If there is one fashion brand that I’m all about this season, it’s Mara Hoffman. I’ve been eyeing some of the swimsuits by the designer last summer, but never purchased anything as I got into the decision fatigue—you know that feeling when you want everything and can’t pick nothing? This season, I finally made out my mind and decided on this multi-colored dress that literally stole my heart the moment I saw it. It’s so lightweight and comfortable to wear in a hot weather and it’s so unique. Granted: not every girl is willing to pull off so much color in one look (especially in a combination with a floral crown), but I guess I’m just crazy in that way! By the way, if you are eyeing this dress too it’s still in stock on Shopbop.com so if you are into it, I definitely recommend checking it out.

In case you wonder how I ended up wearing such summery dress in such harsh NYC-style weather, we actually took these photos while on vacation in Tulum. We went on a trip a few weeks ago where we celebrated our friends’ wedding and it was such a beautiful place to visit. The couple planned a lot of fun stuff for us to do and I barely had any moment to take photos for the blog. In fact, we snapped these images in between two events and I literally had to cut Ben’s nap time so we can get some photo work done (I’m so sorry, baby!).

I did wear the same dress later on so it was an actual vacation dress and not just something I put on for photographing purposes only. I also made a good use out of this crown and even wore it to the wedding. The ceremony took place literally on the beach and it was quite windy so I used this headpiece to keep my curls in place. The funny part was that all the bridesmaids and a bride were wearing floral crowns too, so I felt like a true part of the crew! In fact, all the girls DIYed their floral hair pieces themselves during the bachelorette party—I felt that it was such fun and unique way to celebrate it. Not just having drinks and playing games, but also create something with your hands!

My crown was not DIYed though, it was a gift from Kneipp; this skincare brand used this accessory to bring awareness to the charitable organization they support. I actually posted a detailed information about the project on Instagram—so if you are into helping others, definitely check it out and participate in this fun and helpful project!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Mara Hoffman Tie Front Dress (shop all Mara Hoffman dresses here)
Soludos Ankle Wrap Espadrilles (check out those cute espadrilles)
Sophie Hulme Stripe Bag // Colorful Floral Crown


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