Testing Unicorn Makeup

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Line Review

A few weeks ago my partner in crime Nataliya and I unboxed and tested some unicorn makeup goodies at our weekly live cast at PocketLive. It was a fun experience, and I still regret that we didn’t take close-up photos featuring Nat’s glitter “highlighter,” and my unicorn eyeshadow look. A few weeks later I’m here to give you my full review on each and every product we tried as I’ve been wearing these products quite a lot lately. Keep on reading if you’d like to see the swatches of these unicorn goodies!

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Review Swatches

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette

Let’s begin by addressing the elephant (or should I say unicorn?) in the room. Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette is one of the most hyped unicorn makeup products out there and after testing it for the last few weeks, I completely understand why. It features some of the most unique and pigmented shades out there, that you can use to transform yourself not only into a unicorn but any mythical creature you wish. In addition to shiny super pigmented shades, it also includes a brown matte transition shadow and a large size silver highlighter, so this one palette should be enough to create all sorts of out of this world looks.

The quality of the shadows follows Tarte’s high standard of super blendable and easy to work with products. I tried applying these shadows with both fingertips; flat brush spritzed with MAC Prep + Prime, and with a dry blending brush. The level of pigmentation of these shadows depends on the application technique you are using. You will achieve the brightest pigmentation by using an eyeshadow primer and wetting your brush with a setting spray. The lightest coverage is achievable by using dry application technique. Since the color is definitely there with these shadows, the fallout of the product is unavoidable. Saying so, I would recommend starting with your eye makeup first when using this beautifully designed palette; otherwise, stick to a wet application technique to avoid glitter explosion.

Shades: Magic (bronze shimmer), Wings (copper shimmer), Marvel (metallic sage shimmer), Trance (taupe slate shimmer), Fairy (metallic lavender shimmer), Mystic (blue pearl shimmer), Dream (turquoise shimmer), Crystal (iridescent champagne shimmer), Pixie (golden pink shimmer), Myth (matte nude).

Value: this $40 palette features ten eyeshadows 0.105 oz/ 3g each and a 0.105 oz/ 3g eye and cheek highlighter.

Pros: Unique shades with incredible pigmentation potential; love the highlighter; packaging is super cute and contains a huge mirror; versatility of the shadows.

Cons: I expected such palette to have at least one pink shades included; fallout for the majority of the shadows.

Verdict: Love it!

Buy: $40 at Sephora.com and $40 at TarteCosmetics.com.

Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter Review

Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I see a highlighter like that I expect it to draw rainbows on my cheeks? I’m not sure it’s even realistic, but that’s kind of a product I’d love to try! Dreaming aside, this rainbow colored highlighter is one of the most pigmented in my collection. It provides a #GlowToTheSkies kind of coverage that looks amazing in photos and indeed transforms you into an ethereal creature. The highlighter provides a buildable coverage and looks even more pigmented if packed with the help of a setting spray and dense brush.

The only problem I have with this product is the packaging. For $30 you only get a basic plastic pan that doesn’t even have unicorn vibed to it. Another disturbing moment is that within a few weeks a metallic pan containing the product started spinning inside of the plastic coverage. It makes the process of picking the product on a brush so much harder o the point that I put this pan on the bottom of the highlighter drawer and no longer reach out to it.

Value: for $30 you receive 0.20 oz/ 5.6g of a product which is 0.12oz / 3.47g less than Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter that I recently reviewed.

Pros: The pigmentation is amazing, especially if you love standout highlighter shades.

Cons: The packaging seems to be defective (not sure if it’s just mine or all of them). I also was not impressed with the packaging in general as it doesn’t reflect the vibe of the collection.

Verdict: If not the packaging issue, I would say that it’s a good one, but considering the issue mentioned above, I give this product a “meh” review.

Buy: $30 at Sephora and $30 at TarteCosmetics.com.

