The Cozy Sweaters You’ll Want to Live In

Best Cozy Sweaters - Cable Knit Sweater

Last year, I stuck up on cashmere sweaters and promised that I never need a new sweater in my life. But this year came and there you have it: I just added a few cozy additions to my sweater collection. Not only these are perfect for the cold season, but also incredibly soft and chic. Pair them with your go-to pair of jeans or warm up your summer dress with, you can’t go wrong with these cozy and snuggly sweaters!

The Cable Knit Sweater

Nothing looks better in photos than an army green cable knit sweater! Don’t quote me on that but that’s the conclusion I came out with after wearing this stunning army green sweater. I love the cable knit this fabulous sweater features and adore the fact that you can control its length with the laces on the sides. My favorite way to style it is with a fedora hat and over the knee boots, but it’s also versatile enough to wear with many fall outfits.

Best Cozy Sweaters - Striped Sweater

The Striped Sweater

Not every stripe sweater is created equal. And it’s not only about the direction of stripes it features (vertical stripes are supposed to elongate your body while horizontal ones might make you look heavier), but also the color combo. Usually, I’m not that into two-shades stripes (I prefer this color combo for long-sleeve tees instead), but multiple colors – yes, please!

Perhaps, one of the most exciting purchases of this season for me is this adorable striped sweater. I liked it a lot while shopping online, but the screen doesn’t give enough credit for the beautiful shades it features. The photo that we shot at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden better reflect the autumnal hues of this cutest and super affordable sweater – and in all seriousness, I think I’m going to purchase a backup one (just in case of a washing emergency!). I mean, it’s only $20 – I feel like I might need even more than that!

Best Cozy Sweaters - Slogan Sweater

Graphic Sweater

Who said that only T-shirts could have a saying on them? While I certainly adore trendy T-shirts, graphic sweaters are might be my new favorite thing. The one you see in this photo is by the new for me brand Chinti & Parker. The collection has so many cute options (including Hello Kitty sweater!) that you just need to go and check them out yourself.

Best Cozy Sweaters - Off the Shoulder Sweater

The Off-The-Shoulder Sweater

Until recently, I didn’t have any off the shoulder sweaters in my collections. Tops and dresses – yes, but a sweater that doesn’t cover the shoulders seemed a bit misleading. How mistaken I was! Showing just a bit of skin on your shoulders doesn’t make this cozy sweater less warm – but it certainly makes it chicer! After I scored a lovely white off the shoulder sweater I can’t get enough of it — as it’s the essence of the chicest and coziest sweater.

Best Cozy Sweaters - The 3:4 Sleeve Sweater

The 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

I wanted a 3/4 sleeve sweater for so long, but could never find a shade that I love. Finally, I managed to score this Line & Dot sweater at Shopbop sale and I couldn’t be happier! The fabric this sweater is made of is so soft and cozy. And the neckline cut is so unique! Technically, it’s a turtleneck but since the sweater doesn’t touch your skin, it’s actually more comfortable to wear option. Also, don’t you just love the lavender shade of this sweater!

* * * * *

There you have it: a roundup of the sweaters that I added to my collection this season. Most of these sweaters are acrylic, but it simply because I have seemed to own every cashmere sweater I could possibly find at Bloomingdale’s. In case you don’t know, Bloomingdale’s has their own line of cashmere and I love the quality (and the price point!) of this collection. Regardless of which sweater you decided to upgrade your wardrobe with this season, happy shopping!

5 cozy sweaters for fall


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