Spring 2018 Makeup Trends from The Makeup Show

Spring 2018 Makeup Trends

If you are New York based and pursue makeup professionally, you simply cannot miss The Makeup Show happening this weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion. For two days only (May 6 and 7), you’ll be able to see all the new product launches, discover all the latest makeup trends, and learn from the most influential artists from across the globe. The Makeup Show is also a great place to network with brands and fellow makeup artists, attend master classes, and shoot tons of makeup swatches for your Instagram Stories.

This year will be my second time attending The Makeup Show. Last time, I learned a lot at the Mehron Makeup master class, met so many brand representatives on the exhibit floor, developed an esthetical obsession with body art, and so much makeup inspiration that I couldn’t stop experimenting with my looks for weeks to come.

This year, creators of The Makeup Show NYC went above and beyond with their keynote speakers list. There is a book signing with Bobbi Brown on Monday, career tips with A-list celebs artist Hung Vanngo, chat with my absolute favorite Miss Fame (aka Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen), and so much more. Feel free to review events schedule on The Makeup Show website and let me know if you are coming, so we can connect at the event.

Meanwhile, I had the honor to learn about some of the makeup trend predictions for Spring 2018 from James Vincent, a professional makeup artist who is listed as one of the keynote speakers at The Makeup Show NYC 2018. To make our conversation more visual, I put together some of the looks that (in my humble opinion) are representing the best what’s up for spring when it comes to makeup.

Spring 2018 Makeup Trends - Pastel Eyeshadows

Aline Weber in “Pastel Hues.” Photo by Mikael Schulz, styled by Anna Katsaniz for Vogue Mexico. Fashion Gone Rouge.

Trend #1: Pastel Eyeshadows and Liners

With runway fashion resembling all the shades of a traditional Easter basket, makeup trends are catching up too. This season, there is nothing trendier than sweeping pretty pastel eyeshadows across the entire lid or adding just a tiny pretty in pastel accent with pale pastel eyeliner shades.

To recreate soft pastel look, James Vincent recommends trying Make Up For Ever XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner that comes in gorgeous shades of pastel lavender, turquoise, yellow, and green. If you are more into cream eyeshadows, Vincent recommends checking long-wearing formulas from professional makeup brands Kryolan and Mehron. What caught my attention is Mehron E.Y.E. Cream Shadow/Liners in the shades Light Blue and Light Purple—they look so springy and gorgeous! Kryolan HD Cream Liner also offers a wide range of Easter-colored shades, from Sunshine Yellow to Emerald Green.

Aline Weber in “Pastel Hues.” Photo by Mikael Schulz, styled by Anna Katsaniz for Vogue Mexico.Fashion Gone Rouge.

Spring 2018 Makeup Trends - Blue Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

Felicity Jones in “New Blue Eyes.” Photo by Sutton Jacob, styled by Tracey Nicholson; W Magazine April 2012.

Trend #2: Kim Kardashian Blue

While this reality TV star is not the one who invented the trend, Kim Kardashian definitely made it go viral after releasing her KKW x Mario palette featuring a deep, cobalt blue shade. I couldn’t resist repeating the look myself, and as per James Vincent, the royal blue trend is here to stay. “Blue shadow from the 70s and 80s was all about hard edges and lines,” says Vincent. In other words, if you are afraid that blue eyeshadows are hard to make looking perfect, it’s totally fine to get a less blended look that you are usually into.

Vincent recommends smudging your favorite blues across the lid and lashline using either a soft brush or your fingertips. The makeup artist recommends testing Cozette Shadows for gorgeous blue hues like Lapis, Oceanic, Gratitude, and Jack. And if you are looking for a primary blue shade, Vincent’s product of choice is Danessa Myricks ColorFix Cream Eyeshadows in Primary Blue.

As for mass-market brands, the makeup artist mentioned Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Palette—Subliminal that features a gorgeous vivid sapphire shade or the newest Pat McGrath Mothership IV Eyeshadow Palette—Decadence for a deep metallic matte cerulean shade. On my part, I have to say that I have a few Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes in my collection and I’m absolutely obsessed with the quality. So, if you are looking for a blue that is easy to work with, definitely consider this brand.

