The Rules of Gentlemen’s Wear

Liberty Fairs NYC 2015 Trend Report

From a career stand point I always thought of myself as a writer covering female fashion. But let’s be honest here, I love when Ben dresses nicely (he does it without my help at all!) and I always notice stylish people of both genders on the streets of New York. When CDFA announced Men’s Fashion Week, I was thinking that I am too busy to follow through on that many fashion events a year. However, I decided to give a shot to Liberty Fairs, a cool trade show that I’ve attended for two days in a row.

Liberty Fairs Pier 94 NYC 2015

The space where the trade show took place (Pier 94) was amazing. It was a huge and nicely decorated venue that became a home to hundreds of brands from all over the world. Design-wise, I especially loved a couple of ‘space wagons’ where selected brands were offering for sale items and the area dedicated to skincare & beauty brands.

David Hart Liberty Fairs 2015

The gem of the fair, a gallery presenting men’s fashion week designers, featured CDFA favorites Cadet and Adyn. as well as a guru of androgen fashion David Hart. This finely curated exhibition was especially valuable due to the input of Fashion Snoops that supported Liberty Fairs with their expertise on fashion forecasting. According to Snoops, we should expect four major styles brought from the runway to the streets next season.

Global Co-Op: A style that focuses on the craftsmanship of Japanese culture and juxtaposes a muted dark palette and culture-specific patterns with modern silhouettes and materials. Think ukiyo-y artist collaborates with Tesla engineers.

Gym Sophisticate: The notion of the cultured workout clothes for everyday wear is still trending. Pick expensive materials and granite palette infused with mildly neon accents. Think Rick Owens meets Tiesto.

Newtopia: Whimsical and colorful, this look brings us back to the illustrations of Peter Penn book, sprinkled with Hawaiian and modernist prints. Think botany student gets his first tattoo.

The Aristocrat: Ballet, opera, and classic literature – intellect is back on the runways, this time in a sophisticated not hipster-like format. Look out for old school Italian and French masters for print inspirations and snobbish materials as silk and exotic leather. Think Marie Antoinette wears Birkin.

Liberty Fairs New York Pier 94

Here is the full list of fun brands and activities that I spotted at the Liberty Fairs this week:

Indigo Dye Station by The Goodlife

Indigo Dye Station by The Goodlife: I am a product of 1990s (okay, late 1980s) and tie-dye t-shirts unavoidably bring great memories. My first summer camp, my first fashion experiments, my first ruined pieces of clothing… Well, it was so long ago. I might consider expanding my blog towards fashion DIYing.

Kenzo at Liberty Fairs 2015

Kenzo (just because): As far as I know, the brand didn’t schedule any ‘extra curricular’ activities, but when I saw Kenzo among exhibitors, I was like ‘WOW! Now we are talking!’ I do love sweatshirts and sneakers (those!) by Mr. Kenzo Takada house. Surprise-surprise, I was also wearing my L’eau Par Kenzo that day.

Bacon Egg Socks by YoSox

Fun Socks: I’ve spotted a couple of brands presenting cool print socks, but bacon and egg socks? I was laughing out loud! The brand YoSox that I already knew from the online world though collaborations with bloggers, really impressed me in person. I fell in love with cupcake and high heels socks that looked adorable and sarcastic at the same time. Rocking printed socks is like wearing your favorite piece of mass culture on your feet!

BeardsMan Liberty Fairs 2015

The Drugstore: I spent the most amount of time exploring that area of the exhibition. In addition to the enormous amount of beard products (I managed to use the same joke about a Russian hip-hop song ‘Boroda’ (beard) for representatives of BeardsBrand and Beard Buddy so I might include it into my permanent joke repertoire), there were many brands worth female attention too.

Das Boom Industries Body Brick

Das Boom Industries: One of the goals of Liberty Fairs is to introduce to the industry professionals innovative products, and after meeting peeps from Das Boom Ind. brand I have to say that mission has been accomplished. The brand’s representative Shay and I periscoped for a good fifteen minutes about a unique product, soap infused sponge, that totally blew my mind. Basically, all you need in your shower is that one thing that looks like a dark grey brick. Put some water on it – and here you go – you have soap, shampoo, or a gel shower (call it what you wish). Amazing!

Facials by HeyDay at Liberty Fairs

Facials by HeyDay: I love everything SPA-related, and 15-minute facials proposed at the location seemed like a very good idea. However, if you follow me on Periscope you know that I had a professional makeup applied for two days in a row and I didn’t want to clean my face yet prior to the evening meeting. So I didn’t try a facial, but I learned about the brand and seriously considered their offer. Basically, HeyDay is a subscription service that literally forces you to keep on track of your skincare routine. When was the last time you visited a cosmetologist? Can’t remember? Me too, but raw Botox will not address all of your skincare problems and you still need your monthly facial.

Mojo Hair Liberty Fairs 2015

Work Your Mojo: Mr. Paul Adrian brought his collection of hair care products with a smart name Mojo Hair. I loved the display where the brand presented all the manly items that inspired the collection, a book on the cover art of Blue Note records (yes!), a vintage Gibson ES-125 guitar (yes again!), a Montecristo cigar and lighter (not healthy), a classic Paul Smith shirt (maybe), and a collection of fragrances (damn yeah). Knowing my secret addiction to male hair products (American Crew and Redken are my favorite ones so far), I am sure that those pretty Mojo bottles will become my new ‘secret sauce’ of haircare.

Liberty Fairs NYC 2015

I would like to personally thank Preston S. who organized an amazing tour for my viewers and me at the opening day of the exhibition. I am seriously obsessed with Periscope these days, and it was such a great experience to literally show my amazing readers all of the fun things that they can find at the Liberty Fairs.