The Evolution of the ‘Naked Dress’

Katya Bychkova ArtSprinter

I’ve been looking through my summer pictures and found these photos from the South Hampton based ‘125 gallery.’ I often look for outfit inspiration in art and in this photo I decided to create an edgy but elegant look by wearing two dresses at the same time. The first one, a bodycon LBD, looked a bit like lingerie that is why I covered it up with a second dress, a sheer medium length piece. I accessorized my look with pearls and selected a matching nail-lip color combo. In my opinion, the final outfit looks like a brand new dress as opposed to two separates. Do you agree? Also, I wonder if you ever wore two dresses at a time? How did you like that experience?

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First dress// Second dress (also love this one)

Shoesicon // Clutch // Long & Short Necklaces
Photos by Vital Agibalow