Spring 2018 Makeup Trends - Glitter Mania

Lauren G in “All That Glitter.” Photo by Ruo Bing Li.

Trend #3: Glitter Mania

To be honest, glitter trend never goes out of style for me personally as I’m seriously obsessed with all things sparkly already, but this season all the makeup brands are upping their glitter game too. And not necessarily in a girly way, as I usually sprinkle my sparkles.

James Vincent suggests that in Spring 2018, glitter is getting a grungy update. “Pair it with a smokey, smudge pencil line for a look that feels more adult,” recommends Vincent. Artist’s favorite glitters to recreate the Disco Dolly look are Lemonhead Space Jams and specifically the Alconeholic line (brand’s collaboration with Alcone Makeup). For loose glitters, Vincent recommends checking out Graftobian and Eye Kandy.

Let me add two cents here if you don’t mind. If you haven’t tried Stila Liquid Eyeshadow yet, I can’t recommend them enough as I use them at least a few times per week. In my experience, these are capable of elevating any look in a matter of seconds and look appropriate for any occasion. Another option is Pop Beauty’s newly launched Flashadow Liquid Glitter. Their color selection is smaller than Stila’s, but you can find some gorgeous and unique shades that perform equally amazing.

Spring 2018 Makeup Trends - Edgy Eyeliner

Dina Chekalova in “Edgy Eyeliner.” Photo by Jamie Nelson, styled by Danielle Von Braun.

Trend #4: Edgy Eyeliner

Another trend that never goes out of style and just transforms every season is black eyeliner. This spring though it’s more than your typical cat eyeliner wing. If you want to make it right, be prepared to demonstrate your calligraphic skills on a completely different level—with dotted eyeliner look, round-off edge cat-eye flick, or a dramatic both lashlines wing. Basically, the more “extra” your eyeliner look application the better.

You need all the right tools to make that edgy eyeliner look though! Vincent recommends checking out Crown Brush Liquid Eyeliner as it’s affordable and easy to work with. NYX Cosmetics Liners have a great reputation if you are looking for a drugstore option. And if you are up for testing something new, Vincent recommends checking out Stillazzi Cosmetics latest launch, Borderline Gel Liners, as they provide a bold dark black pigmentation that is visible on every skin tone.

If you are looking for edgy eyeliner look inspiration, I highly recommend checking out Kate Jane Hughes Instagram page—she creates breathtaking and so wearable looks that everyone could repeat at home. Also, stay tuned for her Instagram Live videos where Kate demonstrates how to achieve her signature glowing skin and artistic eyeliner look.

Spring 2018 Makeup Trends - Glass Skin

Lena Bergeron in “Glass Skin.” Photo by Patrick Lacsina, styled Alexandre Deslauriers. Factice Magazine.

Trend #5: Glass Skin

Talking about the skin, this spring it’s all about glazed skin. This trend is obviously coming from Korea and their “glass skincare routine” approach that emphasizes super hydrated, wet-looking skin. While this effect could only be achieved with a proper skincare routine, you can totally fake it till you make it with makeup. According to James Vincent, while trying to achieve a glowing skin it’s important to go all the way on primers. One of his favorite products, Melanie Mills Gleam Radiance in shades Disco Smoke and Rose Gold, provides a beautiful glow-from-within, whether you are applying it under your foundation or all over your body.

As a makeup lover, I’d like to add a few additional glowing primer options to this list. I already reviewed Revlon Color Charge Liquid Illuminator and it provides such gorgeous halo shine if applied underneath foundation. Another wonderful luminizing product is CoverGirl Vitalist Go Glow in the shade #1 DayBreak—it’s amazing not only as a glow-promoting primer but also as a skincare product as it’s infused with Vitamins E, B3, and B5. Finally, I can’t forget about Becca Backlight Filter that actually started my love for illuminizing primers.

* * * * *

Of course, there are many more makeup trends for Spring 2018 to look out for, and I’m excited to share with you all of my favorite looks, inspiration, and tips after attending The Makeup Show NYC 2018. Meanwhile, please let me know if you have any questions about this exciting event and stay tuned for the live updates from The Makeup Show on my Instagram Stories.

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