Tarte Limited-Edition Lights. Camera. Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara Review

Tarte Limited-Edition Lights. Camera. Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

If you follow my blog for awhile, you know that Lights. Camera. Lashes has been my favorite mascara for the last two or three years. It does a great job with adding volume to my lashes, and it’s easy to remove with just water. The mascara doesn’t have a weird “mascary” scent that I can’t stand in so many drugstore and high-end products. It also never failed me in terms of fallout or drying out (be aware that it provides a somewhat clumpy lashes look which I prefer).

To be honest, I had a life supply of the mascara that I scored during the recent Ulta Beauty sale event, and I didn’t need to purchase another one. But that package, girl! It totally sucked me in! It’s so glowy and festive; obviously, it’s super unicorny! I can’t get enough of it and proudly display the product in my beauty room. Do I think that absolutely everyone should go and purchase this mascara? No; you can achieve the exact same lash effect with a regular Lights. Camera. Lashes mascara. Do I think that it’s a must-have for all beauty collectors? Absolutely!

Value: for $23 you receive 0.24 oz/ 7 ml of a product.

Pros: Too many to even count; in my book, it’s an absolute perfect mascara!

Cons: Why is it a limited edition?

Verdict: Loved it in a regular packaging; obsessed with this unicorn makeover!

Buy: $23 at TarteCosmetics.com; currently sold out at Sephora.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Iridescent Liquid Lip Topper Review Swatches

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Iridescent Liquid Lip Topper in Acid Fairy

While I’m usually not that into using glitter lipsticks (glitter eyeshadows are my forte), this product was a pleasant exception. The reason for that is because it features tiny glitter pieces that you don’t feel on your lips. It does go quite dry if combined with a moisturizing lipstick and gives it a feel of a typical liquid lipstick. Another critical moment is that this lip topper changes the shade of the lipstick you are wearing underneath it. That way, a coral brown lipstick turns into a pinky white one, and a red lipstick turns into an iridescent purple—which is not a bad look, it’s just unexpected.

While advertised as a lip topper, I actually loved wearing this product on its own for some added sparklines to my everyday lip balm. When used in a combination with a clear base, this sparkly lip topper looks so surreal and fun. Also, since the lip balm is highly moisturizing, such application technique doesn’t feel as drying as other ways to wear this product.

Value: for $18 you receive 0.14 fl.oz. of a product which is 0.1 fl.oz. smaller than Milani Liquid Lipsticks that I recently reviewed.

Pros: Super versatile and fun to work with the product! Long-lasting and smells good. Unique concept and fabulous shades for all glitter lovers out there.

Cons: It changes the color of the lipstick underneath it which could be both a good or a bad thing. Very patchy if not applied correctly.

Verdict: It’s a good one!

Buy: $18 at Amazon.

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick Neutral Collection in Hoodie Review Swatches

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick Neutral Collection in Hoodie

Let’s start by saying that the packaging of this lipstick is amazing! Purple holographic unicorn? I’m living for it! What I didn’t expect from such mythical decor product is that it will feature your typical light brown product. Granted: I should have probably researched more and pick this bright yellow shade, but don’t you feel that the unicorn shades should be a bit more on a pink and purple and shimmery side?

When Nataliya tested the product on our show, she was also surprised that the unicorn lipstick was a typical nude one as opposed to super bright and out of this world shade. To be honest, I expected this product to be a transformer one. I was thinking, ohh it’s just brown in a packaging, but when you apply on lips it’s actually green or orange or whatever the unicorn colors are. Nope, this lipstick remained to be a nude one which is both good and bad. Good because it’s actually a wearable color. Bad because unicorns are not real horses so these are never just plain brown.

Value: For $8 you receive 0.12oz / 3.5g of a product.

Pros: Very wearable and pleasant to wear nude lipstick; it smells great and provides a typical for a moisturizing lipstick wear time. The lipstick is affordable and doesn’t dry your lips. The packaging is truly speaking to me!

Cons: The shades are not unicorny.

Verdict: While it’s a great quality product I’m not sold on it as it’s nothing special in terms of a shade range. It’s a great collector piece though as the packaging looks beautiful.

