesn’t hurt my high arch while supporting my feet for walking. In other words, when it comes to shoe trends, I personally decided to stick on to classics. I’m pretty sure I’d be wearing these comfy and sleek sandals for years.

* * * * *

What are some of the spring 2019 accessories are you the most excited about? Let’s discuss in comments!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Love Shack Fancy Dress (also comes in yellow)
Loeffler Randall Bag (also in black and red; an affordable option)
Valentino Sandals (love those metallic ones; similar on a budget)

Photography by Jessia Hester. Location: The Royal Poinciana Plaza.


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