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As it turns out, 2016 is a year of traveling for me. I spent the entirety of January exploring two different countries with Ben, and just one month later I can’t get my wanderlust in control. I spend evenings exploring traveling options and dreaming about outfits that I would wear on vacation. In reality, the only time my work and studying schedule allows me to travel next is during my spring break from college. I’d love to escape the city for a week—not only to travel, but also to try on pieces from my growing spring wardrobe—but a nicely planned staycation will also do. Today, I am collaborating with Vera Bradley and to share with you some of the travel destinations that I am considering as well as matching outfits.

Long Weekend

Oftentimes in mid spring I feel that I worked very hard at the beginning of the year and I deserve a real vacation (preferably somewhere in the tropics). However, a week long vacation requires a lot of planning, scheduling, and resources that are not always available. Luckily, there are a few options to explore that do not require extensive planning or tons of cash.

Cozying Up in the Hamptons

Vera Bradley Spring Break Style Tips 2016

Ben and I spend a great deal of time in the Hamptons every summer, but it could also be a winter destination. There are not many events and parties going on there off-season (in fact, a large percentage of restaurants and shops are closed until late spring), but it’s a fantastic, easily accessible getaway we enjoy scheduling. A trip to the Hamptons is a perfect opportunity to take a break from spending too much time in front of the computer and reconnecting with nature. Now that we have Lilusik, the opportunity to spend some time in East Hampton is especially convenient, as our puppy loves to be outside more often.

Since there are not many activities you can enjoy during the cold season, it is okay to pack only casual pieces for your trip. However, since the Hamptons is known for the impeccable styles of its dwellers, I do not recommend getting too sporty. Think classical Ralph Lauren style versus colorful mix of Victoria’s Secret’s gym clothes and don’t forget about warm accessories.

Spring Break Style Guide - The Hamptons

Travel Must-Haves:

(1) Cute PJs: For sitting next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate.

(2) Riding boots: It’s just so Hamptons you can’t miss the opportunity to style those beauties.

(3) Weekender bag: Even if you are traveling for just a few days, it’s much classier to keep your things in a pretty bag as opposed to dozens of plastic totes.

(4) Oversized scarf: To hide in it during scary moments of a sci-fi film you are watching at the movie theater and, of course, to hide from the wind!

(5) Travel blanket: It can get windy in the Hamptons so be prepared to cuddle next to the fireplace in this generously sized pillow-blanket transformer.

Skiing in Stowe

Vera Bradley Spring Travel Accessories 2016
My favorite picks from Vera Bradley’s spring travel 2016 collection: Travel Jewelry Organizer and Travel Companions Set

Every year, we try to get out at least once on a ski trip to Vermont as it’s a magical place to enjoy outdoor sports and spend time with our friends. Usually, we go with a fun group of friends and stay at one of the cozy “cabins” at the Stoweflake Resort and Spa. On those days when we do not feel like skiing, we’ll go shopping at the local vintage stores (last year I scored an amazing fur coat there) and enjoy a full range of treatments at the local SPA.

While most of the people heading to Vermont will wear their skiing gear 24/7, I do like to grab a few pairs of warm leggings and oversized sweaters with me for going out to eat and spending time with our friends in the house. I also make sure to have a minimum of makeup on me as I always end up using just a concealer and a lip balm anyways.

Spring Break Style Guide - Stowe Vermont

Travel Must-Haves:

(1) Ski jacket: Pick a cute one, as you’ll be spending most of your time wearing it.

(2) Sunglasses case: Protect your eyes while you are at the mountains and protect your glasses when you are not wearing them.

(3) Sunscreen: Winter sun is extra harmful for your skin as you might not be aware of when your skin is exposed. Usually, I am wearing a sunscreen SPF 50 at all times, as I do not want to have a goggles burn that is so typical for winter sport activists.

(4) Winter boots: Preferably, waterproof and pink ones!

(5) Warm hat and gloves: Again, it’s freezing at all times so be prepared!

(6) Swimsuit and flip-flops: There is nothing better than going to sauna and getting massage after a day on the mountain! Luckily, there are a lot of wonderful SPAs located in the city where you can enjoy the full range of relaxing procedures. Sometimes we go all the way to Vermont just to enjoy their famous SPA body treatments—yes, it’s that good!

Destination Trips

Over the last few years, we were able to go on a weeklong spring vacation only twice and it was amazing, but not long enough. Also, once I also had a college paper due during our trip so the vacation felt even shorter. Regardless of my previous experiences, I am still trying to plan a spring vacation every single year. Considering my previous experiences, I would like to recommend the following destinations…

Catching Up with Friends in Florida

StyleSprinter Spring Travel Tips 2016

After a long New York-style winter, all I dream about in March-April is a sunny weather with no rain. However, I do not necessarily obsess about a tropical vacation, as it requires too much planning. In my opinion, an escape to Florida is a quick way to change the environment and spend time with people that you do not see often. Ben and I have many good friends living in Miami and nearby cities; his mom also relocates for the cold season to the Sunshine State. In other words, we always have a great company and tons of interesting things planned.