Buy: $8 at Amazon.com.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid Review

Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid

Technically, this line is not advertised as a unicorn makeup, but doesn’t it look like one? When I saw this highlighter launched on Sephora I immediately picked one as I was immediately obsessed with it. I did experience some problems with picking a right shade as the majority of colors is too “out there” for me (light blue highlighter, anyone?). I picked the lightest and most conservative shade from the range, and it turned out to be whiter undertone than I expected. It worked quite well on my skin though, especially if applied to the brow bone.

You probably know that I’m not a fan of liquid highlighters in general as these have a potential for moving your makeup. I expected this product to be the same so I used a mini beauty blender to apply just a bit of a product on my cheeks. The technique worked out well, but I was expecting a bit more of a glow from a liquid highlighter. While the shade of a product was somewhat unicorny, I would say that it provides a subtle glow rather than super bright one—which is just fine if you are looking for an everyday strobing product.

Shades: Aura (iridescent light pink), Sin (champagne), Fireball (peach with pink shift), Luminous (pearlescent white with gold shift), Skywalk (pale iridescent blue).

Value: $28 for 0.21 oz/ 6g of a product which is bigger than Make Up For Ever Star Lit Liquid that I recently reviewed.

Pros: Unique shades; provides beautiful subtle glow; convenient that it comes with a spooley.

Cons: Might not be suitable for beginners as it requires advanced application skills. It doesn’t stay on skin all day long.

Verdict: It’s an okay one. Do I use it every single day? No, as it’s a pain to apply. Would I recommend for people who prefer dewy but not too glowy look? Sure, it’s a perfect match!

Buy: $28 at Sephora.

Unicorn Makeup Brushes from Amazon Review

Unicorn Makeup Brushes

I don’t know what I expected purchasing brushes on Amazon, but these looked so cute on photos that I simply couldn’t resist. I saw someone posted on Instagram featuring these white unicorn brushes as I immediately thought, “Well, if I don’t like them at least I can use them as photo props!” When the package arrived, I was immediately disappointed as the quality of the bristles was just not there. Also, maybe it was a website glitch or something, but I remember purchasing white brushes—and not light purple ones! The only good thing I could say about these brushes is that these came in a bundle with two silicone sponges so at least I can review these on the blog. Please let me know in the comments if you are interested in reading such post!

Value: For $13.59 you receive a set of 10 brushes and 2 silicone sponges.

Pros: Super affordable and have a distinct unicorn vibe to them.

Cons: The quality is really “meh” as some of the brushes fall apart after the first wash.

Verdict: Would not recommend.

Buy: $13.59 at Amazon.com.

Karizma Unicorn Chunky Glitter Review Swatches

Karisma Beauty Unicorn Chunky Glitter

We had the most fun playing with this loose glitter because, hey, it’s a purple and white assortment of glitters that looks so cool and trendy. On a show, I applied this product on my lids using NYX Glitter Glue (one of my favorites to work with) which looked so cool and, despite my concerns, didn’t prohibit me from blinking (LOL). For Nataliya’s look, we used the same glitter glue to create glitter “highlight” on her. If you didn’t catch our live show, replay it here to check out the final look—Nat was totally rocking that glittery look!

As mentioned on the packaging, this loose pigment is great not only if you incorporate it into your makeup application, but also as a hair or body glitter. By the way, did you see these awesome two bun glitter hairstyle that so many people were wearing at Coachella? Please let me know in the comments if you want a tutorial on that hairstyle as I still have some glitter leftovers and I’d love to create a tutorial!

Value: $8.90 for 0.18 oz/ 5 g of a product which is a somewhat pricey considering that you can get 10 boxes of glitter for just $10.99.

Pros: The quality and range of glitter in this packaging are amazing!

Cons: If you don’t know how to apply it (see above regarding glitter glue)

Verdict: It’s a must for all unicorn lovers out there!

Buy: $8.90 at Amazon.com.

* * * * *

That was it for my update review on all things unicorn makeup and tools. I really hope you enjoyed it! I really look forward to interacting with you guys in the comments. Let’s discuss all things unicorn makeup! What are some of the unicorn products that you tried or look forward to trying?