The Hair Tie Problem

DressLink Backless Sleeveless Lapel Dress

DressLink Lapel Dress (c/o) / Louboutin Dorissima Pumps / Aldo Soldano Clutch
Happiness Boutique Earrings (c/o) / Victoria Tillotson Bangle (c/o) / Photos by Vital Agibalow

Sometimes when I need to really concentrate on something my hair is getting in my way. For instance, I do not like reading a book or writing with my hair down. For such situations, I am trying to always have on me a couple of hair bands in different colors. However, even the best planning fails and I end up at college without my hair accessories. Do you know what I do in such situations? That’s right, I am using my bracelets as a hair tie. Those might not provide a full control over your hair, but it is definitely a useful solution when you have no other options available. For this simple hairstyle, I used a Thorn Bangle by Victoria Tillotson which turned to be a great solution for my hair tie problem.

Happiness Boutique Crystal Black Tassel EarringsThorn Bangle by Victoria TillotsonGolden Thorn Bangle by Victoria TillotsonLouboutin Dorissima Patent Leather PumpsDressLink Backless Sleeveless Lapel Dress by DressLink