The Floral Trend to Wear This Summer

Strapless Floral Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // B Brian Atwood Pumps
Mirror Sunglasses // Bertha Watch

Everyone seems to be obsessed with the stripe trend this season, but after rocking a few stripe looks in spring I’m a bit bored with it. I don’t know why, but I’m really feeling the floral trend instead. Maybe because flower-infused clothes remind me of real floral blooms that surround me in the Hamptons.

While I did have a chance to score a few designer floral pieces for the season, the pastel-toned floral dress that you see in these photos is actually a very affordable one. I picked it at Forever 21 a few months ago to wear for the friend’s baby shower and I continue wearing it for all sorts of occasions. While it was tempting to style a popular this season head-to-toe floral look, I decided to stick with a less provocative option and paired the dress with matching shoes and a handbag—and added contrasting cat eye sunnies to finish the look.

Looking through these photos, I figured it might be helpful to share a few tips on how to wear florals this summer—including these pieces that you might already have in your wardrobe.

Tip #1: The Wallpaper Print

Take a look at the piece of clothing you are considering to wear and ask yourself, “Does it remind the wallpaper at my grandma’s house?” If so, congrats—you just found your statement floral piece. The idea here is to look as retro and as bold as you could get. So the more your dress reminds an old-school wallpaper, the better!

Tip #2: Head-to-Toe Florals

Don’t limit yourself to just one floral piece per outfit. While it’s an easy route to take, consider incorporating different floral print pieces at once. Let’s say, a large rose print dress and small peonies print sunnies is a perfect combo—such size difference helps to ensure that the prints are not clashing, while creating the covered impression that your outfit is covered in trendy florals.

Tip #3: Femininity Meets Masculinity

The majority of floral prints that you’ll encounter in your wardrobe are probably looking very ethereal and girly. Try combining these feminine pieces with monochrome massive accessories such as leather belts and doctor-style handbags. Or just wear your typical floaty floral dress with a pair of the Birkenstock-style monochrome slides.

Tip #4: Think Outside the Flower Box

If we are talking about the floral trend, it should not necessarily be a dress. Try styling floral print embroidered dresses and tops, combine floral print skirts with flower-shaped jewelry and pick a multicolored floral print bag for your collection. In other words, think about different types of clothes and accessories to feature the floral trend instead of sticking to your typical floral dresses.

Tip #5: Maximize the Print

The more fabric you have to work with, the more noticeable would be the floral print. Think about picking voluminous culottes, maxi dresses, and oversized blouses to incorporate the floral print. That way, you can really show up all the tiny floral details on the fabric. In other words, the more volume your clothes have, the better you can see the print!

* * * * *

These were my tips on how to incorporate the trendy floral print into your outfits. I hope you were able to find inspiration on how to style some of the floral pieces that you might already have in your collection. I wonder what some of the secrets on styling floral print clothes that you would like to share? Please leave your recommendations in the comments area below. Also please let us know what is your favorite floral piece in your wardrobe!