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Tomboy Style OOTD 5

HM Jacket / Raoul Shorts (similar) / Guess Top /Baxter Fedora HatJay M. Doctors Bag (c/o)
Swarovski Necklace (similar) / Photos by Vital Agibalow

I am taking a little break from wearing dresses. Don’t get me wrong, dresses still constitute 90% of my wardrobe and there is nothing better than walking around with bare legs in summer, but I just crave a little change. While putting this look together, I looked for inspiration in classic menswear. Clean lines, dark color palette, and accent on those little details that make the look feel unified.

If you remember my post about an amazing website that allows you to earn money for shopping design clothes (you can find it here), you will recall this doctor-style bag. As you probably know, box-shaped bags are literally everywhere this season, but I love this particular one because it’s so different from all its sparkly ‘relatives.’ In fact, that bag has a tangible vintage vibe that makes it a perfect accessory for the upcoming season. Wait a minute! Did I mention that I can fit a lot of stuff in that bag? It’s a life changer.

Tomboy Style Katya Bychkova Style Sprinter

Going all the way into the tomboy style, I decided to match my makeup too. I applied a luminous Giorgio Armani foundation in the lightest shade available, skipped the blush, emphasized my eyebrows, and applied a super trendy shade of burgundy lipstick (I used Chanel Rouge Allure #104 Passion).

While my membership in the tomboy style club is only temporary, I have to admit that this style of clothing is pretty comfortable. I probably will not wear it very often, but it’s so perfect when you need to run around the city and carry tons of stuff with you.
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  • This is definitely one of my top favourite look from you, Katya! It’s such a refreshing break from your usual look and it’s a good one too. It also showcase how versatile you are as a fashion blogger, stunning!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • GoFashiondeals

    So cute!!! Love the look

  • Love this look! It’s masculine yet sexy 🙂 I love me a good blazer – instant sophistication haha ! x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again