Sunny Thoughts

Lori BooHoo Plaited Strap Floral Sundress Yellow

When you write a blog it’s fun to look back and see what I wore at the same day last year. It gives a clue to what mood I was in, reminds me of important events that were happening in my life, and brings nostalgic feelings that are so appropriate for the end of summer.

I was looking through my old posts and saw that last September I was obsessing about color yellow prior to switching my outfits into the fall color palette. This season my sun-seeking mood is back. After a wonderful weekend in the Hamptons that culminated my vacation month, I am just not ready to admit that the summer is officially over and it’s time to go back to my blogging-studying-working-out routine. It’s not that I don’t want to do it. I just need a bit more time to get back on track with my regular work flow.

In my attempt to save the feel of summer for as long as possible, I picked a feminine multicolor dress by BooHoo and accessorized it with splashes of fuchsia. I love this dress not only because it’s so sunny and well made, but also because it reminds me of amazing trip to Spain. Unfortunately, somewhere between Madrid and Seville we lost track of a bag with most of my vacation outfits, so this plaited floral dress is the only fashion-related memory that managed to come back with us to New York.

Another noteworthy detail of my outfit is those nature-inspired bracelets by Victoria Tillotson Jewelry. Within the last couple of month I became good Insta-buddies with the designer and she was sweet enough to send me those adorable bracelets. Believe it or not, but those thorn bangles are cast from actual trees in the woods surrounding her home. How cute is that to have such an adorable homey reminder every time you look at your wrist?

Victoria Tillotson Thorn BanglesVictoria Tillotson Thorn Bangles Gold Plate and Sterling SilverBooHoo Keira Sunglasses and Victoria Tillotson Thorn BanglesBooHoo Keira Colour Pop SunglassesLori BooHoo Plaited Strap Floral Sundress

BooHoo Lori Plaited Strap Floral Sundress (c/o; also comes in black)
Victoria Tillotson Thorn Bangles: 14K Gold Plate & Sterling (c/o)

BooHoo Keira Colour Pop Sunglasses (c/o) // Jimmy Choo Velvet Sandals
Photos by Vital Agibalow