Spring Break Style Guide - Miami Florida

Travel Must-Haves:

(1) Party dress: Stick to light materials and interesting cuts—if in doubt, pick a little black dress.

(2) Colorful accessories: Pack all of your favorite pieces as there are tons of gorgeous graffiti walls to pose at in Wynwood district of Miami.

(3) Cosmetic bag: Miami is a party city so be prepared to wear a full makeup. Some girls coming from other states also manage to schedule hair appointments so plan in advance if you’d like to be dressed up over the top too.

(4) High heels: Again, dress to impress is a Florida’s mantra.

(5) Jewelry organizer: Miami is a land of accessories as people wear cute necklaces and earrings everywhere including the beach. Hop on this city’s dressing style and don’t forget to pack your favorite jewels.

(6) Beach tote: Because a typical Miami-style day follows the formula, “Party all night, sun bath all day.”

Gambling in Puerto Rico

Vera Bradley Spring Travel Collection 2016
My top must-haves for international travel: Travel Jewelry Organizer and Travel Companions Set

We went on a trip to Puerto Rico trip once and it was one of the most remarkable trips. Staying in San Juan, you have the opportunity to explore historical sights, try new food, and play some poker—all with the comfort of speaking English. Every time I recall our trip, I tell a story how Ben tried to practice his Spanish while in Puerto Rico, but the locals tried to practice their English with him. Ben got a bit upset that nobody seemed to understand his Spanish and often replied in English, but I couldn’t stop smiling on his attempts at speaking another language.

Spring Break Style Guide - San Juan Puerto Rico

Travel Must-Haves:

(1) Beach dress: That will be your number one outfit choice so select a few stylish options.

(2) Sun hat: The sun is very intense and getting sunburned is easier that you might think so pack a cute sun hat.

(3) Laundry bag: Take enough clothes so you don’t need to buy anything additional. There is not that many shopping options in Puerto Rico so come prepared!

(4) Travel companions: I guess I am a little obsessed about color matching, but I adore when my passport color matches my tags. For real, those accessories make it so much easier when you are trying to locate your luggage at the airport!

(5) Sneakers: Be prepared to walk long distances while on tours so bring a pair of cute kicks to match your casual outfits.


If you live in a big city, it’s not a big deal to find something to do every night during your spring break. However, it’s important to plan something very special so your days off college or work do not feel like your typical routine. Looking for the perfect staycation ideas, I love picking those options that usually require a bit more planning rather than simply calling some friends and going out for dinner. Those experiences make my break so much more memorable.

Relaxing at the Korean SPA

Vera Bradley Spring Travel Tips 2016

If you ask me what is my favorite thing to do in New York, I would definitely say, visiting a Korean sauna. Nothing makes me feel and look better than meticulous body peels, massages, and baths at one of the many SPA located near the City (King SPA, Premier 57, and SPA Castle are my favorites). Unfortunately, Ben is not a huge fan of saunas and I usually have to plan my SPA days with my girlfriends. Usually, we spend the entire day there, enjoying our massages, saunas, trying Korean food, and chatting.

Spring Break Style Guide - Koreatown New York


(1) Sweatshirt: This casual piece will make you feel extra comfortable after the day of relaxation.

(2) Cute hat: Stay warm after the sauna–and make it in style.

(3) Swimsuit: Usually, you will receive a uniform to wear at the sauna, but if you feel shy taking a public shower afterwards, have a swimsuit on you.

(4) Socks: If your feet are getting cold while walking barefoot, bring a pair of socks with you.

(5) UGGs: I love wearing those after my pedicure so my nail polish is not getting smashed.

Gallery Hopping in Chelsea

Vera Bradley Travel Jewelry Organizer in Camocat

I am lucky to live in New York, a city with the most spectacular museums and art galleries. You can find a gallery opening almost every day, but the biggest art day for New Yorkers is Thursday. Meet your friends for an early dinner, check out Time Out New York for the list of openings, and enjoy a wide variety of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and mixed media artworks. Many museums also have special promotions during that day so you might even get a free pass to the City’s most famous art institutions.

Spring Break Style Guide - Chelsea New York


(1) Boho dress: So you don’t look like you are trying too much.

(2) Bucket bag: Those look edgy and you can fit a lot of important things in there.

(3) Sunglasses: So you look very important or just to camouflage the signs of tiredness.

(4) Comfy boots: There is a lot of walking involved in moving from one gallery to another so leave your stilettos for another day.

(5) Umbrella: The weather in NYC is unpredictable so make sure to check the weather report before going out.

(6) Business cards: You never know who you might meet at the art opening so have your BCs with you at all times.

So there you have it—a complete guide to what to wear during your spring break trip. I hope this post was inspiring and you were able to find everything you need for your upcoming trip. The only thing I didn’t mention in this post is a vacation in the tropics and volunteer work—for style tips on those occasions check out this style guide on website. Also, don’t forget to check out all of the items from Vera Bradley’s new travel collection. Have a lovely day and an enjoyable spring vacation!

