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Elizabeth and James Trisha Dress Pink

dress // bag // shoes // lipstick

This weekend was one of the best Ben and I have experienced this summer. We went out East with a few of our closest friends and enjoyed all sorts of traditional Hamptons activities—from relaxing near the pool and biking around the village to hitting fancy parties and going out for dinner. While it was a marvelous experience that we’ll all remember forever (I mean, how could you possibly forget hiding under the table when you’re sitting outside and the rain hits you in the middle of dinner?), it had a bittersweet taste: it was the last time we’d be able to go out with our beloved friends before they move to Europe. What can I say? Sometimes life takes you to the other side of the globe, but you have to try your best to keep relationships alive.

Staying in touch with friends from all the countries I’ve lived in over the course of my life has never been easy for me. I never burned my bridges while taking just another exciting opportunity to explore a new city or even a country. However, I find it difficult to stay connected when you don’t share everyday experiences with your friends. I don’t know why, but in person, being able to say “hello” and exchange accidental gossip help to keep relationships more alive than any technology could possibly guarantee.

I do check the Facebook statuses of all my Russian and Belarusian friends often and I have a general understanding of what is happening in their lives, but this kind of one-way interaction where they share bits and pieces of their lives on social media and I check them out just doesn’t do… Judging by the number of my friends on Facebook, I should be surrounded by so many people from across the globe. But do I regularly chat with them and know what they’re really up to? Unfortunately, no.

I do manage to stay in touch with a few of my friends, and most of them stay connected because of all the fun experience we’ve had together. Every time I visit my friend Alla, we recall the time we lived in one dormitory room with five other people (we shared a place for a short period of time, but it was tough!). My friend Jane and I recall one of the first weekends when my parents allowed me to travel on my own, so we spent almost a week exploring some of the most scenic places in Belarus. I don’t know about you guys, but shared experiences help me connect with people I respect and genuinely care for.

With this in mind, Ben and I wanted to make sure that our last weekend in the Hamptons with our friends was very memorable. While we didn’t do anything out of this world, we did spend time recalling all the fun experiences we’ve had together—starting with skydiving a few weeks after we met to being stopped by a corrupt police officer in Nicaragua. Without doubt, those memories will always remain in our memories, even when our friends are far away.

It’s hard to keep relationships alive, especially as you get older and you don’t live next door or even in the next city. I guess it’s one of the things I’m planning on learning in life. Maturing means getting your priorities in place, and I’m definitely on the path of preserving relationships with all the people who bring joy to my life.

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  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I love this look. I am all about the shoes!!

  • Megan

    I love all the colors! That dress is so cute!

  • Cattleya

    I’ve had to say goodbye to people as well before. Long distance is never easy but I make it work. I love this look!

    x. Cattleya

  • I have moved a lot to, however not out of the country, but out of state. When I was younger moving was so final. It was expensive to even call my friends and their parents didn’t let them do the long distance calling. It was so easy to lose touch. Now I am sooo grateful for Snapchat and other social media because I feel like we are more in touch. Also being old enough to just pick up the phone. I understand what you mean about connecting through shared memories. I’m so happy that you had an amazing time and locked down some new fabulous memories to share. Those moments are so important. I love the color palette in this post as well! I’m a February baby so I love some pink/red tones. xx

  • Nellie

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, even though it was bittersweet.. Btw, you look amazing, I love those shoes! <3


  • You look beautiful and your pictures are excellent as usual!
    I understand exactly what you mean, myself being an expat. I also find it hard to keep contact with a lot of people I haven’t physically seen for so long. I suppose sharing with some people the teenage and student years of your life is one thing, then you leave the country and you become adult very quickly. You literally have to look for your place in society, not only for a job, (Believe you me, people from southern continents are not the most welcome in Europe) I think all the adulthood problems come together at once and you don’t have the social network you had in your country. So you need a new one. God knows how hard is to create a social network in Switzerland!! I think that is also a reason why I focused so much in my “new life”and lost contacts with a lot of people back in my country. Like you said, I check their facebook accounts… but does that really count?

  • Loving those booties, especially the color. Reading your post made me nostalgic. It is hard to keep up with friends when they don’t live near me.

  • J-Man and MillerBug

    You look absolutely fabulous!! Very classy and chic, I can be casual and dressy at the same time. I love it.

  • Abby Castro

    This dress is perfection! So loving the color and the drop waist style!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  • Maria Jose Abad

    Loving the pool shot, you’re too cute. One of my favorite things of going to the Hamptons is all the hydrangeas everywhere!
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

  • It’s great that you were able to catch up with your friends. I love your dress and the shoes definitely rock.

  • I love the pink in red hues in this outfit. You pull it off so well!

  • It’s really important to keep relationships and to work on them as much as you can especially with people you’ve been friends with for a long time! I really like your outfit here. It’s light and perfect for the summer.

  • Kelly Hoggons (Velvet and Vibr

    I love this dress and I’m desperately lusting after those stunning shoes!

    I definitely struggle with keeping relationships going when people move away from me, but I think that true friendships stay alive even with distance and lack of communication. I have friends I won’t talk to for months, and when I see them again, we just pick up where we left off 🙂

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Kelly!

      Yes, it’s tough to keep relationships alive… And that’s exactly what I’ve been talking about! When you finally see your friends from across the globe and you start talking like you didn’t separate for all those months — that’s what real friendship is!

  • Nikki

    This is so true! I can’t help it but notice your outfit, so pink. I love it and the shoes too!

  • Kathy

    That is a very nice look! I love the whole outfit. The shoes are my favorite! I would love a pair of them.

  • TheNewClassy

    Love the outfit! It is so well coordinated. I am glad you had such a good time in the Hamptons too.

  • You look absolutely gorgeous, as per usual. And those shoes are to die for!
    Andrea | Twentyish Brunette

  • tiarastantrums

    It doesn’t get easier when you are married and kids are in the picture.
    Your lives revolve around their schedules and not your own. ☺

  • I love that purse and your shoes. Don’t think I have the right shape for the dress tho! Its super cute on you. 🙂

  • tabithablue

    I agree, it’s so much more difficult to keep relationships alive as we get older, and especially with kids, and life in general. Sounds like your weekend was memorable though! And love that outfit!

  • Karla Ramos

    That dress and pair of boots look very elegant on you, though I’d be disappointed to try it on my own. Just glad I could appreciate other people and their fashion! I don’t really have a lot of foreign friends online but one thing I want to preserve are the memories I created with people whom I met in person.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Omg what a fabulous look!!!!! I’m in love with the shade of that bag!!!

  • Nicole Cochingco Escat

    I can’t resist your dress and shoes, I can’t help it but take a look at both of them.

  • Love the bag so much and the shoes!!! SO cute

  • Obsessed with the shades of pink/red! Amazing look.


  • Nikki

    You look so lovely in that outfit. I love the color of this dress and the red shoes compliments your whole outfit!

  • Chrissy Hme

    I so need those shoes and of course the bag. You look amazing! So pulled together and chic in an effortless way.

  • I love the handbag. I am glad that you had a fabulous weekend with your friends. I hope that you two can figure out how to stay in touch.

  • mail4rosey

    The shoes are great. So is getting under the dinner table to avoid rain, ha! 🙂

  • Katie Smith

    I love the shoes and hand bag, don’t really care for the dress much. I like the color but I don’t know not my cup of tea.

  • You look so adorable and amazing. Nice!

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  • MomGlenz

    You look great!!! Thanks for sharing..