Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach in the Hamptons

Finding the perfect sunset require some logistics skills. You need to analyze the weather and clouds, find a perfect location, and make sure to show up in time in order to catch the entire color change. However, there is one place in Long Island where you can shoot amazing sunset photos with a hundred-percent guarantee. Welcome to Sunset Beach, the iconic Shelter Island hotel and restaurant where you can shoot fantastic Instagram-friendly sunset, enjoy outstanding dinner, and perhaps make friends with the local celebs.

Sunset Beach Shelter Island

THE VIBE: Very Hamptons’y, very relaxing, very chill. You will find people wearing anything from Louboutins to swimwear depending on their day plans. Without a doubt, the best day to stop by at Sunset Beach is Sunday (around 5 pm, to be precise). Many people stop by here on their way to the City for a delicious snack, suntanned photos, and to trade ‘about last night’ discussions.

South Beach Hamptons The Vibe

THE CROWD: Everyone from locals to celebrities. Check out this article by Thrillist for a roundup on a most common types. On a serious note, last weekend we saw Bethenny Frankel dining with some unrecognizable man as well as many people from our ‘regular’ New York circle. Style note: make sure to bring a scarf or a jacket as it might become breezy and chilly later in the evening — remember you are right on the ocean!

South Beach Hamptons The Food

THE FOOD: I have a love-hate relationship with fast food and I try avoiding it as much as I can, but you MUST try their salted fries. These are crisp, smooth, and so delicious that you might easily develop an addiction. I started with “Modèle” Salad (kale, avocado, and grains) that disappeared so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to photograph it (it was yum!). The main course caused a global food migration as we were sharing dishes between the four of us until everyone found the best treat for their taste. I ordered a tuna tartar and ended up eating Ben’s sword fish, donated my tartar to Sasha as she passed her mussels to Ben. The four of us split the dessert (Fruit Crisp du Jour with vanilla ice cream) and it over-exceed everyone’s expectations.

Sunset Beach at Shelter Island

THE SUNSET: A picture is worth a thousand words. Perfection! And we had an extra treat with our sunset of a beautiful rainbow!

Sunset Beach Shelter Island