The Ultimate Guide: Back to School Supplies

Best Office Supplies

I love surrounding myself with pretty notebooks, planners, sticky notes and other bright-colored desk essentials and update my collection every academic season. Luckily, many brands are aware about us, school supplies lovers, and prepared for us new collections for the upcoming semester. Hurray! It’s time for back to school shopping!

Student Planners 2016

Top: I Am Very Busy ($20) // Brushstroke ($37) // Stay Wild at Heart ($17)
Bottom: Elephants ($36) // Phone and Ribbon ($30) // Toile Print ($34)

1. Student agendas. Planning is everything and for many of us Google Calendars make more harm than help when it comes to college. My position on that matter is that you can set up a million reminders, but stuff really makes done if you write by your hand a deadline date in your beautiful organizer.

Notebooks Fall 2015

Top: Garance Doré ($15) // Stein Stone ($14) // Hello ($12)
Bottom: Woodland ($10) // Stay Focusedicon ($9) // Stay Wild ($10)

2. Notebooks. I am amongst those people who take hand written notes and then transfer them to the computer that is why pretty notebooks are essential for my learning process. I am very picky about the quality of the paper (it should be smooth and not very thin) and always give a favor to spiral notebooks. When it comes to multi-subject notebooks, I am un-decided: Sometimes I pick one big notebook for all classes and sometimes I like having a separate one for each subject.

Pencil Cases 2015-2016

Top: Paint the Sky ($6.95) // Ollivya Rose ($35) // Dot Your I’s ($30)
Bottom: Floribundaicon ($14) // I Did My Best ($14) // Flower Field ($7)

3. Pencil Pouch is a must-have item for me since I ruined my favorite Coach bag with my ball pens last year. If my makeup brushes deserve a separate bag, why not dedicate one for pretty pens and pencils? It doesn’t have to be a big pouch, just big enough to handle the necessities. I am not a big fan of carrying an entire rainbow of markers and colored pens with me, but I like to have a couple of back up ones in case I feel especially creative or want a draw something.

Highlighters for Fall 2015 Semester

Top: DayGlow ($8) // Vitapens ($8) // Poppin ($10)icon
Bottom: Yoobi ($4) // Zebra Eco ($4) // Hot Spoticon ($10)

4. Highlighters. The more the better! I love highlighting and color coordinating sentences and phrases when reading so those are my to-go college supplies. I use markers only if I am reading print outs though and underline important phrases in pencil while reading a book.

Sticky Notes for Fall 2015 SemesterSticky Notes for Fall 2015 Semester

Top: Dachshund ($9) // Heart ($8) // Metallic Foil ($16)
Bottom: Thumbs Up ($12) // Just Sayin’ ($5) // Bubble (icon$7)

5. Sticky Notes. Those are also handy for reading books since I am avoiding ruining pages with my notes and comments. I like having a couple of sets on my desk while studying, one for bookmarking important stuff and another for writing to-do lists or creating a list for the upcoming research.

Paper Clips Fall 2015 Semester

Top: Coffee Mug ($2) // Bonjour Mustache ($11) // Animals ($10)
Bottom: Lovely Print ($5) // Gold Bows ($12) // Three Colors ($3)icon

6. Clips. You never know when you need those, so it’s better to be prepared and have a couple of them ready in your pencil pouch. I personally prefer colorful ones, as it makes boring filing a little bit more fun.

Travel Mugs Fall 2015 Semester

Top: I Did My Besticon ($14) // Cherries ($8) // But First, Coffee ($14)
Bottom: Cold Handsicon ($18) // Hot Stuff – Gems ($14) // Jungle Tumble ($15)

7. Travel Mug. Hydration is the key and I always make sure to have a cup of my favorite mint tea with me while at the class. I prefer using travel mugs because those are adorable and it also helps to save the planet.

File Folders Fall 2015 Semester

Top: Party Dots ($14) // Got It Sorted ($14) // Plaid ($6)
Bottom: Be Bold ($21) // Gold Dots ($16) // Blah Blah Blah ($40)

8. Folders. Those are fun to have around when you need to be super organized (when it comes to college, it means always). I am not a big folder girl, but I think that I will try doing more of that type of filing this semester.

Cute Backpacks Fall 2015

Top: Settlementicon ($50) // Oil Drops ($198) // Spots ($27)
Bottom: Green Stripes ($50) // Cute Foxicon ($45) // Ivory Floral ($38)icon

9. Backpacks. Since their triumphal return to the runways in 2015, these school bags are not only the best decision you can make for your back, but also fashion staples.

IPhone Battery Chargers 2015

Top: Studded ($78) // DCI Mobile ($20) // White Dots ($50)
Bottom: Iron Gate ($34) // Hearts ($30) // Jungle ($34)

10. Backup Chargers. I always ran out of battery while in college and it’s not the best thing to do when you are planning to go out after your class. I am trying my best to keep one of the many backup chargers I own in a school bag, but (Ben will confirm!) often still forget those battery helpers at home.

What are your favorite office supplies and where do you buy them?