Are you planning any exciting trips for your spring break? If so, where are you planning to go?

Vera Bradley Travel Companions in Coastal Blue

This post is sponsored by Vera Bradley and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Style Sprinter blog possible!


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  1. What a bunch of different locations that I’m now itching to go! I especially love the Puerto Rico style because I am headed somewhere tropical next week!

    Posted 3.7.16 Reply
    • Really? Where are you going? I’m so ready for a vacation too, but there is too much going on here in NYC… I can’t wait to check out your vacation photos, dear! ?

      Posted 3.9.16 Reply
  2. HoneyBoop wrote:

    love it!! so complete, best post for so long!

    Posted 3.6.16 Reply
    • Thank you! It took me forever to put this list together and I am so happy that it was helpful for you! Don’t forget to download a beauty packing freebie as it’s just another helpful and fun download!

      Posted 3.9.16 Reply
  3. Hannah Adkins wrote:

    Girl, your sunglasses are totally amazing! I also love the floral duffel bag you had in the Hamptons picks :)

    Posted 3.5.16 Reply
  4. Ana Luiza wrote:

    Great roundup of outfit ideas. Sadly I won’t be going to any of these places but it is still fun to think about!

    -Ana Luiza
    Northwest Blonde

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
    • Well, keep this list in mind for future references then! I am not sure whether I am heading to vacation this spring too…

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  5. Camesha wrote:

    First, I’m loving your boots and the python pumps are gorgeous!

    My husband and I are talking about our spring break plans right now. Looking forward to getting away.

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
    • Thank you for your sweet compliments, Camesha! Please keep me posted on which destination you decided to pick! I am always looking forward to hearing other people’s travel tips!

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  6. Lynn Dee wrote:

    Love your outfit! Looks good on you. I have those booties from your Manhattan guide and I love ’em!

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  7. Nicole Cochingco Escat wrote:

    Wow, you’re so pretty. I love your outfit! For sure you will have fun in your destination.

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply
  8. Christine Cox wrote:

    I used to be able to pack a pair of flip flops and be fine wearing them wherever we went, but nope! Not anymore. I HAVE to bring my sneakers with me everywhere. Growing old sucks :P

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply
    • Haha I totally feel your pain, dear! My heels are killing me if I am wearing flip flops for a long period of time. So yes – sneakers is a great idea for vacation!

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  9. love your knee high boots girl! working on to have myself a passport cover too haha

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply
  10. Chrissy Hme wrote:

    Gorgeous outfits! I would love to travel to all these places. I have been to a few when I was a kid but I would love to see them now.

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
    • I love traveling too, Chrissy! And, perhaps, Miami is my fav destination from the list as I am getting tired from NYC’s weather.

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  11. Aziel Morte wrote:

    I really love the outfits, Especially the boots

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  12. Mai C. wrote:

    I love the outfit combinations, the colors just seem to pop! So full of life and very vibrant. Finally, the time has come for lighter clothes and cute and colorful bags and all of that!

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
    • Agreed – the weather does inspire me to use more color in my outfits and surroundings. I can’t wait to travel somewhere, but I haven’t decided where I am going yet… How about you, Mai?

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  13. This post is too cute! Love your car, by the way! I like how you’ve broken it down to destinations. :)

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
    • Thank you so much, Amanda! It’s actually a rental car and it is indeed super cute! I wish I had one like that – preferably in pink color! :)

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  14. Liz Mays wrote:

    I love your style ideas for these destinations. The skiing gear is too cute. I love the Manhattan outfits too.

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  15. Your style is simple chic..Love it.

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  16. Kelly wrote:

    Can I have those PJs please for a Hampton’s getaway? Going in the off-season sounds like a great idea to truly relax and unplug!

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
    • I need my PJs upgrade too! I am actually heading to the Hamptons this weekend and it’s much colder there compared to NYC!

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  17. Ashley wrote:

    I need those sunglasses! They are so adorable!

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
    • Thank you, Ashley! Those are actually rental sunnies! The brand name is Prada, but I’ve got them from Ditto. You can get yours too for free for just $24 a month. Just use the code STYLESPRINTER at checkout and enjoy your free sunnies! I hope it helps!

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply
  18. Robin Rue wrote:

    Sounds like you have thought of everything! I am loving those winter boots! So cute!

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  19. Travel Blogger wrote:

    Great ideas! I love that passport holder! I totally need one of those.

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  20. Kelly wrote:

    Your boots are so pretty and I love the pop of pink on that hat!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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  21. Trang Do wrote:

    You looks so gorgeous!! Love all these essentials! Thanks for your travel guide!

    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

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  22. This is so awesome! I love your spring travel guide! I hope to do more traveling one day especially to all of these gorgeous places!

    Jasmine :)

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
    • Thank you so much, sweet Jasmine! I hope you would be able to visit NYC one day. If you are coming any time soon, please keep me posted as I’d love to finally meet you in person!

      Posted 3.18.16 Reply