The Power of the Lotus

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It’s a beauty confession time, guys. Well, I don’t even know how to tell you about that, but… I do not like facial toners. There is something about the consistency of those products and harshness of cotton rounds that simply doesn’t work with me. Even though I’m planning on following up with a toner after every time I wash my face, in reality, it rarely happens. Oftentimes I skip this important beauty routine and simply apply a serum or moisturizer after washing my face. Don’t take me wrong: I totally understand that toners are essential for keeping pH of my skin in balance and shrinking pores, but I just never inherited this beauty habit.

What do I do instead? I’m glad you asked because I’m about to introduce a product that changed my beauty routine and hopefully will change yours too. Instead of applying a classic toner, I recently switched to facial mists—and I’m in love. The best thing about a facial mist is that you can apply it directly on your face without pre-washing or keeping cotton swabs with you at all time. Just spritz the product directly on your face and enjoy all the benefits the mist provides!

Currently, I’m using a set of two facial mists by a Korean beauty brand The Lotus: Lotus Leaf & Lemon Mist (I have it in my purse at all times) and Lotus Leaf & Camelia Mist (I use it twice a day after washing my face and extra few times a day when I’m working from home). Both products are spectacular and I can’t wait to tell you why exactly I’m so hooked on them.

The Lotus Mist

Before we delve into reviewing each product, I’d like to tell a few words about the benefits of lotus leaf extract in skin care in general. Honestly, prior to testing mists by The Lotus I had no idea why this ingredient is such a big thing in skin care. It’s only when I experienced myself detoxifying properties of lotus and saw the results of incorporating this beauty ingredient in my skincare regime, I realized why this ingredient is so powerful.

Indeed, there is no better solution than lotus if you have irritated or congested skin! It might be difficult to see in photos, but my skin always feels a bit clogged as I’m wearing tons of makeup on a daily basis. Yes, I do exfoliate my skin and wash my face properly every single day, but I can’t really go in public with absolutely bare skin as I have some red patches and tiny breakouts on my forehead and around the nose area.

Lotus Leaf & Camelia Mist Review

After using my new favorite lotus extract mists for a few weeks, I noticed that my skin really cleaned up. I’m not talking exclusively about breakouts—these have probably disappeared because I started eating vegan—but about overall skin quality. I didn’t start drinking tons of water or give up coffee (it’s not happening, period!), but I don’t feel like I need to use a concealer anymore. “Blame” it on the lotus, but I feel like my daily refreshing spritzes of lotus leaf mists really helped to detoxify my skin.

A few words about the quality of the lotus leaf you’d need to find in order to fully experience its benefits. While conducting my research for this post, I learned that the purest and the best quality lotus extract could be found on Jeju Island. Located just off the southern tip of South Korea, this volcanic island is known as the Hawaii of Asia. While Jeju is highly recognized as a dream vacation spot, it’s first and foremost a land of the purest botanical ingredients that are highly valued in the beauty industry. Certified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Jeju Island is a motherland of the purest lotus in the world—an ingredient that has been a game-changing addition to my beauty routine.

The Lotus Leaf & Lemon Mist

Okay, now when you know that I’m very much in love with lotus leaf skincare, let me tell you about three products by The Lotus skincare that are formulated with pure lotus leaf extract originated from Jeju Island.

Lotus Leaf & Lemon Mist is my ultimate summer essential. It smells SO delicious and feels so luxurious—I can’t stop spraying myself with this mist all the time. While I wrote about lotus leaf mists as alternatives to facial toners, I also use this product as a replacement of thermal water. In my experience, the product provides much more benefits to my skin than a splash of thermal H2O. A powerful mix of rejuvenating ingredients that you splash on your face takes care of your skin throughout the day.

In addition to above-mentioned leaf extract, the product features lemon oil that clears pores and promotes brighter complexion; as well as allantoin, betaine, and black currant that are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Combined together, this botanical mix brings the best ingredients in a beautifully designed air travel-friendly package that you can always have on you—no matter where your busy life brings you.

The Lotus Leaf & Camelia Mist

Lotus Leaf & Camelia Mist comes in a pure white shade that reminds rice milk. It smells delicious and not overwhelming and quickly absorbs into skin, leaving it moisturized and refreshed. In addition to already praised in this post lotus extract, this mist is formulated with camellia, a flowering plant that is known as one of the best antioxidants. The mist also contains lavender that soothes skin and eucalyptus known for its natural antimicrobial properties. Finally, the product is enriched with Vitamin C, one of my personal favorite ingredients to brighten up my skin and address the dark spot problem.

While there is no specific reason why I chose to use Lotus Leaf & Camelia Mist at home and Lotus Leaf & Lemon Mist on the go, after a precise analysis of each products ingredient lists, I figured that perhaps lavender puts me into a more relaxed mode (in fact, this plant is known for its sleep-promoting qualities), while citrus oil in the latest brings a boost of refreshment into my daily activities.

I tried a few more products from The Lotus skincare line and I can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned as I continue reporting about all the wonderful lotus leaf products that I’m currently obsessed with.

The Lotus Leaf & Camelia MistLotus Leaf & Lemon Mist Review